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  1. Woops - I thought Nick ran to his crush/bud Rey or did he? Did Adam ever save Billy? He's the shows requisite bullet catcher.
  2. Gee Faith - sorry I got the guy who saved your life arrested along with grampa. Noah - sorry I got the guy who saved your life arrested along with grampa. Nick - sorry I got the guy who saved your life arrested along with....oh wait... that's ME.
  3. Ya had your chance Jacko. a beauty willing to overlook you being close to 3 times her age. Because of little bully bish Summer who couldn't wait to kick mom and dad to the curb - damn you Sally for helping Summer and Kyle grow the hell up. Give some random murder witness Viagra and then when he croaks (Heart) she dumps his body. Adam might have disposed of Jack's dead hooker but he didn't kill her. She could give him some of the ticks she picked off Nick - or some food related poison acquired by fucking on a kitchen counter. Ecol-ies and Bot-cha-new-panties are th
  4. Billy stole the kids tux and party dress and sewed them into a tux for him
  5. she dipped some frosting off the cake and used it as hair gel? Nick have her a hot beef hairdo ala Cameron Diaz. I think they aren't doing the face swallow kisses much anymore. Still her tucking her head in his shoulder (good shoulder that it is) and him running his hand up and down her back made up for it. So Victor and Adam are trying to decide how to dispose of Gaines body while Nick looks like he is wondering how if air is clear why is the sky blue. Victor can have a few of the locals take charge of Gaines of he could put Nikki in charge of pest disposal. He should have 'took
  6. taking it from Chance Com - B never met a company he couldn't loot. And Doormat Lily goes along. Jill should fire them both and have "Chance" investigate them for malfeasance. Lets see - rich guy - dying (you know Prick checked out his medical records) handing over a kazillion dollar corporation - Newman love match. Hell, for that much money Victor would have married him - or made Nick. Please let someone get pissed enough to tell everyone about Billy's revenge screw of his mistresses daughter (even Phyl was so repulsed by him she dumped him - and grossing out Phyl is like
  7. he was so good on GL as the Indiana Jones style character, so handsome
  8. ask Delia - alone in a car - on a dark road - dressed in black - with an unleashed puppy - when he could have taken her with him into the store where she would have gotten attention and probably candy instead of being road pizza
  9. I think Billy took Ashland's killer to Italy - that guy has atomic grade daddy issues
  10. Victoria knows and if they start to gang up and moralize I'd love it if she blurts it out, Also if they wipe Chance.com off the face of the earth. With a rusty knife. I want this almost as bad as Kelly being the one who mowed down Delia and Victor covering it up She AND Kyle were in on it. So sweet and innocent and deserving of happiness You know Ashland is going to die (thanks Billy) I'd LOVE it if he left a huge chunk to the charities - Here kitty kitty. Burgi played a super hero/black panther long before Marvel had one.
  11. Norman....Norman....put down the bowie knife auntie Mariah bought you for you fifth birthday. Norman...I mean Tragaren...I mean Torrin....I mean Loki...Brian? You wouldn't harm Mother, would you. Locke's final act should be wiping Chance.com of the show. (Sorry Lily but you turned into an enabling doormat in record time.) If Billy comes out a hero (and Kummer returns)I may have to take another 6 to 12 month break. Putrid stuff. Thata was somea bad Italiana Accenta. Back at Abby's (I still say it looks like and empty one liter coke bottle) A summer sausage needing sali
  12. She seems to have had a personality transplant. I hope it's handled as trauma from the shooting or ship her back to the grans
  13. It's because he makes them look like stacks of old innertubes. bleached by the sun
  14. Or Don Draper. I suspect it might go like that Viggo Mortenson movie History of Violence??? where a guy gets outed and his crime family (that he ran from) comes after him years later (Like he stole enough to buy a station or two) Also that creepy Nicole Kidman movie with no sets, where she was a criminals daughter hiding out. Dog town? The head is tooo big for the size - you often try to keep the head regular size or below unless it's a huge picture Lots worse. Tony Contralto? Big fan here. The other actors will probably be happy to see him go - hope he gets a good en
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