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  1. Although it backfired rather spectacularly when Connie Corleone did it.
  2. A couple of us discussed this in the episode thread and I just now went back to the book to confirm what I remembered. There’s no real explanation- just that it’s practice in that locale to drive the prisoners to the courthouse and then walk them in. They expected a mob and offered him a bulletproof vest but, on the advice of his lawyer, he declined it because it would be bad optics for an innocent man. Whatever. My own opinion is that it’s a weak plot point. My experience (as a lawyer not a defendant!) is that accused in custody are driven right into a secure area in the courthouse and not paraded in the streets, as much because of the risk of escape as the prisoner’s safety. And high-profile out-of-custodies are often hustled into a back door because a mob is in no one’s interest. So, plot.
  3. i had heard at the time that Prince Philip was the best person to test because he is a female-line descendant of Queen Victoria, just like the Tsarina and (obviously) her children. As a result, they would all have the same mitochondrial DNA, which is matrilineal and is easy to test.
  4. I didn’t catch that with someone calling her Marcy, but it wouldn’t surprise me after the Sheraton close-captioning thing. It’s like the changed the names at the last minute but missed some original references.
  5. Agreed. American lawyers, is this normal? In my Canadian city, accused in custody are taken into the courthouse in a police vehicle for security reasons. Yup. I bought the book when it came out but (unusually for me and Stephen King), I’m not sure I finished it. In fact, I thought I hadn’t read it until I picked it up this weekend and found it familiar. So, the book is really fresh in my mind. A number of the names have been changed, including Marcy to Glory. Oddly, the hotel he stayed in in Cap City was a Sheraton. The show changed the name, but the close captioning still said Sheraton. Maybe Sheraton objected to the tv hotel’s being presented as kinda shabby without security cams everywhere, as opposed to the book?
  6. I came here to post the same story. You best me to it! Here’s the CBC article anyway: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/russian-spies-children-supreme-court-1.5402096
  7. Roman Catholic? Generally, only “priests in training” go to Catholic seminary, although others take theology courses and degrees and some seminary courses are taken in secular universities. “I’m a third year seminarian” would’ve implied priest in training and no Catholic - let alone a priest- would’ve had any doubt what that meant. Varies by parish, and some parishes offer both. I’m with you in preferring the booth. Some people really claim to like the face-to-face, though. For all the little things, this show doesn’t do Catholicism badly. On re-watch, I was actually quite impressed to notice that the altar in the church where David confessed was actually properly decked out for the liturgical season, with advent wreath and purple drapings. Assuming they filmed it more than three weeks ago, they had to go to some effort to do that.
  8. I heard “the Lord has come” and noticed it because I always thought it was “is”. Or maybe I can hear things others can’t because of my advanced age. Well, if he was confessing to a real priest, it was pretty weird for him to say that he was in third year seminary and then go on to explain to a real priest that that means he’s training to be a priest. That really jumped out at me - hit a discordant note, one might say.
  9. Trillian

    S03.E05: Coup

    That’s not entirely true. Philip II of Spain was King with Mary I during their marriage. Elizabeth I had no spouse. Of the 5 female rulers of England/Great Britain who were married during their reign, 2 of 5 ( the two Marys) had husbands who were called kings. If Mathilda is excluded (as she was arguably never properly recognized as queen, so recognition of the Duke of Anjou as King wouldn’t logically follow), it’s half and half each way before Elizabeth II. As a great great grandson of Queen Victoria, he had his own claim to the throne. It wouldn’t have been unreasonable or without precedent for Philip to expect to be King Consort.
  10. Newer model iPhones, at least, are designed to reveal ICE contacts without the passcode. I think most androids allow this too. My phone even allows the user to put in medical information (blood type, medications, conditions etc) on that page. A step too far, in my opinion, but I’m not forced to fill it in and I guess some people find it handy.
  11. I’m old too. I kept thinking how lovely and touching it was when Archie Bunker did it and this was ... kinda creepy.
  12. Trillian

    S03.04: Triggers

    I thought that was the protocol everywhere. It is in my Canadian city. I can think of at least one movie where it was used as a plot point. Of course, our heroine Maddie knows better than any damn life-saving protocol.
  13. From Noah’s perspective, this makes total sense. Most males would feel totally humiliated in this female environment at not being able to give their little girl whatever she desired. He would have remembered the staff as being judgmental of his fatherhood and therefore of his manhood, even if they would’ve been more reasonable in real life.
  14. It’s rather a relative term, though, is t it? I almost posted “not far, only about 25-30 minutes”. 🙂. And that’s only if they landed at Pearson. They could’ve gone to Billy Bishop (quick hop to downtown). If I were deciding where the plane landed, I’d have sent it to a military base, maybe CFB Trenton, where any danger could be contained (our intrepid heroes have never heard of the Trojan Horse, apparently). If it had to be Toronto for some unknown reason, I’d pick Downsview (former military airport, now leased by Bombardier for testing) within Toronto. That’s 10-15 minutes from Emily’s house, assuming the house is near Dufferin station where she met Sylvia. I have no idea why I’m talking about this as if it made any sense at all. They either knew there were refugees or they didn’t. If they didn’t, the first people on the plane should have been armed border guards and/other police. If they did, the first people should’ve have medical personnel accompanied by police. In fact, they shouldn’t have gotten on the plane at all, but made the occupants come out one by one with their hands up. Like so much about this show, poignant scenes only remain poignant if you don’t stop to think about how absurd they are.
  15. This article sums up so many of my own thoughts: We Just Have to Accept That The Handmaid's Tale Is a Fantasy Show Now https://io9.gizmodo.com/we-just-have-to-accept-that-the-handmaids-tale-is-a-fan-1837031128 “This is the world The Handmaid’s Tale lives in now. It’s a fantasy. Granted, it’s a fantasy that makes you feel good, like our heroes are doing something worthwhile, but it’s a fantasy nonetheless. It’s okay to enjoy the ride because it’s hopeful instead of depressing. But it does mar the series. The fear that made it so powerful and palpable is gone, replaced by James Bond in a red cloak and wings. Blessed Be the Fight, because we already know who’s going to win”
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