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S12.E04: 17 Chefs Compete

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The remaining 17 chefs are challenged to a competition involving lobster ravioli. The winning team gets a relaxing day by the pool, while the losers must clean the kitchen. Also: Steak dinners are prepared.
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I can't yet keep the names straight enough to talk about them, but not salting the pasta water at this level of chefdom is almost bizarre.

As to being yelled at about it---wow, who could ever have expected Chef Ramsey to

actually shout at someone?

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Thank God Mike is gone. It was about time. The women seem strong this year now that Nicole is gone. Maybe the men will be stronger now that they cut some dead weight. 

Joy still seems to be the leader of the pack. She will make black jackets for sure. I also was impressed with Melanie? I think that was the name of the girl who did the meat. For the guys I guess Anton may be the frontrunner. 

Next week's previews look interesting. Apparently someone makes something so nasty it causes Ralph to throw up? And someone gets MARRIED in HK? Really? Why on earth would any sane person want to do THAT for? Ha, I bet it is not even a real wedding, like the couple got married beforehand and then went to HK for a reenactment so they could get paid and use the money to pay for their real wedding. Hee.

I also had to laugh when Mike was going on to Chef about how the women would appreciate him more if he was on their team and their reactions were like "Hell to the NO!!!!" Hilarious.

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So according to Jason, now that dead-weight Mike is gone, the men have NO reason not to totally DOMINATE from here on out....uh, yeah....good luck with that...

The ladies did well, but as there is a Bev and a Beth, I kept getting confused on who was screwing up, though I think it was both.   

And no way Gordo is gonna put a guy in with the ladies because he asks for it.  That kind of change is usually punishment, not a reward. 

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Jason was the guy yelling at Sandra, right?

Wow, the aggression seemed really uncalled. Sure, I get that you're embarrassed needing help on your station, but suck it up and get the food out. He looked like an ass getting in her face and shouting at her. I say this as someone who doesn't care for Sandra, at least she held her own and wasn't frightened by the way he came at her.

Joy seems to be stepping up to the plate. I do hope this isn't a misdirection on the part of the show. I don't want her flaming out in spectacular fashion in a few episodes time. 

I can easily imagine, next week going back to BOTH teams blowing it during dinner service, but I hope the women keep it up.

Who was that peeking in on the women during dinner service? Demarco? Either way, it was kind of funny that he seemed in awe of how they worked together, instead of you know, getting back to his own team and trying to push out the orders. 

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The ladies did well, but as there is a Bev and a Beth, I kept getting confused on who was screwing up, though I think it was both.

One was screwing up during the 10 perfect thing and then the other was screwing up on the apps station. But, they both might cook better if Joy would stop standing over them,micromanaging ever stir, chop, and thought they have. 

So far, 

i'm really liking Melanie's chances. She's confident and looks to have solid skills. 

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I also thought the guys were acting like babies during their punishment. That was a lot of pennies to pick up and roll but there's like 10 or so people on the team, isn't there? And there have been far worse punishments in HK, like having to eat animal innards. Suck it up.

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I can't help but notice that the usual talk of 'and X's dream of working at INSERT HIGH-CLASS RESTAURANT HERE went up in flames' has been converted to 'and X's dream of winning Hell's Kitchen...' It's like they've said 'Okay, come on, let's be honest with each other, none of these people have a prayer in an actual top-tier restaurant and we both know it given that this is Season 12, so let's just make with the carnage already.'

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Jason is clearly unstable and if he continues down this path, it will be a disaster for him and whoever is forced to deal with the crazy.

Joy is really stepping up.  I hope this does not mean the other ladies will start trying to sandbag her as we have seen in previous seasons.

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It started bugging me this episode how, when a chef screws up, EVERYBODY has to drop what they are doing and come and look at it.  Given that they are constantly screwing dishes up, those who are doing their job correctly are constantly interrupted and thrown off track.  If I had to work in that already busy atmosphere and try to concentrate on what I was doing, having to stop every 5 minutes would make ME screw up.

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