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  1. All this Duplass discussion connects a few dots for me...this show was created and executive produced by Amanda Peet, who starred in Togetherness, which was created, written, etc. by the Duplass brothers, so there's that. Don't have much else to add at this point point, other than that I agree with pretty much everything everyone's said so far. I could see this pretty quickly morphing into Hate Watch TV for me, and from there to Just-Finish-Out-The-Season-To-See-What-Happens.
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    Your Honor

    I wasn't expecting it, but I can't say that I'm entirely surprised. I remember several of us commenting on how disjointed some of the plotlines were, as if filming was shut down unexpectedly (COVID) and they didn't have time to develop some of the characters or finish some storylines. Maybe it has something to do with that. Ultimately though, follow the money, as they say. Apparently TBTB decided they could milk a few more dollars out of this.
  3. Hard to get riled up over the "where's Andrew and Julia" drama when we've seen them as adults, although finding them home and safe didn't stop Young Smurf from stuffing her gob with pizza. Never would have pegged Ma Barker as a stress eater. Maybe she was just hungry from burning all those calories during the surfing lesson. Renn, Renn...only on this show could one person kick the ass of one and physically intimidate two other people who are (presumably) at least as big and strong as the first person (notice how politically correctly I phrased that?). I sincerely hope that the Dera
  4. He got hungry and went back for that turkey sandwich. But being Pope, he was no more capable of just going to the fridge and getting it than he was of taking his clothes or shoes off for a nice, refreshing dip in the pool. Instead, he had to stand there by the bed like a desomorphine-addled zombie. FTR, I get it - the pool reminded him of Smurf's ashes and taking off his clothes would have made him vulnerable (exposed him, if you will) to Cassandra. Still doesn't make it any less ponderous...
  5. I assumed they needed eyes in the club since it was right where the boys were working, and it was decided that they wanted someone in the family who they could trust. Like they kept saying, What did he have to lose (except potentially his life when he laid his dumb ass on an unlit highway in the middle of a desert wilderness). Trendy. It's very trendy. They left out the puking part though. Unpopular opinion here, but I'll state it: I get that she said that because she was being Fierce Mama Bear Smurf, but it seemed unnecessary and overkill based on the circumstances. Max ne
  6. Pope chasing Shane reminded me of a terminator. You can run, you can jump, you can get on a bike, but..."It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead!" I'll sign off on this. Young Smurf is becoming less and less likeable with each show. Setting aside the fact that she has the maternal instincts of a reptile, the whole I'm-a-cunning, freewheeling, sexy-AF, tough-as-nails, powerful-alpha-female-who's-ahead-of-my-time schtick is getting ponderous. At least Barkin was ki
  7. Like Tony Soprano used to say, "Ah, whaddya gonna do...."
  8. Neither did the kangaroo, Zo, or the couple (dahk humah). I don't know for certain, but from the conversation it sounded like voting is mandatory in Australia. Zoe was talking about faking it like she was getting one over on the government. I knew someone here (in the US) who wouldn't even register because they were afraid they'd get called for jury duty. Initially I thought Raphael was a dead man, but then I came to the same conclusion. The prints are a good catch, especially when Ray was so meticulous about wiping down the RV. Maybe they won't be usable with all the dirt a
  9. It's annoying, but they've done it before. Take Skinner (please). There was an episode that revealed that he was an imposter who had assumed the real Seymour Skinner's identity during the war (I can't remember if this was before or after Mad Men did the same thing with Don Draper), but they also had one that flashbacked to when he was a teenager with a younger version of Agnes. I guess after all these decades, there's only so many plots they can write without stepping on each other, and most viewers don't notice or care, but yeah, the inconsistencies and contradictions are irritat
  10. Indeed they will. I think it's more effective that we're using our imagination as far as what Ray did, though. It didn't end well; we all know that much. Yeah, it's going to be tough when the finale comes. Every now and then I find a show that I know I'm going to miss. I'm glad he was able to find some peace, but Hurley made a good point - 30 years is a long time to be dragging something around with you. I was thinking he was going to turn out to be some child molester type and Ray was going to settle a score. I like how Ray starts smiling when trouble's about to break
  11. Yeah, if Ray suspected that that guy was a scammer, too, he was right. He was lying until Ray knocked him through the wall, literally. I think Ray needs to be hands-on for his own safety. He seemed pretty sympathetic to Killian - maybe he took a fee, but if he did he probably told him about it. A lot of exposition in the scene with his father, specific and implied, giving us some insight into Ray's personality and why he's the way he is, his own relationship with Brit, etc. Good stuff. My take on the car is that he's going to sell it to round out the money that the guy
  12. Well, let' see...Supe was created in 1938, Invisible Man in 1933, and Wonder Woman in 1941. I'm going to guess about 10 minutes after the first kid read the first WW comic. I've sure heard it a bunch of times. That said, I think it was just a device so Ray could tell his joke and they could compare and contrast and be bros. Completely agree with the rest of your post. It's totally going to come back later and you're right, he has the patience of a saint (at least where Gary and Britt are concerned). I think he'll put up with a lot in general and more with people who are importa
  13. The problem with this forum is if you don't watch the show as it airs (which I don't), by the time you do watch it (for me, the next day) everyone's already said what you think!😲 I'll just add that I knew Kevin and Madison weren't getting married when she asked him if he loved her (or at least I knew that they better not be). If you have to ask that question that late in the game, you're doomed. These characters' personalities are so fluid...now Nervous Randy P. is the calming influence on his "brotha". I know, I guess people step up when they need to, and the writers need to move
  14. I'm right there with you. I'll even raise the stakes and say that I'm not a fan of sweet and salty, e.g., Raisinets in popcorn. Had I been Jack, dating or married to Rebecca, I have bought her her own container of popcorn to add whatever to it she'd have liked. Otherwise? Talkiest. Bachelor party. EVER.
  15. You know what I caught about that? In the wedding gown store, when she prefaced reporting her father cancelling, she said something to the effect of, "I guess he learned how to text", but when she was telling Kevin about it, she said that he called her and told her. Continuity Monkeys asleep at the switch.
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