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S02.E06: The Matrix

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I did love Abbi's escalation of fantasies as she got higher:

"I am with Elijah Wood ion a restaurant and we ONLY order desert … I am at an extravagant flea market with Mark Ruffallo buying used milk crates to line our office which we plan to use as a nursery but we ONLY tell certain people that!"

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I've always liked Janeane G. She's been working pretty steady since 1990. I'm flabbergasted that she's 50. Also, if you're reading this, pm me. 


Not that I didn't like this episode, but it seemed to center around 'what if there was a dog wedding?' and 'what if we just tooled around on rollerblades?' I mean, it's great they were able to build an episode around that, but I like something more like last season's getting to the wedding. That was wacky too, but I think more tightly focused.


Though, I'm sure Lincoln is happy he got to this wedding.


No joke, I have to watch videos to tie my tie. 

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Overall a good episode of Broad City. From the first few scenes I was really excited, but the show seemed to lose it's momentum regarding the "unplugged" concept as it progressed and perhaps should've been named "Dog Wedding," rather than "The Matrix."

The daydream opening was fun because they just got to indulge in whatever whacky ideas they wanted, and I particularly liked how their last word is the beginning of the show's title sequence. In the next scene where they fall down the internet hole, kudos to the creator of that internet montage. Favorite moments were the random gilmpses of Ilana's Grindr account and those internet searches. I love that Ilana uses Grindr. Of course she's on a gay hookup site just chatting up dudes left and right. I'm sure she is a stellar sexter.

While all of the internet searches were funny, two in particular stuck out to me.

"signs your sex friend is becoming your boyfriend"

  • From past episodes, we know that Lincoln is playing the long game trying to start a relationship with Ilana. In this episode he attends Ilana's brother's dog's wedding. If that's not a signal of interest in commitment, nothing is.
"top ten fig recipes"
  • Such a throwaway to have this phrase as one of the searches, but when tied to the end of the episode, it's a nice easter egg of continuity. After watching the whole episode and the fig's role, going back to see this in the search history really made me appreciate it even more.
And ending it all with a video chat on the same couch was perfection.

As Lincoln calls Ilana to check on the rings, we see him using an online video to learn how to tie a tie, and this gets to the complex nature of connecting to "the matrix." Here we see a guy using an internet video to learn a useful skill, right after watching the girls' descent into a virtual hedonism. But after this brief moment of thematic clarity, we kinda just shift into a dog wedding.

I think as soon as the roller blades were pulled out, the episode kind of spiraled. Why did the girls decide to wear roller blades to this dog wedding? I mean, I get that it's just a dog wedding, but it seems like everyone else at the event was dressed up and if not taking it seriously, at least indulging in it. Their original plan couldn't have been to show up looking so casual. Why did propriety go out the door with electronics? If I throw a dog wedding and serve dog quiche, you're going to be there eating it in a nice sun dress or not at all.

And don't get me wrong, I really liked a lot of the jokes in the later part of the episode, but I felt like the theme of technology avoidance kept getting mentioned to hammer in what this episode was supposed to be about. But everything else besides not having a phone felt more important. Things like Ilana getting angry at helpful strangers, getting lost, and forgetting about Abbi while enjoying a blunt, all felt like typical Ilana activity that could've occurred even if she had her phone. I guess it didn't really seem like we got to see the characters react to technology withdrawal and its implications because they were too busy reacting to the falling in a hole and trying to find help.

My final question is why did the gay guys have to be the ones throwing the dog wedding? It always has to be the gay guys.

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Not my favorite episode but still better than a lot of the crap currently out there.  Abbi going through Illana's backpack and pulling everything out was my favorite part.  Those stalker/creeper pictures of Illana with Abbi while she was sleeping were hysterical.  As was Abbi's 'what the hell/not that surprised' reaction.  

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It was full of good moments but didn't hang together very coherently overall.  Abbi fully domesticating the pit was nice.  The entire real opening sequence was great, and the cold open part was really great.

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