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S01.E04: Someone to Watch Over Me

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As Dean digs deeper into the house's history, Theodora discovers Dakota's disturbing screen name — and Ellie's secret relationship comes to light.

Original Air Date: October 13, 2022  

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Okay WHAT? That was a hell of an ending. About 15 new suspects and a million questions! I did raise an eyebrow when such big name actors were killed off so early in the series, but I figured they'd be used again in flashbacks, not like this!

I'm so scared that (I'm spoiler-tagging this only because it's something I saw that might be about the real-life story, it's not a show spoiler though):


the series will end with no answers, because I saw in passing someone who'd followed the news story that it's still unsolved. I hope the show doesn't leave it open like that! I need to know!

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4 minutes ago, Anela said:

Is the realtor jealous of her marriage, and family? What is her deal, trying to split them up?

The daughter is a real piece of work. 

I can't discern any of it other than the fact that she really wants to sell that house again!!

I'd been very sympathetic toward the daughter because her dad's so gross to her, but that was beyond. She's actually ruined her own future in many ways by destroying her dad like that, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Maniacal.

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18 hours ago, Anela said:

I wrote my post, before seeing the ending. The couple faked their own death???

This plot point just confuses me, even when it is explained. What is the connection to the rest of the events? And why aren’t people gossiping more about it? Two murdered/suicided corpses would be huge news in a community like that and the questions about how they got there would bring the talk to turbo levels. 

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This show is beyond stupid. Writers are awful. How did they rope in such a good actor line up? Only part intriguing to me is the John List part. I am guessing by that part and the letters and some other parts that this is a mash up storyline and not just the one letters true story.

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Why does anyone think Dakota is the watcher when he’s 19??? I mean he wasn’t ALIVE in 1995. It makes no sense. That video looked so doctored it actually glitched whenever it was edited. So is Theodora working for the police and the police are trying to get rid of th? 

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Every episode is worse than the previous!  I hate the John List murders were intertwined with this one especially since it happened 20+ years earlier.  The real life Watcher story is so intriguing and mysterious and had so much potential to be turned into something great.  This series on the otherhand, is 99.999999% fiction and a total dumpster fire!  Glad there is only a few eps left.

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