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  1. akg

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    I was actually disappointed. When the bad guy handed Higgins the hammer, I laughed evilly and was looking forward to her using it against him. The case itself seemed like a big invasion of privacy. The fiance's inability to trust Emily or even wait until she woke up endangered her life and the lives of her mom and daughter. It never seemed to occur to him or Magnum that she had a valid reason for wanting to hide and that should be respected/protected.
  2. I'd be ok with trying a replacement to Roger (I'm enjoying the new guy and love the supporting cast) but I'd need them to find a way to keep Trish around. She's the best.
  3. akg

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    I suspect it's residual Dave from Happy Endings love but I'm really enjoying Rick.
  4. akg

    S06.E19: The Geek Interpreter

    I agree with all of this. Even if the Harlan/Lily love is true and beautiful, it was not being handled well at all. If other students and faculty are registering complaints, something is wrong. And if nothing changes (if anything, I can see Harlan getting worse trying to hide everything), the school is sending out a horrible message. I also hated how many times they had to remind us that Lily was no where near as smart as Harlan.
  5. akg

    Wynonna Earp

    I'm pretty sure Gus and Shorty owned the bar (I don't think the show ever explained). Gus gave the money from the sale to Waverly so her niece would have options and could leave Purgatory if she wanted to. Bobo bought it legally (somehow) but the city took possession after a certain amount of time without taxes being paid. I'm not sure why Nedley was involved but Doc was able to take over by paying the back taxes. (I think)
  6. akg

    Wynonna Earp

    I wonder about this every time I watch this episode. But I'm easily distracted by the rest of the episode and immediately forget.
  7. akg

    Wynonna Earp

    Something bugs me every time I re-watch the episode with the barber guy who shows up in mirrors is that Doc seems to say that he (Doc) was the one who put his body (the barber's) in the lake. It doesn't really make sense to me based on what we know of Doc (or what he told the team earlier in the episode) but it would help explain why Doc became a revenant.
  8. akg

    Wynonna Earp

    Momma Earp has been cast! (This is untrue. Megan will always be Anne Shirley)
  9. akg

    Class, Gender, Race, etc. in Commercials

    We're getting them in SW Michigan. I've been meaning to post how much I'm enjoying the diversity.
  10. akg

    Book Recommendations

    Thanks, magpye29!
  11. akg

    The Tick

    Me too. I also agree about enjoying the season. I hadn't realized it was only 6 episodes and was very disappointed when it ended. I really hope Ms. Lint sees through the Terror and is just biding her time before making a move to take over. She deserves better.
  12. akg

    Wynonna Earp

    I agree but I'm very sad Jeremy never got to meet her. He was so excited about babysitting. When Bobo mentioned Waverly being 'kin', I started wondering if one of her parents was distantly related to Robert Svane. If this is the end of the Order, I really resent the screen time they took up this season. I'm pretty sure their presence wasn't necessary and their actions could have been covered in other ways. I don't really need to see more of them though so I'd be ok if we could all forget their existence.
  13. akg

    Wynonna Earp

    Whenever the Witches have done their thing with the rings, they're shown a location. This time 'Mercedes' also got a message at the same time (I can't remember who she said) that directed her to the law. So I think the spell sent her to Nicole's which led her to believe Nicole had the seal (logical). After realizing Nicole didn't have it and being chased off, 'Mercedes' later came back and found Nedley there. Since he's also the law and was in the right place, it made sense for her to conclude he had the ring. I can't explain why Wynonna gave the ring to Nedley instead of hiding it on the homestead, however. Do we think Doc's ring was contributing to his luck in cards (and potentially other areas)? He was definitely having an off day.
  14. akg

    S03.E11: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

    I had too and was very confused about Three's nightmares/memories at the beginning. What episode introduced the ink aliens? With all of the significant looks towards Two, I was expecting someone to figure out she was a simulant.
  15. akg

    Wynonna Earp

    I've been rewatching (I can't seem to stop) and the Ghost River Triangle does include part of the 'big city' according to a season 1 episode so it's possible that part includes a university. If Rosita has never been caught by an heir (a fairly safe assumption since she doesn't act like someone who has spent a lot of time in hell), she's had plenty of time to earn those PhDs (I have no idea how she would have dealt with the paperwork, however). And, Doc and Rosita did not discuss her being a revenant when he offered her the job. Doc offered her 'protection' in exchange for her help.