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  1. I see that lasting until someone gets burned or stabbed. I get anxious every time they’re wandering around in there. Did anyone else laugh at Dan’s intro when he talked about specializing in fine dining that’s not fussy...after he was shown using tweezers to put food on the plate? Both of the two finalists used tweezers in their intro videos but Dan’s was funnier combined with that comment.
  2. I thought it looked like a crab! I didn’t think it was a particularly good trick either (among other things, you can totally see him holding the ink bottle in his right hand before it “magically” appears in his left).
  3. I feel like there was an entire Television Without Pity thread about straight girls with crushes on Storm when she was on RockStar.😀
  4. The band is called Pink Martini and they’re pretty fantastic. They’re not really like PMJ in that Pink Martini performs the classics with their own arrangements that still keep to the style of the originals, whereas PMJ takes modern pop songs and puts a different spin on them. Storm started singing with them when China Forbes, their main singer, had something wrong with her vocal cords (I think) and I was surprised and delighted at how well she fit in (I had only ever seen her in her more rock style on Rockstar: Supernova). I’ve been a fan of Storm’s since her Rockstar days and I’m excit
  5. She just showed up as a Mysterious Guest of the B&B, started snooping around and acting dodgy, and was finally revealed as another cousin. I don’t know if they ever said what drew her to Middleton.
  6. Whatever works! Keep practicing and you might even graduate to “Glisan” (Gleeson) and “Couch” (rhymes with pooch)! Also: now I want to try panuchos, which I had never heard of before this episode. When things start opening up a little more I have some food-related exploration to do in Portland!
  7. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I thought any kind of fireable misconduct is no big deal; I agree that it is. My concern is that people are jumping to unverified conclusions that it is sexual misconduct and like it or not, that’s going to result in a bigger stink on him than if he had embezzled, or if he had opened the restaurant during lockdown to throw a wedding reception for 100 unmasked people or something. It’s fair to pass on that he got fired for misconduct and it’s fair to speculate on the reasons because we’re people and that’s how people roll, but to say “he got fired f
  8. And only the one “ory-gone!”
  9. I’ve spent the last five minutes saying the words over and over and all I’ve gotten out of it besides still-identical sounds was mild amusement, so thanks for that! Now I think I’m gonna go lie on my cot and think about the fish I caught that one time when my friend Mary and I had a merry time thinking about the boys we were going to marry when we grew up.
  10. Wait. “Scholls” and “Shoals” are homophones to me and I’m local too. How do you pronounce them?
  11. I agree re Gabe. In the absence of direct confirmation I think it’s important not to perpetuate rumors like that when it is entirely possible that other types of misconduct could get even a star fired. Every week I go back and forth between Shota and Dawn. Dawn’s food seems amazing based on the feedback, and after those first couple of shaky weeks she has really blossomed. Shota, though: his focus and care for every plate of food is just amazing to me, and I wish I lived a little closer to Seattle (I’m 3 hours away in Vancouver WA). I don’t think Jamie will win, but dang, she has come thr
  12. I’ve only been able to find that he violated unspecified policies and rules of conduct, but haven’t seen anything that says it was specifically sexual misconduct. Has there been a more recent story that gave additional details?
  13. Y’all, I’m not gonna lie: I spent pretty much the entire elimination challenge (that ending, good god) saying “I’m not crying, you’re crying!“ to a very confused puppy. “This is like a Mexican novella” made me giggle, though. Word. I didn’t love Maria at first but she really grew on me and I’m sorry to see her go. Honestly, I probably would have been bawling over anyone’s departure on such a personal challenge. ...Does anyone else hear Padma saying “John” all the time instead of “Dawn?” Every episode I have a confused moment of wondering who the hell John is....
  14. Even though I know the audience is CGI, it still makes me very uncomfortable. My brain keeps asking why all those people are there and why they aren’t wearing masks. Also: even in the Before Times I disliked the audience reaction shots. The current situation just reinforces how fake those reactions are.
  15. They lost me at all the “merch” and “my name is tattooed on people” talk. Dude, you’re 39 years old. Pretty sure your “boy band” days are long past. That doesn’t mean stop singing; it just means maybe it’s time to find an image that doesn’t give a has-been vibe before you ever were. Hard to look at people clinging to past glory that never actually materialized. I loved the unicycle dancers - so nice to see something fresh, new, and beautifully executed. Kid dancers: yawn. They pirouette, they do crazy flexible leg things. Over and over. Yadda yadda yadda.
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