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  1. Lone Wolf

    All Episodes Talk: Better Things

    Props to Sam for coming out of the anesthesia a lot more coherent than my girlfriend was or (according to her) I was after our respective colonoscopies (she was pretty adorable, though. My girlfriend, not Sam). Like the poster above, I'd have left Frankie locked in her room too, but she'd have probably called CPS on Sam if she had. Unfortunately, not all therapists are professionals. I once dated someone whose dear friend was a psychiatrist who slept with at least one of her patients. I imagine that she could have gotten in as much trouble over having done it as she would have over the fact that she told my GF about it.
  2. Lone Wolf

    All Episodes Talk: Better Things

    Actually, (at least in one case), he asked first whether he could. Sarah Silverman said on Howard Stern that he asked her and she said, yes. She thought it was funny. FTR, I'm a casual fan of CK at best, so I don't really feel the need to defend him. However, I also think the pendulum's swinging back too far these days.
  3. Lone Wolf

    All Episodes Talk: Better Things

    Setting aside the left turn that this story line took compared to the usual middle-aged-single-female-asshole-kids-working-B-List-actress-mother-issues arcs that this show usually takes: Sam was representative of all the women that CK (apparently) victimized. Her ex was in her head against her (conscious) will, like CK (allegedly) forced himself onto his accusers. Sam stood up against her ex by reaching out to him like CK's (alleged) victims stood up against him by Me Too'ing him (whether they were really victims and to what degree I'm not sure I accept, but that's a different topic). Her ex was wackin' it and CK wacked it (that I believe). Sam overcame her adversity as symbolized by throwing the boots in the trash can, representative of CK's (alleged) victims pretty much getting him thrown out of show business. Of course, all the foregoing is my opinion, conjecture, interpretation, blah blah blah, fueled by a tummy full of Pino Grinot. It just seemed like a weighty plot for this show. After Life, it isn't. I do like it, though...
  4. Lone Wolf

    All Episodes Talk: Better Things

    I'll drag up a chair and join you. I thought that entire plot line was Adlon's commentary on the CK issue. Phil's response at the time of the accident wasn't right, but it was true to the character. As was her deciding to give up the keys with conditions; she did the right thing but took advantage of the situation. I think that Max was exaggerating the guy she was talking about's age. 70 is too unrealistic, even for this show.
  5. Lone Wolf

    S04.E02: Don't You Wanna Be Obama?

    That's true in and of itself, but he doesn't look good. He's way too bulky (and BTW, vest and trousers don't equal a suit). Suits need to hang to a certain extent to look good, and I smell what The Rock's cookin', and it's stuffed sausage. And okay, TBTB don't like Trump. I get it, and I agree, but I don't need TTD's t-shirts beating me over the head with it. And is "Shut the fuck up, TTD" or some variation thereof supposed to be this season's new catch phrase? I don't need to be beat over the head with that, either.
  6. Lone Wolf

    S01.E10 Nobody is ever missing

    Kendallquiddick. Poor kid never even go to enjoy his hush money.
  7. Lone Wolf

    The End Of The F***ing World

    So much this. That said, does three in row count as binge watching? As if it wasn't enough that I was 65% all in from the trailer, this ep featured Hank Williams. And not III, but The King (forget Jr., talent skipped a generation). That's it. If there was any hesitation before, it's gone, It may be the bottle of Pinot Grigio talking, but I'm down. Show, don't fail me now.
  8. Lone Wolf

    Kingdom (US)

    I do, but no access to my TV for the immediate future. When I click on the episodes to watch them on the website, nothing happens, so I assume they aren't available. Thanks for your suggestion, BTW. I'm willing to pay to watch Season 3, if that's an option somewhere....
  9. Lone Wolf

    Kingdom (US)

    Anyone know where I can watch Season 3? The episodes don't seem to be available on DirecTV.com. Is there anywhere else on line to get them? Thanks.
  10. Lone Wolf

    You're the Worst in the media

    New season starts September 6th. I'll admit it - I didn't recognize Aya in the promos. New hair style? New hair color? New nose? F!@# if I know. It just didn't look like her. But when she yelled, "HEY!!" I knew where I was. (Seriously, though. WTF is so different about her??)
  11. Lone Wolf

    Love (2016)

    A few things...... Loved, loved, loved the Carole Lombard reference (movie star from the 30's who died in an airplane crash) although I don't think it's entirely accurate. That being said, I have no doubt that Gillian dresses like her character in real life. The cast of Community dropped in on The Soup a few times and she was totally slobbed out - no makeup, hair in a rubber band pony tail, sweats, etc. Related, her eyebrow move when Gus was talking about her being in a old time movie, and if she was in a crowd, like in the background, he would recognize her and say she's beautiful.....perfection. Sublime perfection. KyOhTay - "Definiitely back off 'cause his teeth could, like, rip at your flesh". "No, No, he's one of the good ones". "You are covered in fur, and I in flesh." "And neither of you have jobs." LOL. I love this show.
  12. Lone Wolf

    Season 1 Discussion

    Okay. I think I'm in Ep 9, watching for the first time. I'd heard quite a bit about this series and tried to watch it when it was airing several years ago but couldn't get into it. Right now, I'm on the fence. I keep comparing it to The Sopranos and it falls short in a lot of ways, from the un-likability of the characters to the lack of gravitas of the male lead. Speaking of which, I can't get past the simian countenance of Ron Perlman who will always be Vincent, kind of like I keep seeing Peggy Bundy when I look at Gemma. But those are my problems and I own them. What I blame the show for is lousy writing, to wit: I just finished the ep where Jax kills the Fed in Tara's bedroom. Prior to that, the Fed was attempting to rape Tara, and Tara turned it into her (fake) seducing him. So she was almost violated, and then against her will has to pretend to become the sexual aggressor. I can't imagine that either one was much of a turn on for her. But then, after Jax blows a hole in the guy's head right in front of her, Tara and Jax make Sweet, Sweet Love in the same bed. While the guy's open-eyed, gaping-mouthed corpse bleeds all over her floor across the room. That was some serious compartmentalizing if she was up for that. Nope. I just don't think she'd have been in the mood. The show really lost me there, and if it doesn't get better I'm going to drop it for the second (and final) time.
  13. Lone Wolf

    S08.E15: Finding Fizbo

    Meta was my first thought, and then I was certain when it was followed by Haley's line that Alex was wearing the only bra that fit her right. No doubt.
  14. Lone Wolf


    Just finished Ep 5 ("Mom"). So I guess the English-guy-one-night- stand-guy is a cast member and not a one-off. Nice to see Ruth Fisher again. Looking much healthier than the last time I saw her. This show's developing a real Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce vibe. I quickly went from curiosity to hate-watching to tuning out Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce.
  15. Lone Wolf

    The Mick

    Oy. Pilot=Uncle Buck, this one=Caddyshack. C'mon, wri-teres...... Chip is so pale I expected him to burst into flames on the golf course.