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S02.E06: Danner's Fire

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1 hour ago, AheadofStraight said:

Oh lawd that sex scene. I was alternating between 🤣and 🤮! I'll never see a bagel the same way again.

The whole episode was just peak cringe 😬 🫣😂

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I was wondering how Danner's episode would be different than last seasons, then as soon as we met sexy mysterious Michael Ealy, I knew that we were in one of those sexy cop thrillers where the main cop ends up banging the killer, which is a weirdly specific genre but I recognized it right away. 

That sex scene was so gross that I actually started to feel sick. No bagel should have to do anything like that!

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This episode was so damn stupid that I kept having to pause it because I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! 

But loved me all the shirtless, sexy Michael Ealy. I was just commenting to myself yesterday, after watching Fatale, that he doesn't mind doing the silly roles in addition to the serious ones. Case in point!

I don't remember anything else from this episode......😂

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On 8/9/2023 at 4:01 PM, AheadofStraight said:

Oh lawd that sex scene. I was alternating between 🤣and 🤮! I'll never see a bagel the same way again.

I was all 🤣. Really wasn't into the episode until that point, but that sold me.

I get the desire to flesh out Danner, but on the other hand, I want to get to the murder and see that from more perspectives. So until this got really bizarre and fun I was just kind of annoyed.

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2 hours ago, Boothbay said:

Why was Zoe hiding the teapot? I was confused about that. 

I think she suspects Grace might actually have killed Edgar with trumpet tea, in a teapot with one of her cosies, and is trying to protect her. 

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On 8/10/2023 at 5:59 AM, peachmangosteen said:

Yea, this wasn't the episode for me. I honestly hated it.

Agreed. As much as I love Michael Ealy and Tiffany Haddish, I absolutely hated this. I fast-forwarded through most of Danner’s story to get to the “meanwhile, Zoë is engaging in shenanigans” bits. This episode seemed like a complete waste of time.

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