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    I'm about the same age as Sheila/Rose Byrne, I've almost always been happy/content with how I look. But have been experiencing a really sudden shock of ageing over the last year. I've suddenly become hyper aware of the deepening facial lines and the beginnings of sagging cheeks. To be completely honest, I don't like it. I mentioned to a friend recently that part of me almost wishes that the ageing could just be done, that I could look old and have that be that. Because the thoughts of this slow, drip, drip of my features changing over the next couple of decades is going to require me to find a
  2. They aren't meant to be well off by the Garden Club standards. The Garden Club ladies are seriously rich. Bert and Alma are middle class and their house, as in the property reflects that. It's a reasonably large house on a generous plot of land in a nice neighbourhood. But the house is really grotty inside in comparison to their nextdoor neighbour's. I suspect that part of the reason for that is Bertram. I got really manipulative vibes from him in this episode. The whole implication from him was that Alma doesn't love him and Dee if she wants more than just being a frumpy housewife. His on goi
  3. Why is Alma's house so dowdy and her life so downtrodden? Bertram is a vet, he would be earning enough for the family to have nice things and almost certainly a pay for some form of household help for Alma. If not a fulltime housekeeper, they would certainly have a woman who comes to the house a few days a week to help Alma with or even do the bigger cleaning jobs. They aren't rich society people but they lived at a time where the family of a vet could have an extremely comfortable, frequently luxurious, life.
  4. Sending Serena a finger made so little sense. It's not going to be read as the taunt/threat it's intended as. Fred was complicit in her finger being chopped off. Send her his, reads like a gesture of solidarity. "He took your finger, now you have his." They should have sent her an ear or some other body part.
  5. AllyB

    S01.E08: Proof

    Something is driving me absolutely crazy about both of the Turner parents. If you knew your teenage daughter had been letting herself into the home of a man that you now know is an abuser who has targeted at least one teenage girl. Wouldn't one of your absolute biggest concerns be if she had been in any way abused or groomed? Especially as she underwent a radical personality change at the same time and is being accused of being in his home while he was abusing someone. If my child was even a student in the school Martin Harris worked in, I'd be having some careful conversations to try and e
  6. In the final library scene at one point June turns to Emily and says Emily should speak, 'if she wants.' And I wanted Emily to turn to her and say, 'oh, so now you care about what I want?' Because Emily's wants were utterly irrelevant to June up until it suited her. That said I'm glad Emily was happy Irene/Iris was dead. Her suicide felt manipulative to me, an attempt to make Emily regret not forgiving her. Because all of her language was completely centred on herself. She couldn't sleep knowing Emily was in Canada, suggesting she was fine with what she had done, it was the potential conseq
  7. I'm mainly thinking about the giant plothole that is June standing up at the hearing, which all the Gilead commanders will be keeping a close eye on, and openly stating that Lawrence disobeyed the laws of Gilead. Sure he's the commander that gets to sit in the middle of the table now but the other commanders, who will resent that as he got there by blackmail, now have grounds to have him right up on the wall.
  8. She already did that with Nick at the beginning of Season 2. When she first escaped Gilead and went into hiding in the newspaper offices. She caught him by the hair and made him submit to her. He totally went along with it though and fully understood why she was acting as she was. (I haven't seen this episode, so don't know how Luke is portrayed here.)
  9. Oona was a massive hypocrite anyway. She encouraged Moira to come with her on her aid missions knowing Moira would have to travel under falsified papers as a Canadian citizen. A seasoned aid worker knows damn well that you can't bring a wanted person from a war zone back into that war zone. To Gilead, Moira is an escaped criminal. Her presence on that mission was just as damning to the organisation as June being on the ship. But Oona did it just so she could have her girlfriend with her.
  10. Whatever about June being able to get herself out, jumping into a "pull-up" is much easier and more doable than doing it properly from a dead-hang. Though as a woman who can do a proper pull-up, I'm not sure I'd be able to jump and pull myself up following many hours of being wet, cold, hungry and exhausted, following days of torture, following recently having been shot in the abdomen. But even if she somehow summoned the power to pull herself out, the idea that June could lean in, reach one arm down and pull Janine up was superhero level stuff right there. I was actually wondering why they
  11. That second part is rooted in history. The 6th person the Soviets sent to space, and the 12th person ever, was Valentina Tereshkova in 1963. A little over 2 years after Yuri Gargarin's flight, the Soviets sent a woman. Tereshkova is to this day the only woman to have ever flown a solo flight in space. It was a massive public relations coup at home and around the world. Tereshkova toured the world and met with Queen Elizabeth in England when they were both pregnant the following year. In a similar but not quite alike nod to the Stevens' PR aspect, Tereshkova was very much encouraged to marry fe
  12. Molly and the ships were in orbit and as such in the earth's gravitational pull. I'm not quite sure how far up the ships were compared to the ISS, but the ISS is still subject to about 90% of the earth's gravity that we feel on the surface. Even if they were a good deal further away than the ISS, they would all be well within our gravity well considering that the moon is in our gravity well. Molly would continue to orbit the earth in ever decreasing circles before her body would eventually burn up on re-entry.
  13. What money though? Lady Whistledown's newsletter just shows up at people's doors. There is no implication that any of the characters love it so much that they have taken out a paid subscription to this newsletter that comes out whenever Pen has gossip to share, rather then weekly/monthly/etc. And I very much doubt that Pen has the time or ability to traipse around London drumming up enough advertisers to make her freesheet newsletter profitable. If anything it would be costing her a fortune.
  14. AllyB

    S04.E05: Fagan

    100%. I don't know what the real Fagan's story was. But what we were shown here was a very clearly abusive man continuing a campaign of abuse against his ex wife. What's scariest to me is that I don't think the writers, producers, actors, etc actually know that that's what they were portraying.
  15. Was the plane crash we see in Cassie's flashbacks fictional? I've googled Cheryl McAdams and Flight 7997. But only get references to this series.
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