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S03.E01: The Kármán Line

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I'm glad they're covering certain topics on the show, and I figured that Alex and Bradley would switch places. Bradley does the launch, and Alex covers the abortion topic. They specifically said that Bradley was good for coverage for "both sides" of the country. 

I wonder what the secret is between Bradley and Cory. I thought I'd forgotten something, until I googled. 

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A quick trip to space - what a bonkers way to start a season! 😆

Well, fast forward to early 2022 - from Covid-19 aftermath to the Capitol insurrection to Russia’s war with Ukraine to a potential acquisition.

Alex Levy, Bradley Jackson and their high sense of self-importance, still wanting “too much”. Nothing has changed. 🙄

Is Alex Unfiltered really a hit series on streaming service UBA+? A bleak, gloomy set and Alex seems bored out of her mind.

Jon Hamm is too good looking to be playing Jeff Bezos with hair. I am more interested in his assistant - Amanda, played by Tig Notaro. Hope Amanda is given a better material to work with, unlike Yanko and Julia.

Will this show be able to give us a satisfying pay-off re Bradley’s secret? Based on past seasons, the writers weren’t really good at it.

Based on Alex’s speech at the American Alliance of Journalists awards ceremony, there are 2 things that catch my attention:

  • Bradley was on her own inside the Capitol.
  • It’s always personal with her.

So, was Bradley actually there because of something personal? Something related to her brother - Hal maybe?


ALEX: “Bradley was there… inside the Capitol. Separated from her crew in the chaos, armed with nothing more than her cell phone, Bradley captured some of the most indelible images we have that day. And that’s the thing about Bradley. For her, it’s always personal.”


CORY: “I was there for you, remember? I need you to return the favor.”



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I am so, so sick of hearing about how Bradley has this extraordinary ability to speak to conservative Americans.

She's a major face of #MeToo, and her first day on the air she announced that she had an abortion. And despite this talk of her being a libertarian, we've never heard her say anything that seemed more libertarian than liberal. There is no way that Trump supporters would be enamored with her just because she's from West Virginia. If anything, she'd be hated by them.

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1 hour ago, TV Diva Queen said:

I'm wondering if the lack of comments here is because no one can access the app.  Took me days and a million tries to get it going on my firestick.  Finally got in last night.  


Some wait until a bunch of episodes drop and then binge….

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On 9/18/2023 at 11:42 AM, TV Diva Queen said:

still doesn't explain why I couldn't get in until Sunday....its not bingable right now 

We were locked out for a few days too. I almost cancelled Apple in frustration. Then one day it was back. I suspect our fairly old FireStick was the problem and Apple must have fixed whatever the glitch was. We're back, baby!

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On 9/20/2023 at 7:28 AM, BetyBee said:

We were locked out for a few days too. I almost cancelled Apple in frustration. Then one day it was back. I suspect our fairly old FireStick was the problem and Apple must have fixed whatever the glitch was. We're back, baby!

I have a Roku from 2020, and I’ve had problems with Apple TV on there. I can watch things on my iPad, and my phone, but most things won’t load on the Roku.  

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I didn't like the first episode at all. It was preachy and condescending. It was difficult for me to get through. I enjoyed this show when it was more a behind the scenes look at putting on a morning show. I don't need their political agenda shoved down my throat. I won't watch the rest. Too bad because I renewed my Apple subscription just for this show. 

Something looked off with Jennifer Aniston's face in close-up. It looks like either too much filler or the filler has moved around. It looks a little puffy under her eyes. I thought Reese looked better. I see signs of Botox but at least she's stayed away from filler. 

I thought Jon Hamm was based on Elon Musk, but I guess it could be Bezos. 

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