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S24.E31: HOH #11, Nominations #11, Power Of Veto #11

Pop Tart
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If Brittany has managed to pull off a 2-0 Taylor eviction, that would have been a pretty spectacular blindside and after failing that, she’s doing quite a good job putting the blame of the Taylor vote on Turner. 

Wow, so Machiavellian of Brittany. “Thanks for your comments!”

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25 minutes ago, Lamb18 said:

In the meantime, Brittany, at her age, should be able to own her vote.

But she’s still playing the game and is trying to get Turner out and convince Taylor and Monte to take her to F3. She doesn’t expect it from Monte but so far Taylor seems to believe her. Nvm, Taylor doesn’t care who’s lying, she just knows she can beat Brittany better in F2.

I love the math days veto and the classroom sets. Definitely an advantage for the mathematical engineer Monte.

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It wasn't even a smart move by Brittany.  Taylor was really her only allied in the house.  It just reinforced why she is so hated.  And how annoying to be stuck in that house with her.  If Alyssa had stayed, she would just have aligned with the guys and Brittany would still have been the target.

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My only solace is that the BB producers agree and gave her slithering snake sound effects every time she spoke.  Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Taylor being the Femme Fatale was hilarious.
Turner is one of the most fun and charismatic haters I've ever seen on a reality show.

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This is the part of the season where I'm tired of everyone and just want to get to the finale! lol  I guess Monte is my pick to win, but it doesn't really matter; everyone except Brittney have kind of "earned" it.

This week is going to be incredibly boring for all 4 HGs.  They already had the veto competition and now they have to wait until Thursday for the eviction.  That's 5 days of absolutely nothing going on.  I kind of see why the HGs nap so often!

My understanding is this (I could be wrong): 

Thursday: live eviction, interview with The Cookout, "beginning of the 3 part final HoH competition"

Friday: traditional drink champagne and show flashbacks of the various contestants ("losers!" tm Zingbot)

Sunday: 2 hour finale

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This is the part of the season where I'm tired of everyone and just want to get to the finale! 

Same. I missed a big chunk of this episode because of football and I didn't even care. We're just counting down the days until they hand Monte the check, so, yawn

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