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S06.E07: Leipei

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I'll have to re-watch because this show comes on at a busy time of the evening for me, but I thought it was OK.  I especially liked the end when Hetty gave Nell some of her special stash of whiskey and some good advice and encouragement.  Then when the rest of the team entered, she said they were all going to have a drink together and told them to get some other whiskey out of the cabinet.  Nell understood right then what an honor she was being afforded and looked suitably humble and grateful.  I wish all bosses could be Hetty.

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I thought this was a pretty good action-packed episode. 


When Hetty called Nell in at the end, I was hoping she was going to tell her they knew she was the mole.


I don't know why they are making such a big deal of Nell.  I do like that she realizes she isn't going to be the same kind of field agent that the others are, due to her size and skill sets so she has to develop other skills that will balance things out.

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Show, you'll never make me believe that Nell wants to be an undercover agent with all her heart. Perhaps you could start with ever putting the agents in what I'd call actual undercover situations, rather than giving vague hints about a "persona" that they "assumed" for a brief period and spending most of the time focusing on crazy terrorist plots that I'm so sure NCIS would put only 6 random employees from the LA office on solving.

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I usually am amused during the eps since I am not that demanding of a viewer, but this one seriously could not hold my interest.  The best parts were Granger (go figure?) telling Nell and Eric to stop speaking Ewok and Eric finishing his junior high musical story saying he killed his rival and buried him under the stage.


I figure they are setting up to make Nell the mole, but even that won't make her interesting.

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I usually am amused during the eps since I am not that demanding of a viewer,

Ditto for me, Delurker.


It was an okay episode and I would have no complaints if they hadn't ended it the way they did.  I was kind of hoping to see Kensi trying her hand at skateboarding but truthfully I knew that wasn't going to happen.  I don't understand the constant propping of Nell  And I even like Nell.  When she is up in the Tech Room interacting with Eric and just fooling around on the computer.  I will never buy her as an agent.  I thought maybe I could but I don't feel the killer in her like I do in Hetty.  So every time they compare her to Hetty it just falls flat for me. I would prefer a story where Hetty feels this kinship for Nell because she sees herself in Nell when in truth she is just deluding herself.  In other words Nell lets her down because Nell is Not an Agent!

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This was definitely one of their funnier episodes. Liked that Nell acknowledges her weakness in the field. And she's right. A big part of the other four do involves physical strength and stamina she doesn't have.


Nice to see Eric encouraging her rather than acting jealous about her getting out of Ops.


Granger has grown a sense of humor!

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