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S01.E03: From Darkness, The Sun

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Wow, depressing that the new episode isn't posted here. And after James took two bullets to save his son!


It was moved to Fridays, which is probably why there's less activity.


As for the episode, I'm glad Duval knows now, faster than I thought it would take.

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"No more lies."   Fathers, sons.  A dad named James who might have been a dirty cop.   Boxing.  A hanger at an airport.  

When Duval reminded Jimmy that of course he knew how to set a perimeter -- after all, he was an FBI agent --  I laughed, remembering how many times the perimeters Peter Burke ordered his FBI agents to set proved to be full of holes.   

Grace is beginning to remind me of Elizabeth: the steady, smart, calming love of Duval/Peter's life.   Strange little Otto doesn't actually make me think of Mozzie, but by the time I finish an episode of this show, my mind just naturally goes there.


Some people like this kind of thing, but for me it doesn't work.  The White Collar comparisons are distracting, so that I can never really see the new show on its own terms.  Not that it matters, I suppose, since Second Chance seems doomed.  It's comforting to see Tim/Peter again, love of this fan's life, but I wonder a little at his choice of this role.   










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I'm still enjoying it and I suspect it's because Tim/Peter more than anything else.


By the way, let me help out the writers: "He's got transgenic bits" "Yeah, both he and Mary are undergoing experimental treatments for serious medical conditions." "Oh, okay then"

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.7 rating.  I hope this show can put itself on LookinGlass goo, too.


What a ridiculous story arc with the twisted Asher.  Again, so unnecessary.  They did not need to cram it all in one ep.


Now, it is absurd for Junior to doubt who/what goo-man is.  


I can't get past how much free time Mary has.  SOmeone like that?  Never goes anywhere without an excellent driver, presumably ex-military, skilled in avoiding bad persons meaning to do harm to her.  Her actual head of security?  Would be alllllll over the activity at the house.  Ugh.


Oh well.  Dilshad in that white dress?  Stunning.

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I wish the reveal that the son was the killer hasn't been done so fast and that this episode had maybe been a two-parter. There was such so much crammed in this one.

I'm liking the series, so I'll watch until it's canceled.

Is it wrong that I find it hot that James is obviously the alpha male, even though he's 20 years younger than Duval?

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I thought the murders were unnecessarily gross, but otherwise, I liked it. I like that Duval will know rather than running around trying to figure it out. His face looking into the tank was excellent acting.

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I've never seen White Collar, so Tim DeKay in this role is new to me.  Sadly, I know him from that awful series on HBO, "Tell Me You Love Me", about three couples in various states of dysfunction.  


I liked this episode but could have done without the angry son.  It was obvious that son was the killer (even before they revealed it).  I really liked that Duval found out so early into this show's short lifespan that James is his father.  


At this point, I think we will be lucky if we get to see all 11 episodes.  I will just enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.  After this one, I hope Rob Kazinsky can get a better show and a better chance.  

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Best part of this episode for me was the daughter realizing she has to stop dreaming about hitting on that hot guy who turns out is her dad. 


Well, that, and Mary in that white dress.


And Peter Burke once again proves all FBI agents are dickheads.

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