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  1. When Fred kept calling Nick “son”, I was so expecting (and rather hoping that) he would reply “don’t call me son. I’m an officer and a lawyer and you’re under arrest you son of a bitch.”
  2. I can accept that the other woman have had more time, possibly/probably with proper private therapy, that they can do this, but no way is June ready for group. Especially a group run by her friend. Her trauma is still too raw for her either to get anything out of listening to others or to have anything to contribute. Even if the group had been run by a trained professional (and there’s usually nothing wrong with a trained amateur running a group, just not the best friend of the loose cannon), she shouldn’t have been allowed in yet. Whether or not the former Aunt was right about trying to
  3. I think they filmed it in the rotunda at (new) City Hall. There’s the bit where they walk towards the doors of the courtroom that strikingly resembles the elevators to the west tower. The rotunda also has the offices on the second floor looking down on it and you can see that in some angles of the courtroom. And it’s round.
  4. Lol. So true. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  5. Yeah, but Longo’s stores tend not be located in low-rent areas. I thought it was an odd choice, myself, suggesting both high-end neighbourhood and means to do regular grocery shopping at a high-end grocery store. There are a lot of cheaper places to buy chips (even the drugstores, which are plentiful).
  6. Question is, did Jack see he wasn’t supposed to tape over it and did anyway or did he just not bother to look? His refusing to apologize and insulting her show was an asshole move regardless. Not victim blaming, but Rebecca’s a novice at this VHS thing. My husband (not a Jack-style asshole) still could not be trusted not to grab the nearest tape and shove it in the VCR without noticing the “do not tape over” label and I didn’t like to knock out the tabs unless I knew I’d want to keep something forever. So I’d hide my tapes. Every once in a while I still find a VHS tape buried in the bac
  7. That was so painful to watch. Oh the humanity....!
  8. I didn’t notice any difference in colour or light between Canada and Gilead. Considering they are shot in the same cities in Southern Ontario, it would be surprising if there were. If there’s sun in a Gilead scene, that’s sun shining on a Canadian filming location. I’ll grant you the dim lighting of Fred and Serena’s luxury hotel prison cells, but that’s clearly some weird production choice. No need to label the entire country as dim.
  9. Huh? Has all that socialized medicine has made us a country of shades of black and white? Or is it that we spell colour properly with a “u”?
  10. This is Us Season 5. Wherein every single character must apologize to Randall
  11. It’s still not nearly as swanky as Serena’s prison cell.
  12. You have more faith in the writers and their ability to tell a consistent story than do I. It made for a lovely poignant scene when Luke surprised Moira, but the fact that she was surprised shows “they” didn’t ask her permission before making the match. Doesn’t mean that Emily didn’t proactively take her name off the list, but to me, it’s just as likely that the writers forgot the matching system.
  13. I wondered about that, too. Either the writers screwed up or perhaps Emily specifically asked that they not notify her wife. It’s probably the former, but I’ll believe in the latter.
  14. It was the chopsticks that got to me. I kept thinking that Gilead would never had allowed chopsticks. Sob. If a June ever tells Janine, that will be the end for me. There is absolutely no non-selfish reason to tell her about Caleb. I hope Janine goes to her grave (eventually, a long time from now. Poor thing deserves a long and happy life) believing her son is dancing in the summer rain on the California coast.
  15. While it is not my area of speciality, I know some basic Ontario family law. The focus would be less on parental rights than the best interests of the child, although paternity would at least give Fred the legal standing to try to seek custody. It’s obviously an usual, and unusually messy, situation since i) June, the undisputed mother, gave her child into Emily’s custody in order to escape an abusive home (and country) and ii) Holly/Nichole is herself a refugee. Because I’m a geek and take this show way too seriously, I asked a friend who practised Canadian refugee law about that last point.
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