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  1. If the body’s found before the tattoo is lost to decomposition, and he’s identified by the tattoo, there are many sources of DNA that could make a positive identification, including surviving family members. (That’s assuming that they need the tattoo - it wouldn’t be much of a leap to inquire if the remains of a male found in a local park could be the man who disappeared nearby). Sometimes police can even locate medical samples that have not yet been destroyed. And, of course, he may have some legal trouble sometime in his past that resulted in a DNA sample taken. That’s in addition to the
  2. Sure. As long as your fiancé agrees, why not? It just might not be advantageous to her - she might do better under existing divorce law than trying to save her assets from him than the other way around.
  3. It sure looked like more than 3 months to me, unless NYC has a far more compressed autumn, Winter, Spring than I imagined. It gave off the vibe that Carrie was a prisoner, as well, trapped in the same window. Now, for a truly “very slick very technicolour montage” showing the passage of seasons, see Notting Hill. MPK may think they just came up with it, but I suspect they stole it - perhaps unconsciously - from that movie where it was done exceptionally well. I echo the sentiment on your bravery and sacrifice.
  4. Good point. There was also the piano recital, which everyone was expected to attend. I have close friends whose children I’ve known since their birth, and I’ve never once gone to any of their kids’ school events. Nor would it occur to me to subject my friends to any of my kids’ events. I’d happily help any of them to the bathroom after she had surgery, but there are some lines you just don’t cross. Oh for God’s sake, I found it awkward sharing a bed with my husband in my childhood home, let alone having sex.
  5. I don’t care about the storyline either, but for different reasons that I realized this episode. Anyone remember the fan theory about SATC that Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha didn’t exist outside Carrie’s imagination? That theory was spawned because there were virtually no scenes of those women interacting outside Carrie’s presence. Yes, people eventually were able to identify such scenes but it was also true that the original show revolved around Carrie. It was a consistent theme. AJLT is trying, not only to revolve around the 3 leads equally, but now has Dr Nya, whom no one knows or feel
  6. Yeah, partner is a modern term. The old term was “one night stand”. Some great songs written about the concept in the 70s, when it really wasn’t a big deal (God, I miss the 70s and early 80s!). Approve or not, it’s not a partnership, or even much of a relationship. He’s lucky she remembered him at all. It does on TV.
  7. Sigh. I, too, used to like these women. I might have disagreed with them, I might have made different choices, but they were fun and not too, too divorced from reality, if one could hand wave issues like money. Once, I would’ve enjoyed being part of their group. I don’t know who these harridans are. I’ll continue to watch the train wreck in a fascinated sort of way, but I can’t say I’m enjoying it.
  8. They really missed their chance. It almost fits: “For what lady, sir?””Mrs John Preston”. “Mrs Preston is in mourning, sir…”. Could’ve been epic. In fact, the whole scene could’ve been made funny. Instead, it was totally cringeworthy, as no one seemed to know what to do - I’ve seen high school students more poised at a mic. And why would these high society people invite the crassness that is Che onstage? Horrible contrivance to get Miranda and Che in the same room. ETA: seem to have posted at the same time about the same thing as @Lethallyfab. Oops - sorry - I swear I wasn’t
  9. Considering that “he’s just not that into you” - phrase and the delightful book - was inspired, not only by SATC, but by a Miranda plot line, they’ve really missed the mark there. Another way they’ve rewritten Miranda from the original recipe.
  10. That bothered me too. I hope they don’t go down the road of Deja pregnant, although it would be more plausible than the usual TV trope of the medical doctor who not only doesn’t think to use contraception but then doesn’t figure out she’s pregnant until she starts fainting or throwing up (I’m looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy, among others). Add me to the chorus that doesn’t like the Deja/Malik storyline and who is disturbed by young he looks. The fact that the actress who plays Deja has matured into a rather beautiful young woman, as opposed to girl, makes it more uncomfortable. I f
  11. I was pretty shocked that, city councillor or not, he was allowed to talk to him. Even worse if the court officer knew he was the alleged victim. The usual arrangement in the courthouses where I work is a separate entrance from the cells into the courtroom. If an in-custody accused does have to be led through the public halls, they are never allowed to talk to anyone - for safety, security and the preservation of testimony. I know it’s not a legal drama but a little plausibility wouldn’t hurt. The dog part was, on the other hand, very realistic. So many accused express concern for who w
  12. Maybe it’s because I watched on a small screen, but, when I saw Carrie with that ridiculous hopped skirt sari and hairpiece, I thought she was channeling Scarlett O’Ohara in the “I saw it in the window and couldn’t resist” (TM Carol Burnett) scene.
  13. It’s a huge - and very controversial - issue. Some people believe the child’s decision should be respected and protected against parents who may feel differently. Others believe that children are not mature enough to make that decision and that parents need to be informed and even empowered to contravene the decision. Some say that keeping it from the parents is legal and necessary; some say that that constitutes child abuse. Either way, I’m sorry the show went that way. It’s too big for a B or C plot and has no room, in my very humble opinion, in what’s supposed to be light comedy or
  14. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but when Charlotte presented the spreadsheet, it appeared that it had already been discussed and decided on. Even if not, when Anthony said “I’m not changing your bedpans”, she could’ve so easily said “Absolutely not. I’m getting a nurse for that. I just want you all for company”. Instead, she says that Anthony isn’t going anywhere near her pee - but I guess that’s ok for Charlotte and Miranda. There’s nothing degrading or wrong about helping a friend in need, it’s just that Carrie wasn’t really in need of her friends when she could so easily affo
  15. How totally selfish - and very Carrie-like - to expect your friends to play nursemaid when you can afford to have someone do it for you. I get that she didn’t want to be alone, but the girls could’ve kept her company without having to take her to the bathroom. I was thinking the same. I was once referred to an absolutely gorgeous, hot, young gastroenterologist. He was a great doctor, but, yeah, I would’ve preferred talking about my, um, digestive problems with someone a little less swoon inducing.
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