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  1. sharifa70

    S01.E13: Book 27

    That’s actually a fair point. I’m child-free and I hate the chaos of these kids. Then again, I was also raised in a household that was pretty much run by Emily Post. Address adults by titles (never by first names), never interrupt adult conversations unless someone is bleeding, don’t speak unless spoken to - the whole shebang. Don’t get me wrong: my parents are great. I just don’t have any patience for “forward” children, whether they’re on tv or on my sofa.
  2. My absolute favorite part about that arrogant “I’m Mister Seafood” a-hole chef getting chopped in the first round? Round 2 was halibut! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  3. Tiffani is the Richard Blaise of the group. She tries way too hard to be one of the cool kids and she needs to chill out a bit. Chopped 2021: Less Sobbing, More Cooking. Please! Or: Chopped 2021: Stop Saying “Ooey-Gooey.”
  4. I thought the same thing when I saw this. What exactly is an “appropriate time and place” in their minds? Because I’m pretty sure the appropriate time and place was last week when he still had a shot at people actually remembering who he is.
  5. 100% agree with the frustration about this season. I got through it pretty quickly because I fast-forwarded anything having to do with that stupid Lizzie/Ricky plot. Also fast-forwarded every scene with Charmaine because every scene with Charmaine is exactly like the one before it. She has one line over and over and it goes something like “I’m a deliberately obtuse, whiny, manipulative psycho who refuses to accept that I got dumped.”
  6. I’ve gone back and forth between liking Matt and Noel to being indifferent to Matt and Noel, but this was my first time feeling actively frustrated with them. Why, oh why does every shot of them have to be mugging? And JHC with the @#!&ing spoon! I’m surprised none of the contestants broke the damn thing in half. Laura’s signature challenge was so painful for me to watch. Dang, I don’t remember ever seeing such a disparity between one baker and the other two in the finale. Also frustrating? Prue allegedly not knowing it was going to be hot when she chose chocolate. It seems like England has had damn heat waves every damn summer for the last decade. Either move filming to spring or fall, or stop doing challenges where weather will be a factor. It’s just not fair. Props to Dave for re-doing less successful past bakes. I wouldn’t have had the nerve for that in those circumstances. It looked beautiful. Yay on the brownies! Too bad about the choux buns and babka, though. I loved the look of Peter’s showstopper. The updates at the end turned me into a blubbering mess.
  7. @lookeyloo Thanks for the laugh! She was a few years off in her assessment (their costumes should be more Downton Abbey: the WWI years and less right at 1900), but she was spot on with “They did have grass. And faces.” 😂
  8. I didn’t understand what was so “weird” about Ian’s voice. He has a rasp. A nice rasp, sure, but it’s a rasp. Absolutely nothing weird or even a little bit unusual about that. He was the right choice in that knockout. ”You Oughta Know” is never the right song choice. It’s barely even a song. I couldn’t even sit through that performance.
  9. I liked that I wasn’t rooting against anyone in the comfort food burger feud. I was kind of pulling for Mitzi just because of how she tried to encourage the others, but I wasn’t mad when she didn’t win. ...Does anyone else feel a little twitchy every time they show the judges sitting so close together, and without masks? I get that they have to, like, eat, but it makes me very uncomfortable.
  10. That poor child. I loved him during his season and wished for good things in his life.
  11. Ah, that explains it, thanks. I’m terrible about fast-forwarding anything that isn’t cooking or tasting.
  12. What was the food focus when the storm hit? I think my dvr might have missed it. The only Comfort Food episode I’ve seen so far was the bacon one.
  13. No need to feel stupid at all. I can see how it would be a pleasant distraction, and obviously a few of us are still watching, even if my own experience is completely overshadowed by frustration over what I think the show could have been.
  14. There is absolutely no excuse for giving us what - three? - full performances in an hour.
  15. He has to make it himself from scratch with your thermostat cranked up as high as it will go, or it doesn’t count.
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