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The Shows of 2015: More Indecipherable Seasonings

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I just watched the family battle and this is the first time that I really hated all 4 chefs.  What an awful entitled lazy family.  My ire probably started during the intro and it showed them in the restaurant kitchen.  No aprons, no chef coat, no hair nets, touching food with their hands.  Remind me never to go to their restaurant!  Then, they all felt entitled for the win and all of their food looked disgusting!  I love watching Chopped, but this episode really turned me off.  No need to use that theme again!


Yeesh, no kidding.  Sub-par food, pre-determined obvious winner, family members hoping to win so they can gloat into perpetuity.  And the unbearably snotty son wants to be a nurse?  Nightmare.


It's hard to watch when everyone's turning out such lousy dishes that the judges struggle to compose a starter compliment.  Umm. . .  adding this tortilla chip was a great idea.

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On 12/2/2015 at 10:30 PM, GaT said:

I was really worried they were going to give the win to the chef who left 2 basket ingredients off of her plate, I would have gone ballistic if they had.

This mac & cheese episode - in which they had to use mac & cheese in all three rounds - just re-aired tonight, which was my first time seeing it, so I searched for commentary and only found this and one other post.  I had the opposite reaction, appalled that she could have blown him and the other contestants out of the water - not just in flavor and execution, but the creativity underlying the three dishes - in the first two rounds, yet gone out because her dessert was delicious but missing ingredients.  Nine times out of ten, I'd say someone who left two basket ingredients off in a round should be the one to go in that round, certainly, and I think it's significant enough that even with her overall performance versus his, it should have been a discussion.  But her food was so much better than his, and everyone's, that I can't stomach handing him the win.  (If they - as I think they should - made omitting a basket ingredient an automatic disqualification, I'd obviously feel differently, but that not being the case is the muddled monster they created long ago.)   If I was him, I'd be a bit embarrassed to win that way.

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