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  1. Ugh...Blake won AGAIN... tho...I do like Cam...not a country fan at all but I was rooting for Kenzie...Kelly will take care of him tho
  2. I get cliff hangers but this is stupid!! They teased us at the beginning that Elisabeth would make a choice..ugh...my pick is Lucas...I like the actor that plays nathan...alot...but the writing wants me to have E pick Lucas. We won't know till next season..SO that sucks big time. I'm almost done watching this poop show
  3. UGH!!! VICTORIA....Shut the hell UP!! Every time she is in the bottom she is a whinney BITCH...suck it up buttercup!! And why oh why are the judges up her butt!!?? Anyone else would be called out for doing the same dang thing WEEK after WEEK!!! Welcome to the real world! SERGIO....you can shut the heck up too!! Your dress sucked. I agree bout the color tho...it was boring to me. So, GO NANCY!! Ok...I need to breathe and get on with my day!! LOL!!!
  4. Ugh...Leannes (sp) kitchen was ridiculous!! that HUGE kitchen andyou take cainets OUT??? WTH????? and no BASEBOARDS???
  5. LOVED seeing Tad and Cory...I really enjoy Good Bones!!!!
  6. Geez Lousie!! Sigh....Sean Spicer was just HORRID!! I agree that he regressed. I agree with above posters that this show has always been somewhat a crap shoot on who stays and who doesnt in regards to the voting...BUT...if Sean outlasts James, Kate and Kel...Im OUT!!! they are my 3 favorites. And yes, the makeup was outstanding!!!!!!!
  7. Oh my ...Smky Mtns....I havent posted before either....I literally wanted to punch Jack as well. Im sorry but you are a sorry excuse for a deck hand. UGH...I also think Joao was just venting his frustration at the time. He and Hannah seemed to be fine afterwards. They arent "besties" by a long shot, but I think they are ok with each other...but heck! Wont be the first time I have been wrong. Ha.. I agree tho...the crap that they bought in Eze was horrid!! JMO!!!
  8. Oh my gosh!! Epi 2 with Wesley had me weepy almost from the start!! The meeting between the two men was crazy! It has been mentioned I think that the shooter didnt apologize. I dont think Wesley was there for that? I mean, he admitted if it had been the other way around he may of done the same thing!! It seems they have both bettered themselves! And HOLY CRAP!! You just cant ask for anything better! This is probably my favorite episode EVER!!! AMAZING!!! Ilove this show!!!!
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