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  1. DiegoBurger

    S02.E10: Circus

    "Curly fries for everyone!"
  2. DiegoBurger

    S06.E04: Flash of Light

    I met him while he was doing a concert tour and I can confirm his hug was all the good you imagine. He is so extremely charismatic in person that I have no problem believing how Saul is such a great spy.
  3. DiegoBurger

    S03.E04: A Night at the Opera

    Did anyone else think that the Stoopid girls was a parody of Broad City? Sad MO - two NYC girls who started on YouTube acting like total morons, but in RL very articulate, educated and very aware of how to market themselves out of the internet into wider popular culture.
  4. DiegoBurger

    S06.E03: Bread

    My DVR also taped "Desserts" but I am exerting self-control so I can save it and just reflect on those amazing quick breads. I want to make and eat Tamal's goat cheese bread right now and put some cheese on the side for "research." And I love stinky cheese so I would eat Dorrett's Silton bread as well. Who am I kidding? I would eat every one of those breads. Does anyone have any good links for unusual quick breads?
  5. DiegoBurger


    I also got the impression that Shay took off but Marc knew it but he seemed happy about the new direction of his life. And even though they kept talking about how they were in a crappy town, any place that has a real used bookstore run by MC Gainey and Ron Perlman is better than anywhere in LA. Plus - endless podcast potentials! I do appreciate when shows don't try to linger on past their due date but I will miss the show (even though this season was nowhere near the quality of 1-3). I
  6. DiegoBurger

    S03.E04: A Blade Of Grass

    I usually enjoyable bottle episodes if they are well done and clever and I would probably watch an 8 hour movie on most of the character's origin stories but this episode was so insane and I am obsessing about it! First - THAT kiss!!! Why do I feel uncomfortable because I thought it was so hot? Miss Vanessa Ives and Frankenstein's monster are swapping spit!! That blew my mind Also, how is Vanessa act out a scene from Secretary a form of treatment?
  7. DiegoBurger

    S03.E09: Getting There

    "You are two lucky Jews!"
  8. DiegoBurger

    Fit To Fat To Fit

    Thank you ClareWalks - I will third/fourth all of your comments. I just watched the Alex/Geoff episode and while Geoff looked great at the end and his fitness motives were for health (his fiancee was so supportive and sweet), Alex the trainer was such a dick. When the people around you tell you they like you better when you stop doing your "life's work" and act like a fitness nazi and start eating actual food … maybe that says something about the kind of trainer you really are. I don't think he got the point that he was supposed to feel empathy for Geoff. All he cared about was his own fitness. Other shows have had more supportive trainers but I wanted to punch this guy through the tv. Seriously - who takes a client who has never exercised on a difficult boot camp course on the hot sand at the beach without the intention of making him puke while he stands over him and yells he should remember this moment every time he wants to shove something down his pie hole. (I'm paraphrasing - but that was the spirit of that exercise.)
  9. DiegoBurger

    S04.E11: The Final

    If you missed last season, it is streaming on Netflix right now. Some real characters which makes it a lot of fun and it has the same vibe of a competitors who are supportive who take on everything with a great sense of humor. So much for the stereotype of the British "stiff upper lip." I'd love to bake in a tent with any of these people. Not only does this show make me hungry, it inspires me to bake. Cannot say the same for any other cooking program. I was hoping Kimberly would win - I thought the poppy seed filling might push her to the top.
  10. DiegoBurger

    S04.E08: Quarter Final

    I am loving this season and I am not ashamed to admit I get a little verkempt as each baker gets sent off, especially now. I am hoping Kimberly wins. I want to eat everything she bakes and I think she is the most ambitious with flavors. I watch lots of cooking shows and cooking competitions but none make me so hungry or want to cook or bake so much.
  11. DiegoBurger

    Blunt Talk

    Loving this show and not surprised, having been a huge fan of "Bored to Death." I see pieces of Ted Danson's character from that show in Walter's hedonism and Jonathan Ames knows how to keep us interested in supporting characters. It is so much fun to see Patrick Stewart's range of comedy. Last week's automated bathroom hijinks was over the top delicious - it helps that where I work everything is automated and nothing works. His bon vivant is doing a great job in wiping away any trace of a certain Star Fleet commander. More Timm Sharp please. Also, I feel the urge to buy some Angel perfume.
  12. DiegoBurger

    S01.E09: Reject's Beach

    I disagree with the naysayers. This is a new favorite and it has done what I thought was the impossible: make me find Natasha Leggero funny. I am also completely in love with the adorable Jason Ritter with or without his vagina hat.
  13. DiegoBurger

    S22.E02: The Girl Who Walks Away

    Why oh why can't I stop watching this show? I feel like it is a punishment for a crime I committed 23 cycles of my life ago. Having said that - I'll take any drama over the increasingly ridiculous photo shoots (which they barely show anymore) and shameless Tyrafication. And - If Nyle or Mame do not hook up and become the first double win, there is no justice.
  14. I'm just in this for the story of how Tyra gets the nose ring in the final catwalk. And to watch Mikey freak out when they cut his hair.
  15. DiegoBurger

    S01.E06: Electro/City

    Anyone looking to come out to their 16 year old girlfriend, family, friends … "I didn't know until I put on the Zoot Suit." Also … "Electro-City is SUCH a cruel place to live!!!!"