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  1. I knew something was shady with the ex by the way he played off not knowing Erin. If that isn’t a town driven by inbreeding, I don’t know what is. So, that last line while ick to hear was not surprising. I feel for Erin’s father, but to make that colossal douche bag run and then shoot him in the back dampens my sympathy. If you couldn’t look Dylan in the eyes when you killed him, that means you knew your were wrong. What happens to that kid if the suspected paternity truth is revealed and Erin’s dad goes to jail for kidnapping and murder. Damn near everyone in this town is awful.
  2. Edrisa drains the life out of the show for me. The episodes without her creepy, stalker, obsessive self are so much more enjoyable. Perhaps the Blaze pairing will tone all of that down. I am fine with Malcolm and Dani, but he seriously needs therapy before any pairing isn’t the latest Malcolm disaster waiting to happen. What’s with all the couplings. Thankfully, JT is married, I don’t think the episode could take another love match.
  3. 1. This is not the title that appeared with this episode on my tv. 2. So this was the Macy interacts with a white woman episode. Has she never met one before? 3. The nasty, treacherous, backstabbing, kidnapping, demon chick doesn’t get why she is unlikable? 🤔 Okay.
  4. It is sad how predictably scripted this is. Of course the red team would have someone go. My only questions was would it be Mary L. because of the flirting with Cody scenes. I am glad it was the awful Jordan. The horrid Amber needs to go next. She is completely delusional.
  5. Cody is my personal favorite. He seems like a genuinely nice person and appears to be a sold chef.
  6. That was my immediate thought on the ending, I mean once I got over the DAMN part. There is no way that ending doesn’t play into every transphobes perceptions about transgender people.
  7. The real victim is little Adam. He sensed immediately that Louise was not the mother he knew and love. There is no way Rob doesn’t at least try to get rid of Adam. He knows the little boy is going to be a problem. Louise (the actress was fantastic) was a complete idiot who sort of caused her own fate. Aside from befriending the wife of the man she wanted to screw and then began screwing, her actions throughout were stupid. Also, I for one never bought that she wasn’t scheming on David because of the decision to send Adam away with his father. Her son’s absence certainly helped facilitate
  8. I think the wrong chef was sent home. Do I think Syanne was going all the way, no. Do I think that of the two who messed up the most, Syann was the only one who did whatRamsey asked, which was to take responsibility for their f up, yes. Has Jordan ever been wrong about anything in her opinion? Has she ever accepted responsibility for her short-comings, no. IMO, Jordan is the red team’s Mark.
  9. Exactly. I pegged Ainsley as being off pretty early on Into my Season 1 watch. It feels to me as if 5he show is trying to find a way not to hold psycho-Murder girl culpable for her actions, and it is not endearing. However, this is the same show that thinks future serial killer i training Edrisa delightful.
  10. This right here is why the more I see of Edrisa, the less I like her. She is consistently inappropriate, unprofessional and borderline deranged. There is no way she would not have been reprimanded at the very least, prevented from leaving the morgue as a mid-level punishment, or outright fired by now. Hell, that BS with Martin should rightly have resulted in her being sent packing. As for Martin’s verbal assault against Malcom, that is 100% how he truly feels deep down inside. The lovey dad thing has always screamed, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” to me. I found it
  11. One person hit her and the police were going to arrest that person, who turned out to be the killer.
  12. I agree with practically all of the previous comments. I don’t have a problem with incorporating the very real existence of racism and racism within the police department into its stories, I just don’t want JT’s sole pin the show to be the poster boy for racism. As for Dani, while the actress is perfectly fine, let’s not pretend that hiring her is an example of faux Hollywood diversity where they find mixed women who looks almost white at worse and racially ambiguous at best. So for me, as a Black woman hearing Dani now waxing poetic about the trauma of racism in her life, I find myse
  13. Very character shown to have a functioning brain, Grace’s father, the attorney (not the ambulance chaser so many seemed to like, who bought Jonathan’s BS hook, line and sinker), the co-worker, and even to a lesser extent, Sylvia, saw Jonathan for who he was. Hell, even the son, who seems off in his own right and in need of professional help ASAP, was clear about his father being a murderer. It is only Grace, who quite frankly, is not especially bright, or aware, did not see this guy coming and going.
  14. The attorney knew Jonathan did it from the moment she met him. She tried to tell dimwit Grace as much.
  15. He doesn’t love his wife. Donald Sutherland’s character was correct. Jonathan played Grace from jump, she’s just to stupid to acknowledge that and cut her losses. I can’t believe that she asked her father to pay that low-life’s bail after it was revealed that he used her father’s money to pay for his mistress’s child to go to the same school as her son (and he lied saying the money was going to help Grace’s son), he bamboozled another half a million from her father, and he cleaned out their bank account. Despite all of this, Grace still has not asked about that money. I don’t know if Grace is
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