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  1. I have no idea if that actually happened in real life. But if it did, that in and of itself was such an abuse of power. He was forcing a member of staff to lie in a matter that was about to become one of the biggest stories in the world. It was horrific.
  2. My ex husband went off the deep end when he learned our baby would be a boy. He kept going on about how he could parent a girl but would fuck up a boy and used it as an excuse to relapse into his addictions. It took me 9 years to figure out why it really bothered him so much.* He's a massive misogynist and on some level considered a girl to be controllable and someone who really only exists to bolster men. Whereas boys are real people who don't exist to support him and he didn't want to have to parent someone he couldn't control. I think some of that is true of Joe too. Women exist to be perfe
  3. Joe is also a skilled book restorer. He undoubtedly has expertise that many library workers don't. (Not that I want to be speaking well of a serial killer, or anything.)
  4. I couldn't help but wonder though out this episode if Monica's life would actually have been a hell of a lot better in the long run if she had just cooperated. I suspect the whole media affair would have been significantly less prolonged if she had. That while she would still have been at the centre of a massive media storm, I think it would have been shorter and her part as the major player at front and centre of everything would have been. I think that she would have been less the butt of a years long series of smutty jokes. The whole thing would have been so much less salacious. Even if Cli
  5. Is it weird that my absolute favourite part of the episode where Ted apologised to the team for not letting them know what he was going through. And it segued into a discussion on the merits of actual newspapers v reading it on your phone because of how you can save the comics. And Ted made what he thought was the killer argument about pinning cut out comics on your fridge. And Danny just thoughtfully says, 'I have a tv screen on my fridge.' And the whole team is so enthusiastic about it.
  6. The best thing about this episode was the Radiohead and I thought that was more effective at the end of the last episode of Ted Lasso. (Pretty funny that this 24 year old song would feature on two tv shows in the same week.)
  7. I agree. I sympathise with Monica in the situation because she was a very young woman being used by an extremely experienced and powerful man. However, in this depiction, she is essentially using Linda, or at least she would be if Linda wasn't using her in a far, far worse way. In Linda she has found someone that she can just talk and talk at and she doesn't actually seem to care about Linda at all. Obviously this is television, she could have been a good friend to Linda in real life. What really got to me in this episode was how she continued to badger Linda into committing perjury and acted
  8. I totally get that. Though I think she, as we see her portrayed here, enjoyed the celebrity aspect of her work. Going from the luxurious office and getting to boss around underlings, to being stuck sharing a cubicle in spartan surrounds would have been tough to take on a day to day basis. However, important new job title. Working at the headquarters of the DoD, a building so important a symbol of American power it would be targeted in the 9/11 attacks just a few years later. When it comes to telling people about your new role, you get to give a mysterious smile and say you really can't talk ab
  9. And in your same experience at work, was it that the incompetent new boss, immediately started work, befriended you, immediately recognised that you were being bullied and took steps to ensure that stopped in a way that actually led to unity in the workplace. Did the 'break at work' happen through luck or because that incompetent boss recognised your talent in spite of your low position, repeatedly took your advice and gave you the opportunities to exercise your talent, then went to his boss and ensured you got a once in a lifetime, never would have happened otherwise promotion? Does that inco
  10. I felt this about both Linda and Monica with the job entitlement. They both bitched so, so much about working at the Pentagon. Ok, so I'm not American so maybe there is some major nuance that I'm missing, but working at the Pentagon seems really impressive to me. If I met two people and one worked at the White House and the other at the Pentagon, I'd honestly be equally impressed. In fact depending on what their jobs were, I could be much more impressed by the person who works in the Pentagon. And considering that Linda was in a secretarial type of role in the White House and received a $20k/p
  11. The thing is, if it was real life, would it matter? Simone Biles, probably the best in the world at what she does, had a mental health crisis in Tokyo. The stress of the dealing with the abuse from Nasser, the responsibility she felt to push on as an athlete and to hold him to account. The stress of being a world class athlete in the world's biggest competition that people in the host country didn't want to happen because of rising Covid cases. All resulted in her developing a physical condition that made it unsafe for her to compete in what is essentially an extreme sport. And she is still be
  12. I don't think Roy is so much upset at Jamie telling Keeley he loves her. But that Keeley waited so long to tell him. If Keeley had told him after they left the funeral or at least the next morning, he wouldn't have felt threatened by it. The worst he'd have felt was annoyed with Jamie but secure in that it didn't matter to Keeley. The fact that Keeley didn't tell him straight away is what makes it threatening because it signifies that it could have meant something to Keeley in terms of how she feels about Jamie. I also think what Rebecca has just done to Sam is awful. She basically asked hi
  13. I have a lot of the same problems that other posters have with the premise. But my main one is that between the comic debut and the tv show debut, science moved on. 2 years after the comic started, scientists successfully created mammals with genetic material from two females. In the intervening 17 years, this has not only been replicated repeatedly, but we've learned that those babies (all female obviously) have a lifespan about 30% longer than others of their species and can successfully reproduce as adults. And while in the real world, it's going to be a long, long time before we cr
  14. Did anyone else, when seeing Isikof ask Lucianne since when she'd been a spy at the 'safe house' think, "So that's what Claudia did after the Cold War!"
  15. When did Oliver get to text 78 messages to Charles? And why would Tim's password be Theo? Do people really use significant words and dates as their passwords in real life or is that just a tv thing? I've always only used random words and numbers and even then I'll spell the words phonetically with some 1337 mixed through it. I'm aware that nothing is ever completely secure but nobody would ever be able to crack my password just by guessing. But for 30 years now, I've been watching tv characters guess people's passwords as they just use the usual spelling of a significant word or a significant
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