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S02.E07: Episode 7

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Clare said she is done with BIP and if they would have made her The Bachelorette she would have found someone. I think she would have been better than the last two but now that ship has sailed.


That actually sounded like Megan's voice to me, although they played it over Clare's exit.


Does Joe think he is going to win points with Samantha by saying he wants her as a trophy wife?  That's not a compliment.


The fact that he doesn't see why calling someone a "trophy wife" is offensive says a lot about how Joe views women, in general. Remember the earlier episode where he thought saying he had a sister who was smarter than JJ was a sick burn?


I kind of love that Princess Jasmine Kardashley was left broken-hearted sobbing on an outdoor bed in the middle of nowhere just like she was on Chris's season. But that was insane how she called Kaitlyn saying how she broke Jared and he's pining after her. Have we seen ANYTHING that alludes to that? He was trying to let Ashley down and she said it's because you're still in love with Kaitlyn--and he was just like, if that helps me get away from you, then (shrug), sure.


That phone call actually made me feel pretty bad for Jared. I would be so mad (and embarrassed!) if someone called up someone I had dated to tell them I was obsessed with them. Kaitlyn definitely seemed to enjoy the drama of hearing that, too.



Also, did anyone else notice that Ashley I. was wearing a Titanic "Heart of the Ocean" necklace last night? I've never seen anyone actually wearing it. Oh, Ashley I.

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By "Nick killed Bachelor Pad," I just meant that after his victory, there was nothing else the show could have done, so that's why it isn't on the air anymore. That shocking ending was the omega of the series, and it was a spectacular way to go!



I was one who also said Nick killed BPad. After his "shocking" finale, there was nowhere for BPad to go but to another format where NO ONE WINS ANYTHING! People continue to watch and sponsors continue to sponsor and B Family continue to appear. It's a win-win for Fleiss and Co. Meaning, the $ stays in his pocket and the people "in Paradise" win ... nothing.

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To me the hottest guy on there is Jared. He may have fangs and wackadoodle facial hair but he floats my boat.


I'm also on the Jared train.  How gorgeous did he look in the pool with his hair away from his face.  I don't think he's bland, just maybe a bit more quiet and reserved. Physically, Jared and Ashley I make a stunning couple, but unfortunately she's a beautiful woman with the maturity of a ten year old.


I got bored with Jeulia, or Julia or Jewella or whatever the eff her name is a few weeks ago.  Why do they insist on keeping her boring ass there?


Apparently Samantha is the hottest woman that ever lived.  Creepy Joe came on just for her and now is resorting to blackmail to keep her, every new guy wants to date her, and now it looks like Dan's going to dump Amber for her as well.  She's pretty but I don't see what the fuss is all about.  

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The only thing I got out of this episode was how rough Nick looked.  It's only been three years since his epic win, but he looks as though he's aged ten.  It was jarring, especially since he was (is?) a personal trainer.  Either he's had some health problems, or he hits the bottle way too often.

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A haircut/style would really suit Samantha. That Crystal Gayle shit needs to be chopped. 


I am dying at this because my friend's sister in law has the same damn hair style ! We call her Crystal Gayle. HAHA 


Ok back to the regularly scheduled program. 

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So, here's my take on the Samantha debacle:


I think that when she found out she was going to be on the show, she wanted to stay as long as possible.  As insurance, she flirted with both Joe and Nick online so she knew she would have a connection with someone while she was in Paradise, and not run the risk of anyone not liking her and having to leave (humiliated) after one week.  No one expected the silly drama that would occur from "speaking" to someone beforehand. She was so horrified by the drama that she lied and then back peddled with Joe, since it was clear the group had disdain for her. Distancing herself from Joe ensured she could hang out with the group (because no one like to be on the outs with a group while secluded on an island, especially these people) and now she has control of the rose.


I snorted when Dan mentioned he would like to get to know her. Of course he does. After all his grousing about questionable ethics, it certainly doesn't seem to matter if a woman is perceived as beautiful. Easier to forgive. Reminds of that 5 Seconds of Summer song, "She's Kinda Hot Though."


She's still an asshole but not a villain, per se.  Same with Joe.


As an aside: I wonder if they're paid per episode? Maybe that's the underling reason everyone wanted Juelia Guelia to stay.

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