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Empty Nest: The Spinoff About a Pediatrician and His Dog

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Since the new Laff Network is currently airing Empty Nest reruns, I thought some might be interested in discussing it here. EN was one of two series spun off from The Golden Girls-- the other being Nurses-- which aired on NBC from 1988 to 1995. It followed the life of the GIrls' widowed neighbor, Dr. Harry Weston, his two daughters, Barbara and Carol, and his faithful dog, Dreyfuss. 

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I know I watched this, but damn if I can remember much about it other than Dreyfuss and Park Overall -- I like a love story about a person and their pet, the actors playing the daughters held their own, and the comic relief had enough going for her not to be a caricature, but that's about it.  If I had this Laff Network, I'd probably check it out again, but when it briefly aired on some other network in the last couple of years, I wasn't impressed and didn't stick with it even for a "best of" marathon.  So I think it was one of those things I watched just because it was on.

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I remember the characters and their personalities, but the only episode I really remember is the one where you think Harry is seeing patients throughout the day but then you slowly realize you're seeing the same kid growing up through the years. The ending is showing the kid's last visit before going off to college and played by Matthew Perry.

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I had known that Estelle Getty brought Sophia over to the show as a series regular once Golden Palace was cancelled, but I never realized that Getty's health was really beginning to deteriorate by that point. By season 6 or 7 of EN, she's clearly not the vibrant woman she was while on The Golden Girls. Her voice sounds weak and she even looks frail. I point that out not as a knock against her, but just to say that it's been difficult to watch. So sad. 

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The episode that stands out is the episode where Louise Lasser plays a crazy lady who couldn't do anything on her own. When he first showed up to her place she pretended a little boy was in the closet or something. It was silly. Park Overall was always funny. Creepy pilot was meh, sometimes he was funny. I remember him running for some town council thing with Carol (ugh) playing puppet master. Could not stand Carol.. At all. I only catch this show when I go visit my friend who doesn't have cable. So, hopefully I'll have more to contribute soon. 

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It's weird how they talked about a 3rd daughter right from the beginning but never showed her until Barbara left. It's like they knew they'll need to replace a character someday.

Saw the pilot recently. I love that they mentioned the daughter then. That's really smart planning. I mean, even if she didn't stick around the whole time after Barbara left.

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LOVED this show. my all time favorite quote went something like, "I'm afraid PMS isn't real and this is how I really am." Confused by how it's constantly put and pulled off the air.


I've read Park Overall was a huge pain in the ass to work with.

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