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S02.E05: Collaboration

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Designers "collab" to come up with 2 looks that mesh each other's style. 


I would have preferred the remaining pairings be random after last week's winner chose. I think the woman Deontre got paired with was probaby the most difficult to blend with, and I'm surprised the show was willing to let him go at this point. Maybe they wanted to pave the way for a Nigel win. ...Yes, I am a Competition Show Conspiracy Theorist. 😁


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Can't believe the team that went home, Jamie and the other guy whose name escapes me right now, instead of the team with the pink designs.  So sad to see both of them go.

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Really side eyeing the judging here. Good thing some of the female models are flatter chested because some of these designs barely cover them and fit terrible. Looking at Amari and Desiray. 
I was surprised by the two who were sent home. Their designs weren’t that good but at least they looked tailored well.

How many times did James say ‘pizza purse’? 

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James could have gone all the way to the finale; I would have loved to have seen his final collection, and it's so sad that he was sent home here for no good reason.   I don't agree that they HAD to do a double elimination, or that they couldn't change their minds and just eliminate the two weakest designers regardless of team.

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17 minutes ago, Glade said:

James could have gone all the way to the finale;

I read here what happened and decided to skip this episode based on what happened. I loved James. 

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This elimination is one of the reasons I hate team challenges. Either the team members are competing against each other (if only one of them goes home) and have to answer a bunch of questions about who was the weak link or you end up with an situation like this one where Megan was saved by Deontré when (in my opinion) she should have been the one to go home. Her contribution was so much worse than James and Danny's collaboration.

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This elimination really surprised me.   I would have liked to see James thru to the end.  Even if it's just based on that particular challenge and not the body of work seen, I thought the elimination was wrong. 

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I agree that Megan and Deontre should have gone home but honestly in this challenge James was definitely the weaker link but it was so obvious that Godoy also felt that way that I didn't feel bad when he was sent home.  He actually did most of the work between the two of them and he tried to dissuade James from the pizza purse, which didn't go with the aesthetic of the designs at all.  Not hating on the pizza purse - just think it was misplaced in this particular circumstance.  James was one of my favorites this season so I was sad that he was sent home but loved his positive attitude.

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