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  1. Yeah Lily - you better not come down with a bad cold OR cancer Not a single voice mail - just texts - Really!? Has anyone mentioned that Giraffe is a Newman/Abbot worth at least a billion. And they have been blurting about the that jizz donor is a billionaire and the daddy is a Chancellor. As when moron left Delia in a car alone on a lonely road - Kidnapping would be the first danger I'd consider. You forgot Ex-con, shack-up Now the outfit Nikki was wearing when she was getting ready to travel - simple -classy - flattering. Very flattering the elegant slacks and blo
  2. In that red outfit Nikki needs to stay away from Society. Someone will sit on her thinking she's the sofa
  3. This would make sense if the real daddy is Oily Balls.
  4. Maybe they did? Why do I think Tara does something and somehow Jack ends up with Harcourt Fenton Mudd.
  5. But honestly - if Lily's cancer came back would Victoria sue for custody because "Sick ex-con"
  6. Same reason Phyl never mentions her 40 yr old son
  7. Or Billy could step up for a few months and not be a jack-a-lope. She can't depend on the excrement Billy to take the kids for a bit
  8. But don't worry - when it turns out Locke is a baddie - Billy will puff out his meager chest and gallop to the rescue. I thought people in recovery were discouraged from getting involved romantically for a while as 'love' can become a replacement addiction.
  9. You mean you can't just merge two giant corporations?? Sally - I thought you were sly. No phone recoding Tara just blurting out her schemes. The writers on this mess must all be over 60
  10. Chelsea does - She's going to somehow take a picture of Rey sleeping in her bed He's apparently joined the family business and is as deranged as Max and Kelly. Insanity doesn't run in his family - it gallops. Maybe Kelly will return and we can learn that SHE hit Delia.
  11. But would the kids have let him come down? I think Sally will run to Jack with the truth BUT he had guzzled the Taraid. She should call -can't believe I'm writing this - Summer or Phyl. Maybe this will be the way Kyle ends up in Italy. Really loved this - cat in heat Imani is the new if low rent Hilary. They should have the actress who subbed for Amanda return as Hilary only with plastic surgery after somehow having her death faked (By Nate??) so when Mariah delivers Stitch's little noggie Devon can have his own kid to advise. And Nate - enough with the "my man" you a
  12. The writers on this show must be older and of the school of thought "She broke her hip - it could be the end." A lot of medical advances lately. It's not just this show - a night time medical show had a doctor's elderly but sharp mom coming down with Type 2, He was juggling giant needles - complicated bottles of insulin he all but hid inside a Rubicks cube....forcing the doctor to give up his life and move in with mom. No mention of pens, pumps and auto pods (Too expensive for non doctors but....)
  13. I think Victor retired from Newman (hah) and bought Cefalexin for him and Adam to run as a separate entity. When Ash steals Newman from Mop (maybe) NM will become NEWMAN. Well they were pretty loud about it - Abby on websites looing for sperm - going for tests - It would only have taken Stitch keeping in touch with an old buddy at the hospital for gossip about his EX. I know...HIPPA....but this soap doesn't let rules and common sense get in the way of screwball stories. ><><>< BUT I have to call bullshit on the Chelsea taking Connor to visit mom. Ada
  14. Think maybe Stitch went into the hospital and subbed his jizz for Devon's - that would be some grief for Abby if the babeeee turns out to be a doughboy. Maybe Abby is like EWWW and Mariah ends up raising the little noggie.
  15. I think his son-loco escaped and is obsessed with Abby. Stich is hanging around to protect her. Come-on Kyle. Show some testicular fortitude. You don't have to kill Billy. Just tell Nick or Victor about him revenge screwing his niece. Their precious snowflake Summer. Victoria doesn't know either....and Lily. No that might be good
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