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S05.E13: Welcome to the Last Dance

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1 hour ago, Browncoat said:

Aww, poor Marty.  But major props to Calvin for getting his money's worth.

I’d probably have done the same. As he said, he was paying no matter what. I’ve heard of people doing exactly this in “left at the altar” situations. (And a “flight” is more than two. Every time I’ve gotten a flight if something, it’s been four.)

I am Team Return the Ring If an Engagement is Called Off. As Calvin and Gemma said, it’s a conditional gift. I’d make an exception if the recipient paid for the ring him/herself or if it’s from the recipient’s family. (In the event of divorce, the recipient can keep it unless it’s from the giver’s family - the condition of marriage has been met.)

Niecy looked gorgeous in that green. Beautiful against her skin. Was not feeling Calvin’s orange sweatsuit though.

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This episode had the funny and the pathos.  Marty is breaking my heart.  So is Malcom and he was so there for his brother, even as he was escaping.

I get the bit about how expensive Tina's dress was, and how much she wanted to wear it, and why she'd want to return it because it was not going to be a keepsake of a good memory and too expensive just to keep.  But...I'm sorry...that was just not a good dress to warrant that storyline.  Tichina Arnold is a beautiful woman, but that dress was not her dress.  It was really unflattering.  Maybe that was the joke?

The friction between Calvin and the event coordinator was classic sitcom, but well done nevertheless.

I loved the scene between Calvin and Niecey.  In another show that would be Tina or Malcolm or Dave.  But Calvin and Tina was a good pair.

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9 hours ago, HurricaneVal said:

I loved the scene between Calvin and Niecey.

I did too. That moment where he told her she’d been a part of their family and they’d miss her was beautiful.

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9 minutes ago, Harvey said:

Doesn't the bride's family pay for the wedding? Why does Calvin even have to deal with all this?

I think that’s less common now. None of the  married couples I know had their weddings fully paid for by the bride’s family (or groom’s family); they either paid for it themselves or the cost was shared among the couple and the families. Maybe Calvin offered because of his windfall (although I think he could have afforded the $10K without it - one of the things I like about the show is that the Butlers are comfortable financially).

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