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  1. People are also posting pictures of Hannah Ann's modeling when they see her on the packaging of a product. She is definitely more successful than people realized. She's on the packaging of workout equipment, sunglass displays, etc. She recently gave a tour of her fridge on IG. Her diet is very regimented and strict.
  2. Hannah Ann is posting all of her workouts, workout routines, and a lot of her recipes. She even showed the inside of her fridge last night. I will say though that A LOT of people are interested. So many people have tagged her after making her recipes and following her running routine. There is definitely a demand for the workout videos/etc.
  3. Supposedly, if you start using it sooner, then you don't get the wrinkles in the first place.
  4. Madi has reached over a million followers on TikTok, which, is apparently, really difficult to do. I think she's being smarter about her online presence. Hannah Ann has been doing a LOT of interviews and video chatting with Nick Viall.
  5. I bet she interferes a lot. She doesn't want him choosing someone she doesn't approve of. He should move out if he can afford it. It's about his becoming independent, which he clearly is not.
  6. She did fly in and spent 4 days there for the funeral. She went back last night. There are photos and videos of them out on a boat and with Matt James all over social media today.
  7. Does this go here? There are photos of Hannah B. arriving at an airport in Florida last night, and Tyler C is there picking her up. Someone snapped photos of him putting her luggage into his car.
  8. I don't think he would ever do BIP. He wanted to distance himself from the show. Plus, he just spent 4 days with Hannah B. in Jupiter. He is super hot, and I don't blame her, I just think it's weird and awkward to throw it out there like that on Ellen.
  9. TPTB have said they made the decision weeks ago for Madison and Peter not to do media. HA is all over though. I saw a clip of her yesterday on Ellen. She said she wants to go to BIP and hook up with Tyler. AWKWARD.
  10. When they were talking about “whole hearts” and the “love I have in my heart for you” and “journeys” I wanted to scream. No one talks like that.
  11. Does anyone know what Peter's brother said about Madison on IG? I can't seem to find it. I think it was on Kelley's IG.
  12. Steve has insider info up about last night, but I can’t get it to load.
  13. She is soon to turn 39. This seems dumb.
  14. Tyler C's best friend Mike, along with another one of his friends, has been cast on Clare's season.
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