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  1. Along with all of the scrap from her carving.
  2. I gave a pair of hand knit socks to my ~8-year-old nephew and he was super excited that he couldn't stay up on his parent's vinyl flooring so there are definitely sock/flooring combinations that would give kids a fun skating experience.
  3. On the show's diversity, it was really nice to see a Black puppet after so many episodes of yellow minifigs and characters.
  4. I can't remember the details from Supergirl. Was the existence of Argo common knowledge? Lois may have mentioned something about an article but that was before the possible time shifting of the twin's birth. It's possible Edge has no idea there are more Kryptonians who survived and Clark wouldn't have wanted to endanger them by sharing. I know it's probably a case of the writers not wanting to go on record so they can make changes later but I really wish tptb would clarify how this show fits into the Arrowverse and how Crisis on Infinite Earth affected things (other than adding a twin and
  5. Hopefully they hold off on the Clark = Superman reveal. Just seeing her mom married to another guy is going to be bad enough. I've apparently gotten very attached to Nat from just the flashbacks because I was very happy to see her at the end. Especially with the bonus of keeping her dad around. In addition to the Lois and Nat storylines we'll be seeing next season, I hope we get some of Nat with Jon. Jon bonded a bit with her dad over the suit and weaponry which was a Nat and John thing so they have a few things in common that could bring them together (or cause some rivalry). I'd l
  6. This is so annoying and was especially obvious in this episode.
  7. I liked her message, especially since women lifting each other up isn't something we see often in pop culture (which Andrea mentioned). Most movies or tv shows would either never have two women interacting or they'd be jealous or catty. But that's not what I experience in real life. I love the feeling when another woman compliments what I'm wearing. Or the look on her face when I saw something nice about her outfit. Without seeing the entire video, I'm not sure how well Andrea captured that but the concept worked for me.
  8. His dresses also have big/low armholes (I have no idea how to describe them) so not even a strapless bra would work.
  9. This is one of my few complaints with some of Gary's dresses (like this one). It's so pretty but finding a bra (which I'd need) to wear under it would be a challenge.
  10. Keep an eye out for coupons. Jo-ann's (at least the last time I shopped there) would take them from Hobby Lobby and Michael's as long as what you're buying is sold in the other store (so no Michael's coupons for fabric). Speaking of fabric (and back on topic), Gary could definitely have a side business in selling just fabric by the yard.
  11. It looks like caution tape! I really can't imagine anyone wearing it. Me too. I loved his prints and would be very happy with a t-shirt or two but not at those prices. Sorry, Gary. I do hope it does really well though and he gets more recognition from it. Online seems like the best way for Gary to sell. He can think out everything he wants to say in advance and shoppers can decide how much they want to dig into his process before they buy.
  12. I thought it was very telling that there was no video flashback to his win or update on what he's doing now. The show's money is definitely helpful but it doesn't guarantee success.
  13. Gary's collection Angela's collection Wow, there is absolutely nothing in Angela's collection that I would even consider buying.
  14. Colombia Angela's winning look on Amazon.
  15. The Mary Sue posted an article today, Nancy Drew and the Curse of Underrated Television which has some very nice things to say about the show.
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