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  1. Perhaps the sanctuary Michael keeps mentioning is Miss Robichaux's Academy? Maybe that is what brings Coven into this season? I think it's an interesting theory and, currently, is based solely on the Steve Nick's music as they panned over to Michael in Episode 2. Would also go towards supporting Michael = Anti-Christ is a misdirection. Unless Cordelia has taken a super dark turn over the last few years I can't see her wanting to provide sanctuary to evil.
  2. I Love Me

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I have no idea how accurate the website is but over at The Dragon and the Wolf (thedradonandthewolf.com - not sure why there is a misspelling in the name but I double checked) there are lots of Season 8 spoilers posted. Allegedly, Dany dies before the end of Season 8 due to getting stabbed by the NK in front of Jon and Jorah. After she dies the dragons immediately take up with Jon. "Jamie" (Arya wearing his face - yep, she kills him after hearing him confess to pushing Bran out of that window) cuts the dragonglass out of the NK, turning him back into a man. An easy to kill man. Euron hires the Golden Company and takes over KL, holding Cersei prisoner. Jon takes his army and 2 dragons and attacks. Arya (still wearing Jamie's face) kills Cersei and Jon kills Arya. Theon and Jon work together to kill Euron - throwing him to Drogon for roasting. According to this site it will be Jon that sits on the Iron Throne and takes Alys Karstark as wife. He rules as Aegon The VI of Houses Stark and Targaryen a/k/a Aegon the Savior. Winterfell becomes the new capital. Crazy shit so no idea if it's true. I'll be very sad if Dany doesn't make it to the end.
  3. It took until nearly the end before I realized that wasn't Christine Baranski. Wishful thinking on my part I'm sure.
  4. I Love Me

    Billy On The Street

    2009, 2016, 2024. I'd have a threesome with any (adult) version of John Hamm. Rawr. Bonus - he's very funny.
  5. Side Out!!!!! I haven't thought about that movie in years. I watched the shit out of that when I was.....younger. Yep, younger.
  6. I Love Me

    S04.E23: A Pig Is A Boy Is A Dog

    I am digging Donna's sweater in the protest scene. However, it looks like one of those that you think will be soft and comfy but are actually extremely itchy and feel like a they were made from really coarse hair.
  7. I Love Me

    The Late Late Show With James Corden

    Such a great video and also a little sad because it just reminds me that I am going to miss the current President and First Lady so much.
  8. I Love Me

    Spring Broke?

    As a person that lives in Florida and barely ventures out during March and April b/c of lingering Spring Break bullshit, I want to give a huge "fuck you" to Spring Break in general. (And a bigger one to snow birds - fuckers are less destructive but they have pissy, better-than-you attitudes and stay longer - if you hate us Floridians so much go the hell home to your icy land of cold). Rant over.
  9. I Love Me

    Quotes: I've coked a lot of this

    Truck driver: "Nice ass!" Abbi: "YEAH, I KNOW!" Lincoln: "You look like a DMX video extra" Disembodied voice in sewer grate: "She really is"
  10. I Love Me

    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    I don't watch GoT and this....doesn't make me want to watch it any more than I currently don't. However, I would watch an hour of the delightful Ms. Headey delivering insults. Even if it was to me. Fantastic.
  11. I Love Me

    S02.E06: Kimmewah Kup

    I seem to be the only one that didn't think this was weird. Probably because I live in Florida and it is never a good idea to swim in our lakes. I actually thought "don't do it" (jump in) when they were watching the boat drift off. What I did find weird was people wearing long sleeved shirts and pants in the summer. Emma's first outfit of pants and a sweater/hoodie-thing made me think it was fall so when Maggie said something about swimming it took me a few minutes to remember that summer in other parts of the country is way different.
  12. I Love Me

    The Late Late Show With James Corden

    That was a pleasant bit of unexpected awesome today. And, DAMN! Paula Abdul still rocks the footwork when dancing. In platform heels. Fantastic.
  13. I Love Me

    Twin, Place, Or Show

    From the hyperlink in the Londons paragraph: Especially love this in light of the father, Stephen Collins, turning out to be a pedophile. This wasn't yet known in 2004. At least not by the public. Pretty sure those underage girls knew. Yuck.
  14. Love the "I don't know why." Caputo even said it like he really was confused but still thought Pearson was being a dick. Hee.
  15. Alex to Piper: You've got a strong brew. A big thank you to the writers for making this discussion less childish than how this it is normally played out (usually between asshole-type guys). The adult way in which both woman handled it was refreshing. I was waiting on Piper to act all offended then leave in a big huff. I was pleasantly surprised when she only made a face, a small disappointed noise and then carried on. Way to be adults!