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  1. Lone Wolf

    The Soup

    10/14/20 episode: Was that Lou in the host's lap during the Lifetime Acting bit? I hope so. They only went off the air 5-ish years ago, and with his white muzzle, he looked like he might be the right age. LouOOOOOOO!!!
  2. Well, she doesn't appear to have licked any envelopes...
  3. Lone Wolf

    The Soup

    9/23/20 Ep - As a cat daddy myself, I hope the cat mommy on American Ninja Warrior did well, if not win. But no way was that kitty actually watching her. Nice to see Willie's still kickin'. Long may he wave. I blew past the Love Island/baby bird feeding clip so quick my computer froze up. I knew what that was about. "Hollywood legend" Drew Barrymore? Okay....sure, why not. That is all.
  4. Lone Wolf

    The Soup

    Re: 8/19/20 ep - Paul Giamatti is doing Volkswagen commercials now? Yikes... That is literally the only thing worth commenting on. At least the host and crew are working, so good for them.
  5. I don't know what Ray's problem is with his father, but it must be significant. I think it was just the two guys. I've changed my earlier position - the dog being killed now bothers more than any other death so far (other than the girl in the 20-year old case). Thanks for the explanation of why the MC guys went after him. I knew it was a double cross, but I didn't put that together; I was thinking the word had gotten out and it was a revenge thing. I don't know how Ray was able to finish the fight, let alone win it, with one eye. His depth perception had to have been shot. In addition to the lead poisoning comment, the back-and-forth between Ray and Dave about whether to kill the new president and how to retrieve the money had a bit of humor.
  6. I was surprised they didn't struggle more. And that there hands were tied in front of them - anyone who's ever seen a movie or TV show knows to tie the hands behind the back. They really were a passive bunch - hands in front is virtually useless in terms of subduing someone. But he did. He gossiped about it, which is how Gary got wind of it. I thought the same thing, though. Pidgy found out about it while buying drugs, i.e., illegally, but he could have at least called the coppers with an anonymous tip. That's a valid observation, although I thought he took her to get her out of the way so he could focus on finding Maddy, and carried her because he was in a hurry to drop her off.
  7. I think the father's surprise was the show's way of telling us that Ray was estranged from him. This show reminds me more and more of Ray Donovan - handicapped brother, divorced antihero living on the wrong side of the law, daughter, estranged father.... I think Ray changed his mind because of Freddy's story, and the fact that Freddy gets (and provides) him work. I didn't know the story about Building 7 myself. I'll be heading down the rabbit hole... He probably knew there'd be others, but I doubt he was expecting an alarm system in the woods. I felt sorry for the pupper - he was just doing his job. Hopefully it was a minor wound. Britt seemed surprised by the ending. I think it was at that moment. Apparently estranged from both sons. It seemed to me that he couldn't get a good shot (Vinnie was moving pretty quickly when he got out of the car), then he was concerned about getting one of the parents when he was hugging them. Had he been able, I'm sure he'd have just shot Vinnie and high-tailed it out of there. He was only getting paid for that one.
  8. Kim said that he had liver cancer - my guess it that he's been suppressing or living in denial, and the diagnosis woke him up. Ray's "smaht" enough to wipe down a scene, and to make sure that there are no witnesses (i.e., Miller). Plus, having a daughter himself, I knew that Miller's fate was sealed as soon as he confessed.
  9. Just finished Season 1. Re: episode 6: That's all.
  10. I always watch everything with captions. FF through commercials or mute them if I can't, also. Just finished the first one on Hulu. I'm probably going to stick, but I wasn't crazy about him leaving his daughter by herself in the car while he went after the punks. The fact that he locked it kind of made it worse, then he took even longer getting back to her when he was getting the paramedic's phone number. Speaking of which, I was expecting her to be responding to a call that someone had been mugged, the someone being the nuts kickee. Don't know about Oz in 2018 but in today's USA Ray would've had some 'splainin' to do to the police who would've been babysitting his daughter, having been notified by well-intentioned busy bodies...
  11. Lone Wolf

    The Soup

    So (assuming anyone else in the world is watching this dumpster fire), who caught the cutaways to Joel in the To Tell The Truth clip on the 8/5/20 episode? Kinda meta, but not acknowledged - you'd think the writers could have come up with something humorous. Then again, based on what I've seen in this season, probably not. At least TPTB are making the crew chuckle so the host isn't playing to total silence.
  12. Thanks for this tip - I just went there and ordered a paperback version of a different book that I've been waffling over for my Kindle, for a couple bucks less than Amazon was offering for it in the same condition. BookBub is worth checking out as well. I was going to watch Snapped but passed after I read about the inaccuracies that others have mentioned here - for some reason I thought Snapped could be relied on to get its facts straight, so that was annoying. Being already somewhat familiar with the story, I'm satisfied enough with DJ's version. Slater was surprisingly (to me) good in this - he seemed like a lightweight with the obvious Jack Nicholson "homage" way back in Heathers, and nothing of his work has really caught my attention enough to change my mind since then. I've liked Peet in everything I've seen her in, so no surprise there. Based on this installment, I'll be keeping an eye open for the next Dirty John subject.
  13. I read somewhere that Fuller says that no one's given up on a Season 4. and that a love story between Will and Hannibal might be on the table. Having just watched Season 3, Ep 10, I have to say that the homoerotic undertones have never been stronger. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Came into this having read all the books and with the movies as my baseline. Had to get through 2 or 3 eps before it started working for me. I'll probably go back and watch them all again when I finish Season 3; at this point I'm certain that there was a lot that I missed.
  14. I had the same thought. Can't imagine that there's any reciprocity or other kind of cross-department recognition between the Fish Police and the Staties for Disability, forget about the fundamental liability of letting her participate in a raid in which she has no official involvement, to wit: Speaking of Jackie getting shot, how was Osito able to wing her when she already had the drop on him? He had to go into his pants pocket and pull out his gun, she fired first, and he still got off two shots. Center mass, Baby Girl - he had plenty of that. And what did Ray think he was going to accomplish by taunting Frankie - Frankie not only pwned him with the spring rain comment, but Ray got a triple karmic smack down with Renee setting him up, Frankie getting released, and Ray getting his cocky, bear-poking self suspended. I'll tune in to Season 2 to continue hate watching (and snarking), unless I forget to. I'm having fun with this one, but it's not Appointment TV by any means.
  15. I assumed that he offed himself. I interpreted Osito disappearing Kizzle as Osito choosing to defy Frankie, which was compounded by not only letting Junior live, but helping him get away and Osito possibly getting himself gone as well. It seemed pretty clear that Osito had enough of Frankie's shit when they were talking on the phone. It would have been a good plot misdirect if Osito had hot shot Junior, but it would have been risky in a public restroom and I don't think he'd have gone to the trouble of setting Junior up first - buying the ticket, giving him a couple grand in seed money, etc. It would have been simpler to just kill him after he killed Kizzle. But then he'd have had to dig the grave(s) and get rid of the heads and hands by himself.
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