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  1. The Law of the Conservation of Characters
  2. Except for Emily who seems stuck with Luke's selfish ass. I'd much rather she'd told him that, while she was going solo for a while, Juaquin was her soulmate.
  3. I'm glad that there's a show where two men can love each other as much as Buck and Eddie do, without it being sexual. I like TK & Carlos on Lone Star, but this pair has a different dynamic. There was a "mini-PSA" at the end that said where to get help for PPD. I'm another one who's ticked off with shows killing off characters willy-nilly (I grant an exception to Lone Star, but the actor was leaving the show). Give me suspense but don't kill a character to show how "tough" you are.
  4. I'm glad that they didn't get into what "certain people" call "late term abortions" -- Lea's case is exactly what's being discussed there. I really don't want to get into discussions on any aspect of abortion, and mentioning that would have caused sparks on and off the show.
  5. So that's what made the fire spread!
  6. It's easier than that. "OK, Zhilan, here's the dagger.." "HEY, SECURITY, SHE'S TRYING TO STEAL A DAGGER!!!!"
  7. Even if we assume that the arsonist disabled all the smoke detectors, including battery-powered ones which are not easy to disable without messing them up, there's still no reason (other than PLOTTTT!!!) why TK wouldn't insist on having a second fire extinguisher. The last half was as stupid as the first half.
  8. At least for grocery and drug stores, they show an outline of the building but not any interior detail. So you're right -- you'd have to know the layout of the building to determine where they were.
  9. Depending on the app, yes, you can get to that level of closeness I've used mapping apps to find my wife in grocery stores.
  10. How much better ti start with "I've gotten a divorce"? That puts the marriage squarely in the past, but provides a springboard for explaining the situation. Which you do by working backwards -- "he needed my insurance..."
  11. One of the issues I have with both 911 shows is that there's rarely follow-up on the case(s) of the week. It makes sense, since the follow-up almost certainly wouldn't involve the cast, but it still bugs a bit. At least in this case, McKenna would be put on suicide watch at the hospital, giving her friends time to console her.
  12. This is an example of [our group] does all the functions of [larger group]. You see this with the CSI and SWAT groups interrogating suspects, and the like. It's equivalent to [our group] is always first on the scene.
  13. Especially with the right diet. I'm watching my potassium and phosphorous and loading upon antioxidants ( tonight's dinner was salmon for Omdega-3 with lemon and garlic). Good thing I like berries, too.
  14. They are fun again. I skipped all the Constantine in Hell, whiny little bastard crap. Now he's an equal to everyone else on the team, and he has his soul back (thanks, Spike!), he's much more tolerable. I don't even mind that Gary was an alien (because of course he was -- this show has never needed stuff like the Crisis to make stuff up). That just adds to the crazy that was LoT's trademark until Mr Angst joined the crew.
  15. I think he said his step-dad had stage 3 kidney disease. I have Stage 4, which is "watch your diet and come in for check-ups". My father-in-law has Stage 5 -- he needs dialysis, but it's done in-home in 2 4 hour batches (one while he sleeps)/ No one with Stage 3 needs $10,000 much less $100,000. I hated Courtney -- the epitome of misogynoir -- before the sob story. Making a fairly easily treated disease sound like a death sentence just made me hate him more.
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