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S01.E02: The Boy

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2 hours ago, iMonrey said:

I didn't get the closing shot. Are we to believe all the characters are on video screens? Or was this simply meant to be some kind of artsy metaphor?

At this point, I feel like everything is possible, but I'm settling for "they're really on TV screens" for now. My initial guess was that they're all really in the institution Maura dreamed she was in and it's some sort of dreamscape experiment, but that wouldn't explain the TV screens, so I guess that's out.

Usually, I'd be extremely wary of a show with the type and amount of mystery we've seen so far, but the showrunners have a lot of my trust after they pulled off "Dark". The main problem for me so far is that I read deeper meaning into every single little thing lolol (Everytime the mystery man meets Maura outside her cabin, I'm going "oh, for sure sooner or later we're going to see a version of this scene from his perspective and we'll have massive backstory showing that she actually knows him well and doesn't remember and it'll break my heart".)

I wonder if mystery man is related to the boy, as they certainly look enough alike for that to be the case; he's probably the one who locked him in at any rate.

Not suprised the priest isn't actually a priest. More surprised he's not actually Spanish - a friend and I were joking before the reveal that "the twist is going to be he's actually a priest, but not Spanish", but it turned out both wasn't true lol. Must have been a fun early easteregg for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking watchers!

Also, it seems that the shipping company is in on whatever is happening; I wasn't expecting that!

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As soon as I saw The Boy, my mind went to Children of the Corn 😅

Felt bad for Eyk as he went back to the memories of his family. 

I can feel that I'll need to rewatch this show after I watch the whole season.

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I got bored for the first episode but this was so twisty I’m in!

daniel solace? Quite the name. He just hangs around looking menacing (seriously the actor overdoes it by half).

the kid couldn’t have been locked in long and not be starving/have soiled himself- has nobody figured that out?

also the carpeting has those little triangles and nobody’s noticed?

the tv screens add a whole new layer too!

I love that the voice Eyk hears isn’t in his head and not a general flashback but he says did you hear that?

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So the captain is tortured and both figuratively and literally haunted.

Peacoat Brooder sadly murders little girls.

Spain and Portugal are lovers, though Spain is flirting with Denmark.

And for Chrissake Maura, would you share your information?? Haunted Captain is basing his decisions partly on the mysterious letter. Even if revealing your own mysterious letter doesn't change his mind about towing the ship, at least you could work together to solve the mystery. He may be a crazy drunk but he has been open and honest! I'd trust him over the stalker in the next cabin.

I'm not entirely sure I have the patience for 8 episodes of this. Very nice production values but it's so odd and slow. It does achieve a weird and spooky atmosphere, though.

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I don't understand why they didn't search the ship in daylight. They went there during night when they barely saw anything, went back and then stayed in the same spot doing nothing for the whole day. I don't mind convoluted mysteries, but I get frustrated when people don't follow basic logic.

On 11/19/2022 at 8:53 PM, silverstream said:

At this point, I feel like everything is possible, but I'm settling for "they're really on TV screens" for now. My initial guess was that they're all really in the institution Maura dreamed she was in and it's some sort of dreamscape experiment, but that wouldn't explain the TV screens, so I guess that's out.

I thought something similar, all people seem to have similar theme of being haunted by the past and running away from it, it seems. I wonder if it might turn out that the ship is just some kind of metaphor and the are not really there, but I could be overthinking it.

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Those screens at the end were quite the ending, is this show going meta and this is actually an in-universe tv show? Or is this some kind of Gilded Age Westworld and Maura is actually a modern person who's in too deep and has forgotten what's really happening? 

I definitely suspect that the boy and the guy in the coat are the same person, I also think he might be her brother, who's appearance she has forgotten for some reason. That long pause when when he said he was her...neighbor, definitely makes me think they have some prior relationship that he knows about and she doesn't. 

Its probably not going to be a coincidence that everyone on the boat seems to be on the run, lying, are being haunted (literally and figurately) by the past. I know its so cliché that its lame, but ships taking people to the afterlife are certainly a big part of folklore, they could be pulling the old "purgatory as we head towards the next life" bit. I don't really think it will be that simple though. 

I am really into this show so far but I feel like I need to watch slowly to really digest everything and theorize. 

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Seeing the screens at the end reminded me of the Star Trek: TNG episode "Frame of Mind," where Riker is in a play, portraying a character in a mental institution, but then ends up institutionalized for real. 

Maura telling The Boy that story about her father leaving her outside alone all night as a child - to see what she's made of - what a shitty father. 

RIP, Ada. You sort of knew she wasn't long for this world, but it was still upsetting to see Franz come upon her dead body.

From the Frick & Frack Files: "What normally kills people? Other people" - too real!

Boy, Daniel sure seems pissed every time he looks at Eyk.

Tove promising to castrate Angel if he came near Krester - whew! Even though Angel doesn't speak a word of Danish, I'm sure he got hte message.

I've read some reviews of this show that criticize the needles drops at the end of the episodes, but I love them!

ETA: Those welts on Ángel's back are driving me nuts. My theory is that Ángel got caught canoodling with someone he shouldn't have been, and he was getting flogged (by priest?) because of it. Ramiro interrupted the beating, accidentally killed the priest and then they escaped. I just know that those marks are bothering me-lol

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