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S04.E08: ...set my mom up

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Unsure about her own love life, Devi focuses on  Nalini's—but it will mean befriending an enemy. Pati's birthday ends on a high note no one sees coming.

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On 6/10/2023 at 10:39 PM, memememe76 said:

I find Nalini and her boytoy so hot. And her thoughts on serialized tv is lol.


Nalini certainly gets some hot guys. Mohan was 🔥 

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I loved this episode right up until the ending. Who in their right mind would let their child ONLY apply to Ivy League schools???? That is so unbelievably stupid that it took me right out of the episode. WTF? There wasn't even a Stanford, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, or Northwestern thrown in there!

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Get it Nalini! Use those slutty curls! 

Devi has grown a lot, she's willing to put her mom before her petty teenage grudge against Margo and root for her moms happiness. She even handled Ben showing up pretty well, as weird as the situation was. 

I was wondering if Elenore was going to run into her mom as she searched for tiny parts in silly movies, she was clearly looking into her future, or at least a possible future. Somehow it feels so much for Elenore that her mom has chosen being a dead body on a procedural over being a mom. 

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6 hours ago, tennisgurl said:

feels so much for Elenore that her mom has chosen being a dead body on a procedural over being a mom.

I totally missed that symbolism. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Eleanor's mother has always been terrible. I'm glad Eleanor sees her for who she is, doesn't hold it against her (too much), and can move on.

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I loved Devi setting up her mom. She's come a long way from the one who stalked her mother and flipping out when she was on a date. She even had to suck up to Margot for it. I like that Margot changed her mind about her dad dating. 

I liked Eleanor's story line. Seeing her mother begging to be a dead body if it meant a part, she doesn't want that for herself. That's really all her mother has. She gave up a family and everything else to chase a dream. It's really sad. Eleanor has friends and family, and loves acting. I don't think she would let it come to that.  

Of course Trent got Ben high.

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