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  1. mindbird

    S03.E20: Kansas

    I agree that since Greenie is gone, Emma's magic should have come back as well. Actually, I had a thought the Kiss Curse would be neutralized by the True Love Kiss Curse Breaker. Which leaves me hoping, for no good reason, that Emma's magic is tangled up with some remnant Kiss Curse and can only be untangled if they kiss again. Because poor Hook is starting to look as if he FEELS like cannon fodder. Even Emma saving him at the cost of her magic can't really help him feel better. It was the kind of situation where human beings react emotionally. Emma would have done the same for anyone. I love OUAT deeply and completely, and the only time I have ever been really disappointed with the writers is this episode. (Well, that whole Neal thing...but they fixed that.) I was accepting of a Snow who was so centered on her pregnancy that she seemed disengaged from everyone but Charming. She almost seemed sedated. But to have a second baby torn from her arms? And she reacts with just a cryface and some dialogue? This is Snow White, a bandit, a queen, and I don't care if she was still expelling afterbirth, she should have been climbing the walls red-faced-hysterically screaming bloody murder. Charming should have come back to the room with little Prince Emmet to find she had hung herself, or he should have found her locked into a straight-jacket. Or the howls of agony of a genuine nervous breakdown should have been echoing down the hallway to greet him. Or SOMETHING! Speaking even just as a mere viewer, I am grateful they got the baby back in the same episode.
  2. mindbird

    S05.E20: The Deep Web

    I was suspicious of Take The Day Off Cary, too. But even more, I think The Hot Jury Duty Guy is too good to be true.
  3. mindbird

    S15.E21: Post-Mortem Blues

    As a broadcast TV viewer without cable---who is Donal Logue and did he hurt himself when he fell out of Nirvana? If Benson doesn't want him, can I have him? He played a Viking, huh? O my.
  4. mindbird

    S03.E19: A Curious Thing

    I am thinking that the flying monkeys disappear in sparkles just before they're shot, and that they are really just beaming back into a Great Flying Monkey Catacomb, as part of the flying monkey curse. Otherwise the Captain Swan-ings Family would be realizing they might have already killed a hideous number of friends, and Zelena wouold have rubbed it in. I love Hook. He is enough of a pirate and drunk to settle on leaving town as The Way to save Emma, but enough of the New Hook to take Henry with him to try to protect him. And of course Henry watched "Peter Pan" in New York. They allow single mothers to rent DVDs.:)
  5. mindbird

    S01.E20: The Kingmaker

    Lizzie has grown on me, and one must allow that the show isn't giving her much of a chance. I hope the FBI doesn't really send tightly-clothed spike-heeled agents into dark houses chasing intensely skilled hitmen. If there's any niche in the world for long pants and flat shoes, it would have to be as in law enforcement and such. Maybe the wardrobe department doesn't read the scripts. But really, Lizzie's okay with me. As long as Neal stays dead...oh, sorry, wrong show.
  6. mindbird

    S03.E17: The Jolly Roger

    Hook and Emma could marry and produce a dynasty without having to kiss, but I can't believe Zelena would wait around for even a few days while he walks around not kissing Emma. This is an imminent threat, and the only way Hook would think he could face the death of "everyone Emma loves" would be to flee from seeing it. Watching them die, he would tell Emma, and then Emma would kiss him. But Emma is who he loves, so I think he is going to (try to) leave town. But if Emma also loves Hook, as she may have begun to, he would be up the creek on a stolen boat without a paddle, so to speak. Except it won't happen because they won't kill off the whole gang.
  7. mindbird

    S03.E17: The Jolly Roger

    O Hook.........I need a fan. Hook is a wonderfully imperfect hero vacillating moodily between Pirate Hook and New Hook. I thought that, at the end, he looked the whole family over and sized them up: he can't endanger Emma by removing her power; Emma will never sacrifice the family to protect her power . I think Hook looked like a man on his way out of town.
  8. mindbird

