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  1. I am amazed at how much continuing controversy June's behavior is spawning (proving she was a great cast addition if nothing else.). Just wanted to chime in that judging someone's job skills is different than judging them. And....I bet "poor" June has made it quite nicely in her world by her looks alone. I think it's been proven pretty people are given much more preference in jobs, etc. Colin's obviously reacting to them, it's not like they've had a date or soul baring conversation. Animosity may have been initially fueled by her looks, imo. Annoyance was definitely fueled by her actions. And in the corporate world I worked in, Colin would be given a raise to stay on, and they would be glad to be able to let a liability (June) go. At the very, very least she was a safety hazard on a boat.
  2. Jlina

    S03.E07: Season 3, Episode 7

    My thoughts as well. And I hope she keeps her "secret!" Lucy looked adorable dressed for cricket. This was an outstanding episode. I agree it's a huge shame more people don't talk about how excellent this show is.
  3. Thing is it isn't "a quarter passed," it's a "quarter past" meaning 1/4 of a 60 minute hour. The context in which it's said means it literally cannot mean 25 minutes. It's almost more of a word problem than a math problem. Y'all I gave up Sling TV figuring this show wasn't worth $20 a month!! But dang I'd of liked to see this 🙂
  4. Jlina

    Queen Of The South

    I miss the crazy that this show was. Even Boaz has been tamed. Sort of lol. All the retaliation is old news. If Theresa knew she (Javier) killed the judges nephew would that change things? Probably not....but in a way he's not wrong in the promo. She has brought a lot of death and destruction along with her. I know people want to see her ruthless, so it's a plot contrivance but it also plays as extremely contrived. And I agree, the flashbacks were useless filler (except for seeing Guero) for me. I don't think we'll see a renewal here?.....
  5. Jlina

    S03.E06: Season 3, Episode 6

    Lucy wishing she'd listened to Margaret about now? The new girl is showing a lot of agency of her own, independent of Quigly. That's interesting. I wonder if it is her familial background vs being raised on the streets so to speak. And yes, I know they were awful but it was maybe stable. I was surprised the brother believed Margaret was gone and didn't go down to check. Felt like a mistep in the show. Emily Lacy is the personification of "bosom heaving!" That was painful to watch. Yeah Fanny!
  6. Jlina

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    Oooh! Spoiler bar it? Tks!
  7. Jlina

    Queen Of The South

    The show is seeming awfully scripted lately! Sheesh....all the wars going on and Theresa let's the kid get in the car a full minute before they even walk out the door behind him? Dumbing down show. Dumbing down....
  8. Jlina

    S03.E05: Season 3, Episode 5

    Yes I saw money, I thought it was in his hand or near it. Interesting, which deal would have been better for Emily Lacy? But yes also hard to believe that they'd leave money laying there in that day and time! For that matter NO ONE seems to be worried about money! Lucy can't even pick it up off the table she's got her feet on and finally Fannie turned a trick last night. It's a bit of a disconnect. In a way, I don't see the season as being about the men, but more about the men's decisions impacting the women. And the women trusting each other more than any man even when or if they're enemies. Except Margaret lol who gets two good ones. Didn't the wife have a shock at seeing her husband with the mistress at the party? Or maybe that was another wife. So it was brutal, and true and the motive was unclear. Pretty sure it won't end well if the guy gets spurned. I really need someone to root for. And I think Lucy and her partner wore the same dress? Blue with apricot ribbons. Wonder if that was costuming or financial need of the day?
  9. Jlina

    S03.E05: Season 3, Episode 5

    I was counting plot threads and gave up. Kiddos show for so far keeping so many balls in the air. I'm also confused about if Issac would've given her (Lacy) the money? Now she has "love" from a murderer that hates whores. Hmmm People willing to sacrifice themselves for Margaret kind of bewilder me. She never even hugged the small boy when she came home. She was more charismatic before she died. I agree Lady Fitz is looking to follow the advice given her. The wife's words to the mistress were the most amazing burn so far on this show hands down. Quigley's got nothing on her! I hope they do something asap to give me someone to like! I miss Charlotte Wells.
  10. Jlina

    Masterchef (US)

    Why yes, it is! I've been read only on this forum since the Courtney hating debacle due to my actually admiring the woman; but find it highly amusing that the people calling her "Barbie," dislike her for reasons entirely not based on whatever reason they're calling her Barbie. It's quite obviously demeaning and marginalizing. Just like speculating she's looking for a rich husband. Blech.
  11. Jlina

    Queen Of The South

    I simply cannot wait for Boaz to rain hell down on New Orleans. I like that loco pendejo! His ice sculpture was melting. ROFL. Otherwise it was kind of boring TBH. And I don't buy the drawings are the kids' nightmares either. I don't like him. Sigh. This show wins the most fake out preview award by far. Sure looked like Tony got taken in them.
  12. Jlina

    Queen Of The South

    She asked him that in the last episode.
  13. Jlina

    S03.E03: Season 3, Episode 3

    Watching late at night with headphones on and I still just screamed. Seems like everyone's still asleep. I agree I'd moved seamlessly into Charlotte's pov/most relatable character after the mother left. And I don't like the sister. Dammit! Now I don't like the mother either. Argh!
  14. Jlina

    Queen Of The South

    Two questions. One is how in the world does Theresa go after these dirty, grubby looking gringos? Ewwww. At least Guero was charismatic. Musician dude was creepy....creepier than the assassin! And two, how and why in the world do I somehow find Pote sexy?! Although I'm damn glad he didn't sleep through the kid making gun noises at him, that would've ruined it. And who but Theresa complains to someone she's killing .... Dammit! You could've shot me any time. That was eye roll funny to me. If good looking dude (James) is going to show back up he only has an episode or two to do it in. Bummer.
  15. Jlina

    S02.E23: The Unbefriended

    I would have a very hard time asking my parent to risk death for an almost dead drug addict. Even my sister. They could offer....but railroading them and shutting them down when they have something "important" to tell me. Just no. Nic is barely sympathetic as a character, it's just not in VanCamp's DNA and this is a total fail for me. And her firm "no chickens" made me crazy! Love me, deal with me, accept me but nope, not going to get what you want if you do. Conrad's a saint. Mina and Austin rule the show and I'm probably out for the third season. Oh, and I read a recap....the issue here is doctors are not drug tested. Ha, with all the soap I missed that. And ya know what? I don't care! The show's going to do more harm than good with all its' preaching any moment now. I wish the guy would be rich! But I bet he's not... because they need some Bell drama. Season grade...D. not even D +. Oh, and not a spoiler but I think Conrad's pounding on the Dad's heart, I doubt the girls could take it. Then we see Austin all out run....to save a heart?