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  1. marshmallows

    Veronica Mars Unpopular Opinions

    Oh yeah definitely ship who you like! I'm a hardcore LoVe shipper. Hope I didn't come off rude. A lot of fans even die hard ones think Piz and Veronica were together for like 9 years lol. It's a common mistake.
  2. marshmallows

    Veronica Mars Unpopular Opinions

    Piz and Veronica were together for like a year. They broke up after s3 and they reunited much later in life. It was stated in the movie. I'm not sure why so many fans think they were together for 10 years.
  3. marshmallows

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    They broke up in s3 and had what Logan calls "9 years of radio silence." So they didn't have nay contact for 9 years. According to the movie and books timeline with s4, V & L have been together for 5 consistent years since the movie. Idk if that helps your belief in it. As much as I love LoVe, I even have a hard time believing they have made this work for 5 years without breaking up, especially considering Veronica's piss poor attitude this season and Logan's job constantly taking him away for large periods of time.
  4. marshmallows

    S05.E018-19: Chapter Ninety-Nine/Chapter One Hundred

    You can say that again about the VM finale. It truly ruined the entire show for me. So on that note, I have to say I am so pleased that JtV did not hop on the shock series finale trend. I was truly happy to see all these characters get a happy ending. Bc you know what? Sometimes people do get happy endings. It doesn't all have to be grim. It is rare for me to actually enjoy a TV show from start to finish. And I truly did enjoy every episode. I am also not one who usually enjoys both main ships. I usually pick a side and I will sink with my ship lol. So Idk how the writers did it, but I truly loved both Michale/Jane and Rafael/Jane. So I was going to be happy with either endgame. Now with that said, I do wish they had left Michael dead. This was one of the few shows that let the widow grieve realistically and move on organically. I know it's a telenovela, and coming back from the dead with amnesia is a major trope, but I think they could have missed out on this one trope or used it on someone else that was dead. Either way, this is a show I would totally re-watch. And I am really happy that the writers didn't go GoT on us, and everyone got to be happy in the end.
  5. marshmallows

    Veronica Mars Quotes

    Going off Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough Veronica: "Slushies, Slushies. Get your iced cold sugar water." Logan: "You had me at iced cold." Veronica: "What's your poison?" Logan: "Ahh, Emotionally unavailable women." Logan: "Um let's see, I want something that suits my mood." Veronica: "Ohhh I'm sorry, we're all out of liquid evil." Veronica: "It's a 50 dollar bill." Logan: "I have them made special." Weevil: "Is it your undying love for me? Or just good old fashioned lust?"
  6. marshmallows

    S04.E04: Heads You Lose

    It always makes me cringe a little too. And then I feel like I'm just being double-standardish about it, bc (I am a female) and I would totally make those jokes to my mom, and honestly 99% of people would not find that cringy (maybe weird, but not cringy). I think we have to remember, Veronica and Keith are like bestfriends even if he is her father. So I just think these comments wouldn't be so cringy if Veronica was a man or Keith was a woman.
  7. marshmallows

    S04.E07: Gods of War

    YES! This entire scene made me cringe. Honestly, every time Leo was on screen this season made me cringe. He was very disrespectful of the fact that Veronica was clearly in a relationship with someone else. Back on the original show, I was actually okay with Veronica/Leo. I was even into the pairing and felt so bad for Leo when Veronica broke up with him for Logan. I mean I was team LoVe, but Leo was a good guy and had chemistry with Veronica. But in the revival he just seemed skeevy.
  8. marshmallows

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    No, it's a pretty fair point when KB is running around saying she wanted to remake this show for her daughters to watch bc she thinks Veronica is a role model. She clearly thinks Veronica is a great person who has endured trauma, while Logan is a shit person who endured trauma. Now this is NOT me negating your personal life experiences. Bc I can understand knowing that the person you are with is toxic, yet knowing what you are doing is toxic as well. Been there done that! But, KB is ignoring exactly how terrible Veronica can truly be and putting it all Logan.
  9. marshmallows

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    I think JD looks great too. Not sure what everyone else is seeing lol.
  10. marshmallows

