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  1. I completely disagree. That was my point. It was an emotionally abusive relationship, imo and grooming isn't harsh for that situation. (my opinion) Bo/Hope was written differently. Apples and Oranges. And again...all our mileages differ. I won't be watching the WilSon stuff. I'll read the recaps but I just can't. Sonny is despicable as written now and I can't even with his ownership and need to possess Will. Because that's how it's written...his entitlement to possess Will as his partner.
  2. I love you for that. I want to have all of Xander's babies for saying it. I liken my feelings about Sonny and WilSon to how I felt/feel about Twilight: When I first read Twilight, I got caught up in the "romance" of it, etc... it was a lovely little story about a regular girl and her knight in shining fangs. Then as time passed, I saw it for what it was: a guide for making stalking and abusive behavior the norm. WRT Sonny/WilSon: I got caught up in the LGBT aspects of it. I've always loved Will. I adored Chandler's portrayal of him. I thought it was romantic that Sonny was there
  3. At this point...that's really all it is...or how it comes across. It's not that Will is this great love he has to get back. Will is a prize possession that Sonny has to own and control.. I want to barf. It's not romantic. It's abusive and controlling. I consider him to be so. I liked him a lot. He'd fit in great with this crowd. Bring him back. He and Gabi were cute together until his sudden departure. I keep reading that last sentence like Jasmine from Aladdin..., "I am not some prize to be won." LOL But yes, exactly that. Sonny thinks of Will like he's a possession. Gross.
  4. He's been on Prime Time and done quite well. Watch him on H50. His Gabriel was fantastic. He'll go far. May 25 Watch H50. See my comments above. He's got talent. A lot of it.
  5. Huh. Touche'! I haven't heard this is happening. Is it? Has it? I haven't even heard rumors.
  6. Maybe we'll get both this time when they reunite. Although, as you know, I'm not pro-WilSon. But with .
  7. Sadly confirmed. He has his Star Wars gig. That's pretty decent for post day-time. I hate that we get WilSon for sure now. Fuck that.
  8. I STILL like him better than Chad...and I'm a Chad lover. Anything to piss off Julie!!! Bring it on!
  9. In general I'd agree with you but
  10. I'd be okay with the sex thing once...IF they tied it to PTSD from being a sex slave. But they won't do that.
  11. I'm looking forward to this Ben/Ciara thing...if only for the Hope reaction. You murdered someone, too, Lady.
  12. Oh god yes...Gabi in prison is killing me. WTF, Ron? I can't wait for her to get out of there and take back her life. She's going to suffer absolutely zero fools going forward.
  13. Oh, God...THAT. All of that. How in the hell was Sami to blame for Abbifail stalking her husband? I mean, yeah...EJ instigated it initially b/c of protecting Sami/Kate/Gabi but...she literally stalked him and begged him to let her be his mistress. She pursued him hard core. But innocent Abby was the victim of big bad EJ Dimera and then somehow that translates to it being Sami's fault. Did Sami go overboard on revenge? I don't think so at all. Abby lost her unearned job b/c she broke the rules. Sami outted her in Will's article. Big deal. Reap what you sow, little girl. Don't get me
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