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  1. isiscloud

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Yep! He did look a lot like his relative. However, I do like the one of the guy whose family thought they were German and wore the lederhousen but turned out to be Scottish. That was cute.
  2. isiscloud

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I called APFM when my mother-in-law started needing help. You call in and tell them information and then they share it with aLLall of the nursing homes/agencies in the area who call relentlessly. They make any other telemarketers look like pikers. Do your own research. HATE the Liberty Mutual ads with the power of a thousand suns. My husband hates the Wayfair jingle so that means we're always muting the TV. I see that Ancestry has brought back the couple who finds out that he isn't as Italian as he thought. It seems like they've updated it where the wife doesn't say "I thought my husband was Italian..." and then later again repeats it, but says something like "we're not as Italian as we thought." No, lady, YOU are not as whatever as your husband unless you're that closely related, which would be REALLY bad!!!
  3. isiscloud

    Cast in Other Roles

    Harry Hamlin was in Mom as a mean dad of her ex's girlfriend who dates Anna Faris. Not sure if I can watch him in anything and think of him as a nice guy. Loved him in LA Law and Lisa Rinna in Melrose Place. Ken Marino in Agent Carter as a mob boyfriend. Kyle in the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street. Not even fair to mention iZombie because of the Rob Thomas/Diane Ruggierio connection, but it's fun watching to see who shows up. Ryan Hansen was a marketing executive who is gay, Enrico as a bad cop, Percy as a tech genius, KB shows up narrating a 50 Shades-type book (Liv says, "people say I remind them of her"), Jason as the head of a military industrial complex company who is a zombie, Francis Capra has an appearance as thug #1 or #2, Daran Norris in an on-going role as a smarmy meteorologist, Ken Marino as a smarmy defense lawyer...
  4. isiscloud

    Logan Echolls: Obligatory Psychotic Jackass

    I've been following a Tumblr called Marshmallow the Vampire Slayer, where the person does episode recaps and on a couple, they use screengrabs and edits them showing JD's & KB's facial expressions in frame by frame. So much going on in each of their faces, especially JD's.
  5. isiscloud

    Friday Night Lights

    i don't remember the name of the episode but in Season 3, Tami gave in to the Jumbotron, but in the announcement, she said that Buddy had volunteered to have the team party, putting him on the spot. Never did see the Jumbotron later on.
  6. I'm much older than mid-30s. My husband & I just finished watching the series and movie. Have to go back and watch again now that I know what happened. Can't wait for this episode again! Squee!
  7. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and couldn't decide if I was really watching this or hallucinating! The cake of her house was amazing! I'll have check out a few more episodes just to make sure. That would be really cool to see this show with other holidays.
  8. isiscloud

    Cast in Other Roles

    He's one some new sitcom. It doesn't look good. Watched A Haunting in Connecticut and saw Kyle Gallner in it.
  9. isiscloud

    S04.E08: Coushatta

    If it were just the letters and calls, that might create suspicion; however, because Kim & her $400/hour team showed up (who said this was pro bono) and the donations on the website seemed legit, the ADA decided it wasn't worth her time and resources to pursue further. Kim would definitely have faced mucho consequences from her actions. The whole Nacho scene at the end had me very tense.
  10. isiscloud

    S07.E01: Dragonstone

    So, had those guards with the fire lights inside the door been there since Stannis left? And, please clean the map table! We know what's been done on it!
  11. isiscloud

    Blood Drive

    He's such a prude. Loved the asylum. The plushy heads (bunny and bear crashing into the wall) and all the other creepy things/people running around.
  12. isiscloud

    S03.E09: Fall

    I feel like Jimmy/Saul really was interested in finding out what was going on with the lawsuit and that Davis & Main was taking their time to see if there could be more money, but any money would do. It would be to the seniors' well-being as well; however, he sucked at doing something about it. Mean girls & boys doesn't change, it just gets different. Kimmy, please tell Jimmy/Saul what you're doing so he doesn't have to con(ish) old ladies. He loves Kim so he doesn't want to let her down as he's already done. She also has her pride that she can do it all herself. Obviously won't end well. Hate Chuck, but Howard & HHM (as much as Chuck wants to remind him, McGill comes last) should have called their insurance company when Chuck went out on leave. Their bad for sure. We need a Gus show next!! Nacho, Nacho, Nacho.
  13. isiscloud

    S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    Wow. That was and wasn't a nailbiter. It seemed a bit foregone that Perry was going to be the one killed even if they were throwing red herrings down on the red carpet left and right. All of those "meaningful hate-filled looks" and the only one that panned out was the one that really should have, with quite a twist. The detective needs to leave this alone. Go home; you've done your job and now there's one less abuser, rapist, psychopath in the world. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, ladies. You did a great job.
  14. isiscloud

    S01.E05: Once Bitten

    The one really happy moment through the episode. Nice to see for a change. The preceding part where the children are running in slo-mo through the gate of the school made me think that there was going to be a problem with the pick-up.
  15. isiscloud

    S01.E05: Once Bitten

    Wow! Great episode. So packed with things. Renata just happening to show up "early" and barging in. It's one thing to want to make sure that your child is protected, but she isn't the only one involved here. Jane handing her a Kleenex was sad. Speaking of Jane. Get a grip, lady. Smoking in the car and running red lights and confronting your potential baby daddy with a loaded gun in your car? Not smart. My gaydar isn't as sharp, but he definitely isn't Ziggy's dad. Celeste. Wow. I felt for Nicole playing this role, especially knowing about the pregnancy issues she had with Tom Cruise. I was hoping that when she was driving up to the airport that she was going away with the boys; but nope. It's not her fault and I hope that she can get out before Perry does kill her. Interesting to see the escalation. I don't think that he would have beat her when she was pregnant, but who knows. Wanted to give Maddy a big hug after her accident.