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S01.E03: Track 3: Someone Saved My Life Tonight

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A newly-sober Billy tries to balance his artistic calling with his familial responsibility as the rest of the band pick up the pieces in the wake of a disastrous tour. Meanwhile Daisy finds it far more difficult to write music when there are expectations. When Billy writes a new song, Teddy realizes that a collaboration between the two songwriters might just be the answer to all of their problems.

Premiere Date: March 2, 2023    Prime Video

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I didn't read the book and this isn't the kind of show I usually watch, but something about the messy drama here is pulling me in. I'm frustrated the rest of the episodes will be released in batches, but oh well.

There are some things I wish were done differently. I love Tom Wright's Teddy Price and wish we got a better sense of why he was so invested in Billy. Similarly, I wish we got more of the dynamics between the other band members. Does anyone else know how Eddie feels about Camila, or that Graham still likes Karen? These people spend so much time together, but their interactions often don't reflect that. I also wanted to see more of Eddie trying to be the front man and the reaction when that was taken away.

But anyway, I think the leads have good chemistry and really liked that Billy's interest in Daisy only seemed to spark when he listened to how she had altered his song. I was also glad to see that Karen was supportive of--or at least open to--Daisy's involvement from the start. I'm also enjoying the songs so far. I just hope Timothy Olyphant's likable sleazebag character comes back soon.

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I loved the book and I am loving this just as much.   I think it's totally capturing the right pace and vibe.  I was glued to these first 3 episodes and loved where this one ends.  My only complaint is that Sam Claflin looks too old most of the time but I can deal with it and I was questioning the acting abilities of a few of them before watching but am pleasantly surprised to see that everyone holds their own and meets the challenge.  This is actually exceeding my expectations which is a rarity so what a treat.

15 hours ago, krankydoodle said:

Does anyone else know how Eddie feels about Camila, or that Graham still likes Karen?

That will become a bigger part of the story in due time if it sticks to the book.

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Just watched all three and I'm hooked. I haven't read the book but I requested it from the local library so I'll start it this week. I don't really care about the show/movie matching up to the book they're based off of so it'll be interesting to see how they compare just from an enjoyment standpoint.

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i wasn't quite feeling the first 2 episodes but the final 15 minutes of this is when it really clicked for me. once daisy gets to the studio, is introduced to the band and they record the song then there was an actual energy and spark that i found entirely missing for the first 2 episodes.  i hope they keep that kind of energy up. 

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I was already in because this covers a time period I find fascinating.  I haven't read the book - I am assuming I am supposed to be reminded of the likes of Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, etc.?

Billy is kind of an outlier, usually these guys don't self-destruct until they make it big. No way is he done doing drugs, it ain't that easy to quit.

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On 3/6/2023 at 5:50 PM, magdalene said:

Billy is kind of an outlier, usually these guys don't self-destruct until they make it big. No way is he done doing drugs, it ain't that easy to quit.

The ones that self-destruct before they make it never made it so you wouldn't know. Like ballplayers who never make the big leagues because they blow it in AAA. The people who tend to make it either make it really quickly in which case they haven't sunk that low yet, or they are able to control themselves at least until they're out of survival mode and everybody's handing them free drugs. 

It's easier to be a functional addict/alcoholic if you can pull it together 90 minutes a night and the rest of the day teams of people are devoted to feeding/watering you and getting you where you need to be.  

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