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S03.E09: We're Almost Out Of Time

dubbel zout
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On 11/25/2022 at 4:14 PM, Accidental Martyr said:

You can’t take an ankle monitor off without setting off an alarm. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of the thing.

I was wondering about that. Maybe we're supposed to believe that Judy's mother, experienced criminal that she is, figured out a way to do it, but if she's that good, she would have managed to evade prison time in the first place.

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A lot of them get yanked, but at any given time the internet is filled with tutorial videos on how to beat an ankle monitor.  So I don't mind that they didn't get into how they switched Judy's to her mom, especially since her mom is a career criminal and thus likely to have digested the success rates of all those possible tricks over the years.

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On 11/28/2022 at 5:58 AM, chediavolo said:

Do people like Judy really exist?

Maybe there are some in real life, but your question made me realize that Judy fits the trope of "manic pixie dream girl" except that in this show her purpose is to open Jen's heart and give new meaning to Jen's life, instead of the usual purpose of doing that for the male lead of the story--see the first two paragraphs of this article: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ManicPixieDreamGirl 

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My emotions were all over the place in this one, even more than the first time I watched it.  When Judy doesn't get a return "I love you" from her mom ("I'm not going to be around much longer" had already stabbed me in the chest), but then does from Charlie, and finally does from her mom?  My heart can barely take it!

That moment with Charlie was hard-earned, and I spent much of the series annoyed with the little shit, but I loved him referring to her as family, helping her up, and especially telling her he loves her, too.  All that, despite the fact he thinks Judy slept with his dad and is freshly frothing over Jen's pregnancy, I think really brings home to Judy that she did get to have kids after all.  Not the way she'd planned, and not for nearly long enough, but she's a mom to these boys and they love her for it.

I need to weave "fucking dick fuck" into my vocabulary (it won't be a stretch).

I love Jen's "Oh, Judy, what did you do?" when Henry tells her she packed a suitcase, and she finds the phone and crane painting left behind.

I like that the two false confessions (Jen telling the FBI agent she had an affair with Steve and Judy doesn't know and Judy telling Nick she killed Steve and Jen doesn't know) mirror each other, and the holding room confrontation between Jen's desperate anger and Judy's rare moment of self-assertion in the face of it is fantastic.

And then, look out -- when we learn that the "just wait until after the clinical trial" deal with Nick was a ruse, that Jen had indeed listened, and finally accepted that dying on her own terms is Judy's choice to make, so they're going to Mexico instead, I burst into big, fat tears.  So much has been taken away from Judy, and her very life is about to be the final entry on that list; deciding how to spend the little time she has left is the only measure of control left to her, and Jen gives it to her (with an assist from Eleanor, who finally does something for the daughter she's failed since birth).  And I could not love the Thelma & Louise hand clasp more.

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