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I know back in the day KB had mentioned how Logan was toxic and just not a good boyfriend. RT said somethings along the lines of why couldn't she just choose Piz, but ultimately it seemed like back in the day RT was more of a fan of Logan, he just needed to write in a love triangle bc of network pressure. I guess with KB's popularity and being in Disney movies and Disney owns Hulu. I'm sure KB is the only reason Hulu would greenlight this disaster of a revival. Anyways Idk what RT's true feelings on Logan are currently, but I feel like KB wanted him off the show so she got what she wanted. Another thing that baffles me is KB thinks Logan is toxic, but has she ever taken a good look at her own character Veronica? Bc the show I watched pretty much always had Veronica being the one that screwed up the LoVe relationship. But w/e. I read above that it sounds like KB didn't like the attention Logan got from the fandom. Idk if that is true, but if it is, wow how spiteful to get Logan killed off just bc he was more popular with the fans than Veronica. Hmm I didn't know she didn't like Jason. Idk why, but I thought they were friends? Logan had a lot going on in s2. He had his own little murder mystery where he was the suspect. He wasn't even her bf in that season. And I have to disagree, I think Logan was interesting in the show. He grew up, unlike literally every other character. Personal growth is interesting. I mean they could have had a little bit more of old Logan in his personality (like his humor), but otherwise I still thought he was an interesting character.
  11. marshmallows

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I would so love to believe that he is alive and somehow they are going to redeem all of this by having him be on a mission and maybe have Veronica grow the hell up before he re-appears. But, I feel like he is really dead. JD was tearing up in a few interviews. He looked genuinely upset. I mean maybe he is just that good of an actor lol. Also RT & KB seem to have never liked Logan (no idea why...), but with him gone now they can finally do w/e they want- which their idea is a pretty shitty and tired concept.
  12. marshmallows

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Yeah and we all know how that turned out, oh right a cancellation. Bc nobody wants to watch bitchy Veronica in a world of people we don't know. Like others have said, why not just write a detective show with KB as the main character or get a different actress if it would feel to Veronica Marsish. Or gosh even have just pitched what he really wanted to hulu and had VM doing more case of the week or as an FBI agent w/little to no Logan, Wallace, Keith, etc. But he knew he couldn't do that bc the viewers are here for Veronica Mars as a whole, not another procedural FBI show. If I wanted to watch that, I would go watch Bones or Criminal Minds- which I have and I like both of them for what they are. But, I liked VM for what it was as well and that includes the supporting cast and all the relationships that come with it, yes even Logan lol. It just makes me sick that he pretty much used his entire fan-base to revive a show that already ended pretty well twice (at least for me it did) just to bring it back to blow up everything that was good about VM just to get what he wanted way back in 2007. I'm sorry, but I have no interest in watching bitter, angry, mean Veronica interact with a bunch of people I don't know nor care about while solving mediocre cases of the week and sleeping around. And Idk why RT thinks anyone wants to watch that and why he thought any of this was a good idea. It felt like he literally brought the show back to say F/U to the Logan & LoVe fans bc he was bitter that he had to write a decent movie with somewhat happy ending. Sorry if any of this sounds bitchy. It is most definitely not at you. I just have a lot of angry feelings towards RT, KB, and the show overall right now lol.
  13. marshmallows

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Thanks for the insight on that! But, what I don't get is why would RT even give into LoVe back then? Sure, you had fans on a site saying they saw chemistry, but RT could have kept it antagonistic or made it a darker kind of relationship. No instead he wrote an epic love story and then expected fans to just drop it? No, that is not how you write a TV show. If his intention was always to blow it up (quite literally), he should have just left well enough alone and let Veronica date the vanilla Duncan's, Leo's, and Piz's of the world. Well of course Logan is the focus bc what they did to him was final. The other characters can still make cameos. Or RT could change his mind and set everything back in Neptune. Honestly, I don't even care if he puts the show back in Neptune bc he shit all over his fans. I wasn't here for the Logan Echolls show, but seeing him appear definitely helped considering he was my favorite character. However, I was still fully here for the Veronica Mars show. But, this season I wasn't so much because Veronica was an absolute bitch to everyone she knew. None of her redeemable qualities seemed to transfer into adulthood. On the original show- she laughed, she cried, she showed humility and compassion. She was quick-witted and even at times could admit when she was wrong. She also had times of vulnerability with Logan, Keith, and Wallace. None of that was evident in s4. She was just running all over town being horrible to everyone. She seemed uninterested in Wallace's life just because he had settled down into what most people want from life- love & stability. She had no empathy or even sympathy for Weevil. She was an even worse girlfriend to Logan than she was in the OG show. She constantly shut him down out, made sly comments about wanting a hot-headed version of Logan, and made fun of him for bettering himself. Sorry, but Veronica doesn't deserve a wonderful friend like Wallace, a loyal ally like Weevil, or an emotionally matured- very well-rounded Logan who would do anything for her. Btw, I was a huge Buffy fan as well. And even if the last 2 seasons weren't my cup of tea. Let's just say Whedon never let me down like RT has.
  14. marshmallows

