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Carrie Ann

Logan Echolls: Obligatory Psychotic Jackass

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Jason Dohring did such a great job with this character; he reminds me of James Marsters in his ability to communicate so much physically through both stillness and movement.  He does a lot of rotating motions, especially when with Veronica (see: "A Trip to the Dentist"), and his little forehead nuzzle was likely something he brought to the character too.  The little things made Logan such a great character to watch!

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I think that the appeal of Logan has about 70% to do with his portrayal by Jason Dohring and 30% in the layered writing by RT. And by "appeal of Logan" I don't mean JD's looks (although that helps a bit). He gets the character. He knows what a glance or a smirk or a soft graze of an arm can do. 

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On 1/29/2015 at 12:59 PM, swtrgrl said:

He knows what a glance or a smirk or a soft graze of an arm can do. 

I've been following a Tumblr called Marshmallow the Vampire Slayer, where the person does episode recaps and on a couple, they use screengrabs and edits them showing JD's & KB's facial expressions in frame by frame. So much going on in each of their faces, especially JD's.



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Jason was always alert in his scenes. He paid attention to her in their scenes. That is sexy as hell. He did it in iZombie too but he wasn't meant to get the woman in the end. In fact he barely had scenes with Rose in his second season. No idea why Rob didn't exploit the chemistry again.

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