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  1. He’s so brilliant in that! I just watched the clip with the sound off and just about died laughing.
  2. That part had me laughing out loud. His *face*!
  3. I would like to take a moment to appreciate Ariana’s Kristen Chenoweth impression. I wasn’t looking at the screen and didn’t realize it wasn’t Kristen.
  4. Words that need to be retired on this show: “obsessed” and “powerhouse.” Speaking of words: I couldn’t understand any of the words in Team Legend’s first matchup (Joshua vs Keilah). I have a hard time with the crooners who end up on these shows. Too often they end up coming across to me as parodies or tribute acts rather than distinct voices. It just seems like for every Tony Bennett there are a hundred Rony Rennetts, and The Voice is rife with the latter. Overall, though, I wasn’t particularly impressed with tonight’s battles. This doesn’t bode well for the lives since I usuall
  5. I wonder if the crew members behind Chopped are part of IATSE? I think the union is either on strike or headed that way.
  6. Since it was a benefit concert, I’d hazard a guess that the answer is yes. She also commemorates the bombing on the anniversaries. I don’t know a lot about her music but I have to acknowledge that she’s a talented singer (without auto-tune), and I appreciate that her comments to the singers have been pretty specific rather than “you look cute and I love that big note.”
  7. Well, that was a season that happened. I don’t think I’ll even be hate-watching next season; it has definitely become a big ol’ celebration of mediocrity and I can be more productive spending my time reading books or grooming the dog or, I don’t know, staring at a blank wall. For some reason this year’s winner just really makes me hate this show.
  8. Did anyone else find the sound mixing to be particularly egregious tonight? I could not understand a word anyone was saying especially during the chefs’ intros. Dear god, show, lose the damn music! Also: my closed-captions showed the guest judge was the “bonified” king of cmfort food.
  9. I really liked these last couple of Playing With Fire episodes with cheftestants supporting each other and acknowledging strong competition rather than bragging about themselves and knocking the competition.
  10. If Charo doesn’t make an appearance, there is no justice in the world.
  11. I had that same impression (though the article was a bit rambling).
  12. I have the last two episodes sitting unwatched on my dvr and I just haven’t been able to muster the interest to watch them. On the one hand: I got this far, why stop now, but on the other hand: it sounds like absolutely nothing of interest happened. I have books that need reading!
  13. I would watch the hell out of a show where Martha turned out to be Agatha Harkness!
  14. Thanks! Also: why didn’t I know Peter Deluise was part of the show? PENHALL!!!!
  15. Can we keep Sunny (and James!)? Please? I’ll gladly trade Geoffrey, Martha, and Alton! I loved the challenge of making dog treats, though I did cringe a lot at all that People Food being served to him: my shih tzu is pretty spoiled but his one real food luxury is a couple of tiny bites of boiled chicken breast at mealtime. Seriously tiny - not even a pinkie nail’s worth. Dogs with human names make me giggle. “Here’s Tuggy and Fido and Spot and Bradley…” The cheftestants cracked me up every time one of them referred to “the dog judge.”
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