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Wow what a big FUCK you to the fans this was. I was so excited for this since they announced it. I usually don't like revivals, but since they did decent with the movie (not as good as the original show), but still decent, I thought this was going to be great compelling tv, which it sadly was not. This has left such a sour taste in my mouth that it wouldn't matter what they do next, because this marshmallow is out. What is even worse, is this ending has pretty much ruined the entire show for me. Idk why RT would kill off Logan. Whether you like or dislike Logan or LoVe, you have to admit that Logan was a compelling, dynamic character to watch. All of his damage and how he dealt with that was so interesting. Also, I feel like RT is forgetting that the only reason he got a movie a few years back is because the fans paid for it. And pretty sure that movie and the realization that the show did have a huge fan base is why RT was able to bring the show back for a s4 on hulu. Well guess what RT, most of those fans were Logan and LoVe fans. So you basically just shit all over the majority of your fan base. And I'm not saying you have to cater to crazy fan girls and boys like TVD (Vampire diaries) did, but it would probably be a good idea to not completely shit on them and piss them off. Now, I didn't watch when the show originally aired, so Idk how loud the LoVe fans were, but it was the early 2000s, so I imagine they weren't as loud as they could be today. And never once while I was watching the show did I feel like RT was caving into fan-service by putting Veronica and Logan together. They were together for maybe 4 episodes in s1, broken up for all of s2 until the end, together for maybe 8 episodes in s3 and didn't even end up together in the original show. So RT never really catered to the LoVe fans at all, so Idk why he thinks that was the case. Logan wasn't even in all the episodes and sometimes when he appeared it was only for a scene or 2, so anyone including fans, RT, and KB who felt like it was the Logan Echolls show clearly made that up in their heads or was watching a completely different show than I was. I couldn't even cry over Logan's death because I was just so angry about how it all went down. Blowing him up like that was just sloppy and careless. I'm also not saying I needed a happily ever after, but this was just a big slap in the face. I hate when writers are too lazy to write a functional/dysfunctional relationship. On and off again or bitter widows are basically plot devices for piss poor writing bc the writers do not know how to actually write a relationship. I would have much rather watched Logan and Veronica deal with their relationship problems. But may I add, these relationship problems seemed convoluted. I read the books, and they seemed to be in pretty stable, loving relationship for like 5 years and now in the show their relationship is back to a dysfunctional mess. I don't get that. In the books, the main issue was how long distance is hard, not Veronica wanting some hot-headed obligatory jackass and makes fun of a well-rounded Logan. Also seeing where RT thought Logan was too much focus, so why not just do it like in the books, where he basically just cameos in on skype and may appear in Neptune for an episode or 2? He didn't have to be a major focus, I mean none of the other side characters were. Or if they just hate the ship that much, why not just break them up? Clearly Logan had out-grown Veronica anyways. (I always thought he was emotionally superior to her anyways, but I know most fans didn't think that.) He could have left her at the alter like some of y'all mentioned bc he realized he wanted a true partner and not someone who is just half-there. That is very realistic. Then off of that RT would have the choice to bring him back at a later time if wanted to do that or not. What he did is so final and a true disservice to the character of Logan, JD, Veronica Mars, and the fans. I have a lot more thoughts, but I need to go to bed and this is already lengthy. Let's just leave it at, I wish hadn't watched this season. Actually, I really wish it had never been renewed for a s4 and I truly hope there is no s5 bc RT and KB don't deserve it after shitting all over Logan and the rest of the cast.
  15. marshmallows

    S04.E06: Entering a World of Pain

    Cheating still seems OOC for Veronica. I mean she is self-destructive for sure, but cheating just seems like a line she wouldn't cross. This is why I've just been extremely disappointed with this version of adult Veronica.