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  1. Renée Dorléac (Simonot professionally), the mother of Catherine Deneuve, passed away on July 11, aged 109. She was the oldest living actor in the world. That distinction was then briefly attributed to Australian actress, Mary Ward, who passed away on July 19, aged 106. The distinction of the oldest living actor in the world is now American actress Marsha Hunt.
  2. They changed it to that thing where they were paired up and had to insult each other.
  3. You still think this? That was a made up story for the show. What really happened was that Willam had always planned to get kicked off because he had another gig lined up so he broke as many rules as he could. All the queens broke some of the rules, of course, because they're drag queens. Anyway, he slept with a producer and made sure everyone knew about it, especially people like PhiPhi he knew would complain. Him and PhiPhi are good now though. She even appeared on Willam and Alaska's podcast recently. And as you probably know (and soon your children will some day know 😜 ) due to Willam's ou
  4. Random thought that has no meaning or purpose whatsoever: Does Jackie Cox's drag resemble Andrea Martin to anyone else? Just me? Okay, just a thought, I'll see myself out.
  5. I honestly believe the only reason Jan didn't win and that the judges are continuously sleeping on her is because they (the producers) see her strong resolve and how badly she wants to win and they want to break her down for the entertainment. At least the right person went home. It was cool to hear that Crystal was allowed to implement her own ideas into her Madonna. The producers wouldn't allow that to everyone, I bet, at least in the past. Also, Jaida's performance, from the second she stepped out, even in the coat, I was already turned on. That was hot. And anyone else
  6. In full disclosure, my own bias may have had a little sway here.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I always thought it was Asia that was on her way to winning the crown and then that dreaded lip-sync happened and they had to go with their plan b.
  8. I've been waiting for someone to do Katherine Hepburn for the longest ... why did it have to be "her." I don't understand why Heidi was so quiet as Leslie Jones. You've met her, she is LOUD! And when Jackie Cox did the classic "Don't talk about my husband." line, she should have brought it to 11, not the 6 she gave us. Gigi's outfit was nice and well put together as always, but it had nothing to do with the theme of the runway. I'm glad the show doesn't have the stain of "her" winning Snatch Game, but with her performance and outfit, she definitely should have. I would have given it to J
  9. However, that was just the 'on-air' explanation. Willam always planned to get kicked off because she had another gig lined up. She's admitted she might have even hit PhiPhi if they didn't kick her off when they did. The husband thing was made up by producers, when in fact, Willam had actually slept with a producer.
  10. The Vivienne had her vulnerable moment in the latest episode. Heck, they all did.
  11. I always enjoy the show, including this episode, but it is extremely disappointing that we didn't get to see Becky react to learning Darlene was sleeping with two men. Becky deserved that win and so did the audience. A complete crime.
  12. I work at one of venues that was used for TIFF, and Marriage Story was my favourite film that I got to see. I hope it's able to at least get recognized. For Joker, there were definitely people who walked out because they couldn't handle how dark it was. But I do think no matter what you feel about the film, Joaquin Phoenix absolutely deserves praise. Of course, I think he's the best living/working actor today so I'm a bit biased. I wasn't working when it played where I work, but all my colleagues loved Jojo Rabbit. Knives Out was extremely popular as well. It was a hell of a fun ride, but
  13. Looks like those yacht parties (see Grace Kelly) finally worked out for her.
  14. I loved it! It was a shame Mac couldn't have been involved. I binged it all yesterday so someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but was she even mentioned at all? Hulu was right not to let them use the F word. The way around it they found was much more enjoyable to me and totally Veronica Mars. Before I watched I read that Wallace wasn't used as much as he should have been, so was initially disappointed hearing that, but (and this may be because I binged it) I thought his place in the show made sense. His life his far too important to potentially leave it under threat with any of Ve
  15. Random thoughts: This reunion proved that not one of the girls are any good at reading. What a travesty. Comparative to other casts, I really think they come up short on the whole too. Ra'Jah had one of the best quotes of the night with the "capital T, lower case s" line. I'm a fan of seeing her on my TV. Scarlet got a lot more airtime than I was expecting, but I was never bored with her, so good call. I really hate final fours. It's three damn it. Must be said. I am team Akeria, but she did herself no favours on this reunion. Thought she would have more bottle than
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