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  1. Monkfish might have a funky odor. I remember an episode of Hell's Kitchen where a cheftestant threw a bunch of it in the trash thinking it was bad, Sous Chef Scott pulled it out and said, "It smells like monkfish..."
  2. Chris on the Olympian team bears a more than close resemblance to the guy who played Deacon on King of Queens.
  3. Nice romantic sunset over the water on the beach. On the East coast. Whoops!
  4. Probably out raising Hell in her Trans Am.
  5. Surprised no one has commented so far that Red was played by the actor who played Chief Jerry on another famous firefighter show, Rescue Me.
  6. WescottF1

    S03.E13: Pinned

    I thought she looked familiar and had to confirm it. Nail Gun Girl used to be on a bunch of Wendy's commercials a few years ago with her hair dyed red.
  7. I watched enough Solid Gold as a kid to recognize Dionne Warwick's voice anywhere... Mouse is definitely her.
  8. Agreed. During the clue bit they had that big syringe. Bret is a Type 1 diabetic and has to do the insulin thing on the regular.
  9. I had forgotten about that. I thought it was a nod to his working class upbringing in Mechanicsburg, PA.
  10. Having seen Poison live many times over the years, between the voice and the stage moves, I'm 99% certain Banana is Bret Michaels aka "Bandana Bert" from the TWOP Rock of Love days.
  11. From what I've seen on Reddit, Nick said the prop department made the books so they weren't real and were "food safe".
  12. Loved the voiceover as Kate and Aaron were coming up to present their cupcakes regarding how they had at least the "number two" cupcakes. The eight year old boy in me had quite a chuckle when the box was opened.
  13. Friend of mine was in LA about a month ago and had her son take a picture of her out front of the big blue building. Within seconds an armed guard came marching toward her.
  14. Rockford's got a Giordano's too. Lou's is good - gotta go in towards Chicago to find one though.
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