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S04.E16: After The Altar:Settling Scores

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The contestants face off in a flag football game that offers chaos and catharsis, while a party prompts apologies and incendiary new accusations.

Airs on Netflix: 09/01/2023

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I loved the flag football game. I thought it was going to be a set up for drama, but it absolutely wasn't. People were friendly and nice to one another. 

I knew Kwame was a good athlete, but Marshall surprised me with his accurate arm. The game wasn't background for me. I was actually watching the action. I love that Brett made himself the quarterback and had never thrown a football. 

The after party, however... I'm glad Jackie and Marshall had a chance to talk. It felt like closure. 

I didn't know about the Monica-Josh engagement. Josh is usually an idiot, but he was right that Monica was clout-chasing. Their engagement was not aired during the season, so why did Monica feel the need to post a summary of their relationship? According to Josh, it was clear early on that they weren't a good fit, and he still had feelings for Jackie, so he and Monica had a clean break. She didn't need to post anything.

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I enjoyed the 3 episodes.  At times they were background for me.  It was still interesting to catch up with them. 

Why did we have to have Shelby on this?  

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17 hours ago, topanga said:

I didn't know about the Monica-Josh engagement. Josh is usually an idiot, but he was right that Monica was clout-chasing. Their engagement was not aired during the season, so why did Monica feel the need to post a summary of their relationship?.

The bold part is why she posted.  She had a major event in her life, and no one knew about it.  Apparently she made one or two posts and other blogs caught them and made it a big deal (because Josh is an a-hole).  Throughout the 3-parter. Josh came across as totally insincere about anything and seems to be the one that's a "clout chaser".  I hope that the final scene meant that Jackie is seeing the light and will chose Monica over the guy who mocks his fiance's size and throws food at his girlfriend.

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2 hours ago, JH Lipton said:

The bold part is why she posted.  She had a major event in her life, and no one knew about it.

Yeah, I agree.  She went on a show and got engaged.  She has every right to post about it.  Josh is acting like the fact that he got together with Jackie is the only reason Monica shared her story.  However, that ignores the precedent of other former contestants sharing their engagements even though the show chose not to follow the couple.   

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Could’ve done without Shelby.  Don’t know why she was part of the flag football team.  She doesn’t go here.

Looks like Micah and Paul will be ready for the next season of You, Me and My Ex if Paul’s mom keeps telling Micah all his business.

Jackie’s still ratchet but glad there was closure with Marshall.  Also Monica can’t control what bloggers do.  I didn’t follow any of their drama but she seemed sincere.

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While Paul's mom annoyed me with her acting as though she & Micah are BFF's, that Micah is her "mini-me", I want to know why Paul keeps Micah on this string.

He broke up.  At the altar.  

I'm no Micah fan, but why does he keep stringing her along?  He's met someone new.  He even said to Micah, after she told him that she needed to protect her heart and break off the conversations, that he still thinks they'll still talk.

Is this new person he's dating aware that he's moving to San Diego?  Lots of unanswered questions.

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NGL, the game looked fun.  And yeah I knew the Golden Gobs were gonna lose just looking at them, LOL.  I think Tiffany was their only ringer. 

I am glad Marshall and Jackie talked.  That is the most functional they've ever been -- and that includes their time in the Pods.

Damn, that charcuterie looked good.  Now I'm hungry.

Also, the Marshall facial expression challenge was pretty funny.

Josh and Jackie deserve each other.  They are such drama magnets.  And snowflakes.  If Marshall can be in the room with the two of them who actually were messy about they way they went about their relationship, why can't Josh be in the room with Monica.  And then to be mad at Monica because of how people in the internet re-told her story is ridiculous.  Especially since Jackie was actually throwing all sorts of shade and homophobic innuendo about Marshall on the internet after their breakup.  And to accuse Monica of clout chasing... child please, what kinda clout they got? Tiff and Brett at the Alpha dogs in this crew.

"He's a six-year old!" Monica was spitting facts!  And I love how Monica made it clear, not only did she let Jackie know before she posted that she was gonna post but actually sent the post to Jackie two days before she published it.

It actually just crystalizes how triflin Jackie and Josh are.  Jackie is willing to throw away a good girlfriend relationship because she is  has to  'ride for her man' no matter if he is dead wrong.  That is not relationship goals.  That is tomfoolery.   You ride for him on the important stuff and when you need to take his back on the righteous stuff, you call him on his bullshit when he is wrong and make him get it right. 

And you know they were really dancing to Cuff It at the end there, but had to use the generic LIB song over it instead.

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On 9/2/2023 at 6:08 PM, LakeGal said:

Shelby is Micah's annoying friend.

Then I concur completely. She doesn't even go here!

It seems the show was trying to rope anyone in who had anything remotely to do with this season. 

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Shelby is here because she was Micah's negative Nelly friend, the one who "warned" her that this relationship with Paul wouldn't last.

So, production thought it would be so cute to bring Shelby around to hopefully stir up some drama.  Make Micah cry, make Paul squirm.

So, since Shelby was obviously silent, she wasn't shown much.  But I'd bet that there was a production assistant assigned to be at her side 100% while filming to call camera crews over the second she said anything.

Shelby may have read a few of the millions of negative comments about her.  So she stayed quiet.

It's all my theory, anyway....

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Agree about the snooze fest.  I was excited to see eps 14, 15 and 16 come available.   Unfortunately I FFd through most of it.  I wanted updates on how the singles and couples were doing.  Instead I got bored to death about throwing out a baseball pitch, Paul’s mom being embarrassingly immature, Irina desperately trying to get camera time while looking as large and bloated as Shelby, and Micah being super fake while making the apology rounds.  The only thing remotely interesting was Jackie being her awful self while her BF of an entire year left her alone on a dark sidewalk so he could go inside and be a little dramatic bitch in an effort to get more TV time.  Josh and Jackie are so pathetic and awful I’m glad they are together because no one else should be subjected to having to date them.

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