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  1. Manila, my winner, was absolutely robbed just like Shangela. I was so happy to see Naomi win only for her to plunge the knife in. But I love that she had the balls to do it. What a fierce bitch. Also, as a Manila stan, this is the best thing that could have happened to her. Her new video (with Naomi Smalls including) proves she knows it too. She's so close to making the 1 Million club on Insta now.
  2. Amello

    RPDR: In The Media

    Alyssa's drag daughter Plastique Tiara was definitely the prettiest and best dressed of all them all in the RuVeal. Miss Vanhie returning is probably the worst kept secret of all time, but glad to have her loud ass mouth back all the same. She was the most entertaining, but she did have competition on that score from Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Her outfit was completely awful, and she knew it, but she won me over with her personality. Other early likes for me are Shuga Cain and Nina West.
  3. Amello

    S04.E05: Roast in Peace

    Correct. I've always disliked when this show brings queens back. The only time it worked was on All Stars 2. And even more, it was one of the very few times the double shantay felt earned as well. Manila is the girl I'm rooting for, but Monet won that lip-sync. Speaking of, Naomi and Gia's was the only one that entertained. Like Willam would say, "I would have given it some money."
  4. Amello

    S04.E04: Jersey Justice

    The right girl went home. Of course, I love Latrice, but I thought she should have been in the bottom last week as well. Not only was her snatch game bad, but her look was ugly/basic as hell. Valentina's look should have saved her last week but then we wouldn't have gotten the iconic moment of her "You really think I could go home this week" reaction. Not to mention, Naomi should have been top two for her fabulous Wendy. The judging was weird for the Variety performance as well but they got the tops and bottoms completely correct this week and I think Monique won the lip-sync, though I thought it was a pretty close call because Manila is always great and is my hopeful choice to win this damn thing. The queens have to realize that their stature outside the competition rarely matters on this show. I don't want any Roxxxy Andrews fuckery this season, please and thank you.
  5. Amello

    S06.E02: RuPaul's Big Opening, Pt. 2

    She doesn't do drag much anymore, I don't think. I do know (as do others bopping around the internet) that she's a flight attendant now, too.
  6. Amello

    Previous Seasons Talk

    How do you guys watch knowing untucked is out there in the ether with so many iconic moments being unwatched?
  7. Amello

    Deutschland 83

    Finally! It's felt like so long, as if my memories of it were only a crazy dream. Can't wait!
  8. Amello

    S10.E14: Grand Finale

    Other than Shangela, the only other truly robbed queen. #sorryboutit
  9. Amello

    S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    Bob the Drag Queen and Alexis Michelle used to date before either appeared on drag race. Jinkx Monsoon and Magnolia Crawford hooked up before the latter appeared on season 6.
  10. Amello

    S03.E05: Warhol Ball

    Except, the queens are told what sort of outfits they'll need beforehand so they all went into the show knowing they'd have to make a Studio 54 outfit. Aja just believed she knew what that was and didn't bother to fact check. That said, she still looked gorgeous and it sucked to see her go. I'm torn on whether I want her or Morgan back in the competition.
  11. Amello

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Vic Damone was chronologically the oldest living number one artist. I'll have to do check to find out who takes that honour now.
  12. Amello

    The Quotes Thread: The Library Is Open

    Trixie: I like my man like I like my coffee ... incapable of loving me back!
  13. He naively said he was the first gay man to win an Oscar. People, of course, crucified him and dragged him into the depths of hell.
  14. Amello

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Cain and Mabel (1936) - Why was Clark Gabel in this movie that feels less than a B picture? Marion Davies is quite wretched in it.
  15. Amello

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I'm also part of those who feel Miriam Hopkins could be hit or miss. I thought she was absolutely dreadful in Becky Sharp, and then unfathomably nominated for an Oscar. However, one of my favourite performances from anyone is her role in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If the Academy had supporting categories then, she would, or at least should, have had the win in the bag that year.