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  1. Trillian

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    Six Feet Under has the corner on that market. Grey’s doesn’t come close. (Warning: GORY)
  2. Trillian

    S03.E18: Her

    In my prof’s defence, I am repeating a line I heard second-hand about 35 years ago, so the “just”might not have been in there. But I think the point is a fair one - that these are statements of facts - and the rudeness or condescension depends on the context. A PhD candidate in 8th century Germany is going to know more about 12the century France than the average undergrad - enough to cover one class anyway, and it’s fine unless she lets on to the students that she doesn’t feel qualified. And so what if the dance instructors gossip among themselves that the Sunday morning housewives aren’t serious students of dance - as long as they don’t walk into the class and treat them poorly, why does it matter what they were thinking? Its the same way I feel about Beth’s weird ass cheesecake comment. She was obviously gracious enough about it that her hostess gave her some to take home. If she and Randall hadn’t been been fighting, they might’ve giggled together about how strange it was. It would have been rude to say it or intimate it to the hostess, but (I don’t think) true statements made privately to trusted confidantes qualify as rude per se. That’s just life.
  3. Trillian

    S03.E18: Her

    I just took the comment to mean that it wasn’t a demanding class to have to take over on short notice. It reminded me of a story one of my profs told me about when she was asked, as a grad student, to fill in on short notice and lecture outside her immediate field of expertise. Her supervisor replied “don’t worry, they’re just undergrads. No matter what, you know more than they do”. Not so much an attack on undergrads as a comment on the lack of complexity of the subject matter.
  4. Trillian

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    Totally off topic, but no. The wife of the King is the Queen, certainly in the British Monarchy (and most, if not all, other monarchies), and regardless of royal blood. Henry VIII had six queens and only two were royal by birth (Katherine of Aragon & Anne of Cleves). Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was a commoner by birth (like Diana Spencer, the daughter of an earl) but was queen by virtue of her marriage to George VI. Prince Philip is of royal blood (he is a prince of Greece) but the Queen’s sovereignty doesn’t automatically elevate her husband as does a man’s sovereignty because ... sexism. Princess Grace’s husband was Prince of Monaco because Monaco is a principality and not a kingdom, so it would be odd indeed if she got a higher title than he. But you are correct that there is a difference between a Queen Regnant (e.g. QEII) and a Queen Consort (the Queen Mother). Even then, though, it is not unknown for Queens Consort to seize their husband’s power to rule in their own right. Long live Queen (consort) Carol.
  5. Trillian

    These Are the Previews and Sneak Peeks

    Great theory, but why Beth would bring Pin the Tail on the Donkey to the disconnecting is kinda unsettling. Maybe The Great Jack was playing the game when his own mother died and so all Pearsons must recreate that magic moment for all time?
  6. Trillian

    S03.E17: R&B

    Re: Beth’s ordering Randall to go sleep in his office, my spin is a bit different than some of the ideas floated here. I “heard” Beth saying “ your job is so bloody important to you? More important than I am? More important than our daughters? Fine. Go sleep at your job and see if it supports and keeps you warm. I’m not going to”. Otherwise, she could’ve done the pillows on the couch thing again. On another note, when I saw R&B at the fancy restaurant, I was thinking how Randall really should’ve checked with Kevin before picking the restaurant and deciding what to wear. Needy is not cool, Randall. He’s lucky that this was a flashback and that he and Beth are already married or else that first date would’ve been the absolute last.
  7. Trillian

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Thank you! That was how I remembered it too and I was disturbed by the allegations of Beth’s rudeness. While I don’t necessarily agree that politely asking if the hostess has a compatible phone charger is rude, I can’t see how accepting an offer of one is rude. And, in my own humble opinion, I agree. Your guest shows up late, having been caught in traffic for hours and with a dead phone, you accommodate her, get her a plate and offer her a charger if you have one handy. I agree that, if you can’t do this, don’t host . Mrs Purple Cheesecake did nothing wrong 8n this respect, and neither did Beth
  8. Trillian

