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  1. I actually kind of liked some of the backstage stuff, like Fernanda giggling over having to try to stare David down just before the dessert round. I agree re the weirdness of a clambake episode in the middle of winter, but I liked the episode overall. I was rooting for both finalists and would have been happy for either winner and sad for either runner-up. I’m also a sucker for displays of good sportsmanship.
  2. Get out of my head! I've been saying the same thing since I was a kid!
  3. "God, cover your ears." (Pause) "Dammit." I snort-laughed at that; I'm glad I had finished my soda.
  4. sharifa70

    S01.E13: Book 27

    I had a really hard time getting through this episode. I made it through Creepy Virtual Girl, Creepy Psychopath Kid, Creepy Princess Girl, Creepy Exorcism Lady, Creepy Song, and Creepy Psycho Nurse, but I was pretty much undone by Creepy Pregnant Lady and Horrifying Childbirth Scene. That hit my very real phobia too hard and I pretty much couldn’t look at the tv for any of her scenes. Um....I do? I keep most of my jewelry in a drawer in the bathroom so it’s there too.
  5. She takes huge open-mouthed bites (probably to avoid messing up her lipstick) and I can’t un-see it. She should probably either try a long-wearing lipstick or just count on the crew to touch her up between tastings. Last night’s Champions episode featured yet another chef who dips his fingers in the food and then licks them. Have they never heard of spoons? That is another restaurant where I would never eat. Chris, to the chef who tried and failed to break the super-long pasta by hand so opted for the dumbest cooking method I have ever seen: “You have knives.” Hee! And: that’s what I kept saying, too!
  6. I re-watched the episode and now it looks like Jessica and Ainsley didn’t initially run to the bedroom. It looks like they were actually trying to get out (through the room with the sliding door) but Watkins caught up and actually burst ahead of them into the room, blocking their escape. I do buy that they didn’t have their cell phones: Ainsley was looking at photos, saw something she recognized, and ran looking for her own angel to compare them. I can’t explain the chest, though. Its magical appearance was just strange.
  7. I laughed way too hard at Michael accidentally conjuring the weed when Jason offered to hold it for him (before it existed). I also didn’t interpret the “other” door as encouragement to end it all. I interpreted it as more of a promise. People are encouraged to seek pleasure or just do nothing, but they’re free to go rather than being trapped.
  8. Portland really does have a vegan strip club (probably more than one), and this is one of my favorite oh-so-Portland stories ever: https://thatoregonlife.com/2014/11/portland-police-arrest-35-black-friday-vegan-strip-club-riot/ Dex’s case annoyed me, too. I loved the Ansel & Tookie scenes (though why they were covered in flour I don’t know: my baking can get messy but not like that! And why did the flour look green? Please let the Grey-as-CI plot end soon.
  9. Anyone who makes risotto or polenta should be automatically disqualified. Has anyone ever been successful with either of those? Also: “Middle Eastern and African cuisines are the two most undiscovered cuisines on earth.” Says the Chopped contestant from Miss-sippi. ...Except by the 1.6 billion people living in those two regions? That’s not even counting the people who’ve emigrated and their descendants.
  10. It was Edison who kept saying “pay-tent” in the episode, not Tesla. And yeah, it bugged me, too.
  11. I enjoyed this episode, though I had to hide my eyes for the hand-smashing. Jessica is one of my favorite characters, and I pretty much love everything she does even when it's crazy. I do wonder why she and Ainsley didn't just run out of the house, though, but it's kind of a Truth Universally Acknowledged that people being chased through the house by serial killers will run upstairs instead of outside. I was afraid that Malcolm would be forced to kill Watkins. I'm relieved the show didn't take him there.
  12. Get out of my head! I was just coming here to complain about him pumping his own gas! They've done a good job of giving the show a Portlandy feel, and then they slip up on something so major? Sigh....
  13. I thought the plan was to add a third place? Really, really good people (highest points) still go to the Good Place People with negative points still go to the Bad Place for torture? New: Medium Place (I don’t think they named it that but the idea was sparked by Eleanor’s original medium place comment) where people can have a chance to learn and improve the way Our Four did?
  14. Aside from just the general ickiness of licking your fingers while you’re cooking, she’s cooking for other people. Cooking for yourself? Lick away! Cooking for me? Keep those hands away from hair, face, mouth, anything that’s not the food. And wash them. Often.
  15. I know TPTB think a-holes make good tv, but can’t we just get some good tattooing? Please? I was begging Oliver to vote Jason. Idaho isn’t “midwest” any more than Colorado is. I loved that tattoo. Other standouts for me were Oregon and Jimmy’s MA tattoo just because I liked the historical reference with the ship. I really liked that Oklahoma one, too: glad it (and the artist) got through.
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