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S06.E06: SEAL Hunter

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Oh, I loved it - it won out over the Blacklist tonite.  Sam beyotch slapping that guy around was soooo freaking hilarious and Samness.  Callen was lowkeyed but hawkish and really on target with the eye flashes; and I even found some enjoyment in Deeks when I haven't been feeling any lately. 


It's seemed like Kensie and Deeks are being silly when they should be focused and sleeping all over each other - so do they still take a new way to the office together each day?  Just sloppy and not fair to the characters, imo.


But tonite with Deeks refusing to turn around, yelling if the guy shot him in the back it'd be murder was hilarious. 


Grainger got 1/2 a point for non assholery tonite, too.  :)

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Wow did the CBS promo people have fun with this one!

Loved the comedy and that no one really thought Sam did it. Granger is really crossing to the team side nicely. The standard 'hands off' orders followed by the acknowledgement they won't be followed.

Nice call back to Deek's cop life.

Overall I liked it.

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I just wasn't feeling this episode. 


Did not like the guy who was hunting down fake Navy SEALs. 


The best parts were with Deeks, refusing to turn around so the guy could shoot him; and running into someone he had helped in the past.


That was pretty much it for me; just a filler episode.

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The running gag about the toupee?  Cracked my shit up all through the episode.  "How do you forget a guy with a cat on his head?"  Ray eyeing Deeks's mop with Deeks eyeing Ray's toupee in a kind of "who can pee higher on the tree" moment.  Ray gesturing toward Granger's bald head saying "I can help you with that" with Granger's headshake of disgust.  I have always liked the actor (Casey Sander) who played Ray.  He brings it every time.


I also liked the running gag of Callen hassle-stalking the FBI agent and attorney, only to be surprised by Granger keeping him under sooper sekrit surveillance.


And the bitch-slap fight at the end?  All kinds of goodness there. 


This episode was directed by Chris O'Donnell.  Very well done, a nice light-hearted farce compared to their usual fare.  The body count was fairly low too.  Once explosion though, I think that's contractually obligated. 

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I thought it was hilarious all the way through.  Bernadette's dad was phenomenal as the cat-on-his-head guy.  To me, it was entertainment every moment.  Somehow I missed the promos, so nothing to be disappointed about, and I prefer the light-hearted mode once in a while.  Someone here referred to this show as NCISCoolJ, which is how I now think of it.  Great episode for me. 

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I thought it was hilarious all the way through.  Bernadette's dad was phenomenal as the cat-on-his-head guy.  To me, it was entertainment every moment.  

I knew I recognized that voice!


Definitely one of their lighter eps. Liked that the feds took Hetty along when the arrested Sam. Someone knew that neither he or Callen would go even a little bit quietly otherwise.


Having smelled durian before, I nearly gagged when I saw it on screen. Deeks is lucky no one threw it at him.


Kensi and Deeks continue to be hilarious together. I am now utterly convinced that something has shifted again in their relationship and they're just trying to be a little more discrete about this time.


Granger was utterly hilarious with photographing the cheating couple for blackmail. He's really turned around his opinions of the team since we met him.

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I could swear I saw Granger actually smile...a nice big smile, too.  Good episode, I enjoyed it.  Deeks and Kensi seem so comfortable with each other and their back and forth bantering is sweet and funny.

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Finally a good episode! Funny and a good mystery. I was really tired of those episodes about Congress or whatever. Who cares?

I am so with you on this!  In general I hate big conspiracy plots in procedurals.  Stick to what you do well!  This one was great. In my opinion, of course. 

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