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    For all its faults - and they are legion - this episode captured what a real family goes through in a crisis. The impulse to recreate the original family unit is strong. The “boys” regressing into squabbling. The exclusion of “strangers” - yes, it was cruel to blow off Meredith, but realistic. She is not one of “them” and they are circling the wagons in this crisis. Same with Pretzel Grandma: spend enough time in a waiting room and you start to think of it as yours. How dare she intrude on our agony with her happy news? Not nice, but real. Kevin’s helpless desperation to help his sister in the only way he could - offering to pay for the best obstetrician his money could buy - that was sweet and heart-breaking. I think we all want to think we’d all act perfectly in a similar situion, but the show was right that many, if not most, families wouldn’t.
  9. Trillian

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I was wondering the same thing, especially about Beth. I know that in my own family, the in-laws usually stay behind to watch the children in family crises. Did anyone ever say that Kate was at imminent risk of death? It seems to me that they were told she had gone into premature labour and was being treated to try to delay the birth. If the treatment had been more successful, what were they all going to do? Sit stinking in the waiting room for weeks, ignoring their obligations and their children? I'll give Rebecca a pass - it's her daughter - but it seems like overkill for Beth (if not Randall) to have flown across the country like this.
  10. Trillian

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Bugged me too. I wish they'd stop treating her (possibly) being a lesbian as some kind of crisis that needs to be managed.
  11. Trillian

    S01.E15: Croaklahoma

    Dear writers: if you’re going to write about Catholics, learn something about Catholicism. Since “married Catholic couple” (can’t remember their names) are supposed to be devout, they would know the following*. Catholic marriage is for life, not forever. Divorce is not a mortal sin. They would not barred from taking Communion. Only remarriage while the original spouse is still alive is a bar to Communion because the Church does not recognize the civil divorce and considers the subsequent marriage adultery. The Church does not recognize civil marriage (for Catholics) either. This couple should have been most suited to the idea of a paper civil divorce exactly because their Catholic marriage is the only one that counts in their religion and no civil divorce can touch that in any way. The Cardinal (whom they should have known to address as Your Eminence and not Hey You), was theologically correct if stupid and awkward to say it was cool. The kid with his Katherine of Aragon routine (“there is no divorce!”) deserved a smack on the head and a five minute catechism lecture and all would be well. New Amsterdam sure is a full service hospital, isn’t it? In addition to spiritual guidance, they must have a Los Vegas ward where you can get a quickie divorce by just signing some papers. I hope they also gave competent legal advice on whether the couple would face any investigation into their situation and whether they were at risk of being caught for insurance fraud. * Lest I give offence, I want to make it clear that I am merely describing - not advocating for or supporting - Catholic marriage law.
  12. Trillian

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Randall was such an ass to Beth that it has wiped everything else about this episode out of my mind. I’m sure other things happened, but I can’t even remember them. #FreeBeth
  13. Trillian

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Handmaid’s Tale filming today at Toronto City Hall. Much walking up and down the ramp. At the top is what appears to be a gallows. Will see if I can get more pics tomorrow if they’re still there
  14. Trillian

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    I continue to be creeped out by the looks of adoration young Kate showers upon her father. There’s obviously nothing wrong with loving your dad. Little Tess and Annie look at Randall with love and admiration, but they manage not to look as if they are in the throes of childhood lust. Maybe it was cute when the actress was much younger , but now that she’s pubescent, I kept thinking “ewww” through the whole scene. The glitter fight did not look like fun. Maybe that’s because, as a mom, I was painfully aware of how difficult it would be to clean up. Rebecca’s the saint here, for not totally losing it when she saw it.
  15. Trillian

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    I didn’t. I thought it was, for some inexplicable reason, Tobias Menzies dressed as an indigenous person (take a good look at the actor - there is some resemblance there!). I hate-read the books, skimming huge portions of them (while muttering under my breath “this woman is not an historian”), so it is entirely plausible in my universe that Frank would be stalking Clare in native costume. Oh crap: I hope I didn’t just give Gabaldon an idea for her next book.