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  1. What money though? Lady Whistledown's newsletter just shows up at people's doors. There is no implication that any of the characters love it so much that they have taken out a paid subscription to this newsletter that comes out whenever Pen has gossip to share, rather then weekly/monthly/etc. And I very much doubt that Pen has the time or ability to traipse around London drumming up enough advertisers to make her freesheet newsletter profitable. If anything it would be costing her a fortune.
  2. AllyB

    S04.E05: Fagan

    100%. I don't know what the real Fagan's story was. But what we were shown here was a very clearly abusive man continuing a campaign of abuse against his ex wife. What's scariest to me is that I don't think the writers, producers, actors, etc actually know that that's what they were portraying.
  3. Was the plane crash we see in Cassie's flashbacks fictional? I've googled Cheryl McAdams and Flight 7997. But only get references to this series.
  4. I like Zosia Mamet generally, but I agree she's miscast here. This kind of tough, career lawyer working for dodgy people just isn't her.
  5. Remember, they are ducks. They hatch from eggs. Della and the triplets never actually met until she returned from the moon, because she left before they hatched. If Pepper is Webby's mother, they probably never met before either. Pepper is definitely related to Webby and is a big sister or aunt if not her mother. Apart from having the same enthusiastic personalities, their eyes/eyelashes are animated in the exact same way.
  6. Ireland wasn't a 'depressed' place, it was an abused colony undergoing repeated near genocides of it's native peoples, most especially in the 1840s. A country that struggled hard in it's early decades of independence until it reaped the benefits of joining what has become the world's most powerful trading bloc. Ireland isn't a static, mythic place. Ireland is a growing, evolving country like everywhere else in the world. Now, in 2020, it is one where families like the Conners live wealthier, more comfortable and more easily upwardly mobile lives with more leisure time, near constant access to free/highly subsidised higher education and earlier retirement than they do in the US. The unwillingness to recognise that the "old country" wasn't preserved in amber the day your great, great grandparents left it, is undoubtedly a pretty big part of why life for people like the Conners is how it is. And it's deeply insulting to the real people who live in those real, not mythic, countries.
  7. I'm quoting the review on the main page here. What the hell kind of ignorant comment is this both within the show and the review? Ireland is a first world extremely wealthy European nation with one of the world's highest living standards (3rd, according to the most recent UN data). It's highly, highly socialised and as a constitutional republic with proportional representation at all forms of government one of the world's best democracies. (One of only 22 Full Democracies on the planet which the USA is not.) One of the very, very first things that the Irish government did at the start of the pandemic was to set up a generous pandemic unemployment payment and a variety of assistances to small businesses to cover losses due to lockdown and venue capacity limits. As well as make evictions from either owned or rented homes illegal. A household with 4 adults and 3 kids would have been had a state income equivalent of over US$1750 a week during lockdown and then various supports as businesses reopened. It's also a country where my experience of long Covid meant I needed numerous phone and in person doctor and hospital examinations, lung x-rays, EKGs, bloodtests and a variety of medications. And my only worries needed to be about my health, as all that care cost me less than the equivalent of US$10 of money that the government gave me in the first place. Darlene and Becky should be so lucky as to be immigrating to Ireland, (especially when university education for children of low income families costs nada) though they probably wouldn't actually get resident visas.
  8. 100%. The minute Beth-Ann told April about how she loved the piano but Rob told her she wasn't good enough it was obvious exactly what he is at. I wouldn't even be surprised if her attempts at spicing things up in the shower were actually fine but he preferred to act like it was all wrong rather than let her feel any sort of confidence or power. He probably didn't mean to hurt himself but he wasn't willing to let her take that kind of initiative.
  9. Starlight converts electricity to light. If there is no electrical energy near her, her powers don't work. The test subject who blasted them shorted out the electricity in their immediate surrounds (and possibly any she stores internally) so she had no access to electrical energy to convert to light. Once she was in the vicinity of the car she stopped, she could use it's battery to power her up. I strongly suspect it's a demonstration of how her power works now, so that in one of the latter episodes of the season/big finale battle she will be up against Stormfront. Stormfront has been shown to have a similar power level to Homelander and thinks Starlight's light up power is "cute." But while Starlight on her own isn't a powerhouse like Stormfront, Stormfront's powers are a massive liability against a supe who channels electricity. If Stormfront attacks Starlight, Starlight will channel multiples of that power back at her.
  10. I'm not sure if the show is going to get this deep into an issue like rape. But that would be a really, really common situation. There are so, so many cases where a man rapes a woman but is actually so utterly ignorant about what consent actually is that he doesn't realise what he has done. (I remember this being a storyline on Felicity in the 90s.) In many countries the law even frames rape by intent rather than consequence. So if the man didn't set out to be a rapist, it doesn't actually matter if the woman consented or not. The man just has to convince the jury he assumed he had consent and he can't be convicted. With Homelander being who he is, this would be especially true. He would assume he had Becca's consent, because why wouldn't he, everyone loves him and he can do whatever the hell he likes. While Becca in no way whatsoever consented to him.
  11. See this is where the final reveal actually worked better for me. Identical twins, like Deb and Dana, and fraternal twins are completely different things. Fraternal twins run in families due to a hyper-ovulation gene. Identical twins are a seemingly random occurrence with no apparent inherited link. So while it's not impossible for a family to have both kinds of twins, it would be extremely rare. (Unless someone from a family with identical twins has fertility treatment, increasing the odds of having fraternal twins.) So the last reveal makes so much more sense than the family circumstances would have as they initially appeared.
  12. 11.22.63 was also adapted by Hulu as a mini series starring James Franco. I think 5 has said a few times that Diego's attempts to save Kennedy are very likely what causes the apocalypse. And they all worked out that with the exception of Vanya they are all involved in some way with Kennedy's visit/assassination. Vanya said that as a nanny on a farm she's the only one who isn't involved. (So obviously it's something she's doing that will bring about the end of the world.)
  13. Surely Five saw Ben on the rooftop in the first episode of this season, though. He seemed to take note of each of the siblings battling the Russians and we got several seconds of Ben using his demon tentacle powers which I assumed was us watching from 5's pov.
  14. The thing is though, in this episode she asked for maintenance of $25k a month for 10 years. $3m over a decade, then done. He awarded her $16k a month for as long as they both lived and she remained unmarried. That would be close to twice the amount if Dan was still alive. So while it seemed like she got shafted, she didn't really. (At least in the tv show, I don't know how that matches real life.) I think the bigger issue was that Dan could keep on appealing it, and appealing it. If she'd just been awarded a big lump sum and very minimal maintenance it would have been to both of their benefits. The thing I really, really don't understand is why Dan wanted to shaft her out of the family home. Why convince her to move and then take the family home out from under her and then sell it anyway?
  15. Yeah in a very early episode the Simpsons go for sushi and Homer eats a possibly poisonous fish and told he may only have 24 hours to live. The rest of the episode is him living his bucket list.
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