    Sherlock Holmes: This Time in New York

    Even at TwoP I never had anything to say on the Elementary board, and I'm not sure how this place works but I just came in because of a deep need to mention: ---the unbridled joie de vivre that is Watson ---the way Watson's eyes frisk Holmes and all visitors ---yes, those jumpy little mannerisms of the Holmes character ---the way Holmes modulates his voice so that you can tell from the next room that it's his weekly "insight into my addiction and emotion" soliloquy to Watson ---in fact, the way Holmes modulates his voice so you can tell from the next room what he's doing and what part of the episode it is. ---the clever ways the writers manage to intermingle the mystery problem and the addiction problem all the time Oh how much I hate them all. I watched E. the first season and have ignored it since then. A person must sometimes make concessions to the preferences of others, so I am a captive audience and nothing else is on anyway. I thought I had been ignoring it successfully, but I was out late and came in during the episode tonight and nearly hissed when I saw what was on. No incarnation of Homes has ever been exactly likeable, and no exception here. This Watson is the tense dead-eyed ghost of a doctor who died with the patient in surgery and whose sole reason for lingering is to guard Holmes. I must find activities so that I never spend another moment with either of them. I know that great people will tell me great reasons to believe this is a great show. I even know some. I can't argue. But I can't see this show objectively. I just hate it. Thank you.
  9. mindbird

    Wishing On A Star: What We Want To Happen

    As the show enters its 10th year, Henry has his 21st birthday and a Greek or Celtic god or some friendly aliens come and explain to Henry that they have been watching, and that he is the Final Savior, who will rescue all our worlds from the curse and demon we know nothing about as yet, even now---the terrible powerful SOB who took magic away from this world and trapped it all in the worlds of OUAT. As the show ends its final season some years later, after great sacrifices and epic struggles on the part of all cast members, Henry is victorious. The submerged continent of Atlantis/EnchantedForest/Neverland arises and, planes circling, officials screaming hoarsely into their phones, dragons soaring in the skies, the 21st Century awakens to a new world. Henry himself is not celebrating---his dragon has been badly injured, and his family is missing. Then we see the Jolly Roger, bedraggled, sails torn; it has survived the tidal waves and Emma/Hook and the Charmings and Regi/Hood and Bell/Skin and the kids are safe. As lengthy credits in fancy script scroll by, we see vignettes of people discovering little bits of magic--fairies in the garden, mermaids splashing around the Statue of Liberty, an elf explaining to someone in a bathrobe that his contract requires a bowl of milk be set out every morning, etc... That's what I want to happen.
  10. mindbird

    A Thread for All Seasons: OUaT Across All Realms

    I'm on a website where they think this is a bad show? Nice. Really nice.
  11. mindbird

    Mr. Selfridge

    They all looked so good in those pre-war hairdos it should have started a fashion trend. Agnes especially looks more ordinary now. One great thing about this show is the way they made Lady Mae a Machiavellian...heroine! And now the unlikely victim of some awfully realistically presented domestic violence in the bad old days when it was acceptable. This is an absolutely fascinating show, and I agree that the department store is really one of the stars.
  12. mindbird

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    I keep posting in that first box instead of hitting REPLY first $%@!#%*^$*(%*&(^* Good to see everyone. CM has said she is going to go ahead and finish her recap of "The Tower." What we need to do is convince previously.tv to hire her and pay her for things.
  13. mindbird

    S12.E04: 17 Chefs Compete

    I can't yet keep the names straight enough to talk about them, but not salting the pasta water at this level of chefdom is almost bizarre. As to being yelled at about it---wow, who could ever have expected Chef Ramsey to actually shout at someone?
  14. mindbird

    S01.E18: Milton Bobbit

    I watch this show but I don't ever have that much to say about it, except that they better not ever show Tom regretting his assignment and actually loving his wife.
  15. mindbird

    S03.E15: Quiet Minds

    This is more simplistic than most of these analyses, but I think the writers got me as they planned to. The "I had no choice but to abandon you" and Emma's sincere "I know"--between this and the mention of Neal as Emma's real true love, I was screaming at the TV. I thought they were actually going to try to resurrect the shambling worm-eaten zombie that was Swanfyre. I think it wasn't clumsy ret-conning so much as a quick attempt to fool viewers before killing Neal off. But between those early scenes and Belle forgetting her pants I thought I had slipped into an alternate universe. It seems obvious from the prolonged death scene, the orchestral swellings, and the different reactions scenes following it that Neal's death is Permanent. It was a big difference from Rumple's and the Blue Fairy's deaths. It must be a real relief for the actor to escape this less than well-loved character.