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S01.E09: The Bogeyman

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Glenda, the victims and their families do their best to move forward despite haunting memories, while Jeff attracts fanfare from behind bars.

Original streaming date 2022.09.21

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I will never understand why people idolize serial killers.  I am all for dark humor, but there is a limit that was well exceeded with Dahmer.  I cannot imagine the pain the families felt watching him be interviewed, knowing that their family member was dead.  

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I don't think that particularly graphic nightmare sequence was necessary. Almost like they couldn't help but dip into American Horror Story-esque scenes for just a moment. The other scenes showing people being haunted and struggling to move on felt a little more respectful while also being honest.

I find it difficult to believe everyone in the building just slept sitting up as a group in the front hallway, though. I get what they were trying to show, but it just felt like a bit of overkill. 

On 9/26/2022 at 2:17 AM, hoodooznoodooz said:

Oh, for heaven’s sake! Is that true? Police officers were harassing the Laotian family?!?!

Never proven, but apparently the police chief at the time suspected it was cops, yes. Unreal, but also too real.

On 9/26/2022 at 7:15 PM, ShadowHunter said:

While disturbing and weird I am glad they showed him getting the fan mail and love letters from people. 

I agree. And I'm glad they showed it in contrast to the suffering loved ones and survivors, just to drive home how sick that kind of fascination is. 

Grandma's dementia really did kick in at the perfect time. I wouldn't want to be coherent.

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On 9/30/2022 at 7:55 PM, kwright1972 said:

Did dahmer really get stabbed while at church in prison?

If I remember correctly, someone tried slashing his throat in church but the wound was superficial.

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After each episode I've followed up with the link someone supplied that succinctly covers what's real or not in the series, and am relieved that those policemen did not actually receive any Officer of the Year awards. I audibly gasped when it was revealed that officers were the ones making the threatening calls! The police chief said that while it was indeed done by officers (and a spouse), there was no indication that those two officers had taken part in it.

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On 9/26/2022 at 6:15 PM, ShadowHunter said:

While disturbing and weird I am glad they showed him getting the fan mail and love letters from people. 

Me too. I also have no problem with all of Jeff’s income in prison going towards the victims’ families. His basic needs are being met, if he receives fan support and 25cents an hour because he MURDERED PEOPLE, their families should receive it. I don’t care about his cigarettes and coffee. 

As far as Lionel and his story- I don’t think Lionel is doing anything morally wrong by writing his book or sharing his story. He didn’t harm anyone, but he wouldn’t have a book to write if Jeff didn’t, on a moral level and human level I get why they families would be upset and want a share of the profits. 

I also like how they showed even with Jeffrey in prison and caught, the horror for his victims’ families and the community didn’t end. 

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