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The Rookie: Feds in the Media

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‘The Rookie: Feds’: Britt Robertson Joins ABC Spinoff Series


Britt Robertson will play Laura Stensen. She is the “black sheep” of a family of brilliant academics and the youngest person ever allowed into the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit. But after discovering that her boyfriend had been cheating on her with her best friend, Laura fell into a slump – how could a criminal profiler miss that the people closest to her were liars? Given a lifeline in Garza’s new unit, Laura’s ready to throw her socially awkward, workaholic, book-smart self-back into the job, hoping to get her mojo back.

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‘The Rookie: Feds’: Kevin Zegers Joins Cast Of ABC Spinoff Series


Kevin Zegers will play Brendon Acres who is just out of Quantico. Brendon’s got a lot to prove in his first posting – not least because his background as the lead on the long-running TV series Vampire Cop means few people take him seriously. His years of method-actor training led not only to martial arts and gun skills, but also a master’s in computer science.

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‘The Rookie: Feds’: James Lesure Joins Cast Of ABC Spinoff Series


James Lesure will play Carter Hope. Conservative and a by-the-book traditionalist, Carter’s a model FBI agent who joined the bureau after a successful career as a lawyer in the Justice Department. Now he’s got the most challenging task of his career: training the outspoken and outside-the-box rookie Clark, whose style will be a challenge to his painfully won beliefs.

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The main problem with the show is the Nash is a miscast. I can't take Nash seriously and this show has to have some serious moments. The rest of the characters seems so formula. They just checked off the boxes as they went along. I hated the back door pilot so I don't even know if they can do anything for me to like it.

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The promo didn't show any of the slapstick comedy I thought I recalled from the 2-episode back-door pilot on The Rookie. 
Am I remembering wrong?
Or did they just not show that stuff in the promo?
Or are they toning that aspect down?

I preferred Castle to The Rookie because there was more cozy humor.

I wonder if Fillion will be a regular guest star (it the show isn't canceled in the first season)?

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This show looks so bad and I still just can't see Nash in this role.  My wife keeps asking me if I'm going to watch this with her and I keep telling her she's on her own with this one. lol

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1 hour ago, KeithJ said:

This show looks so bad and I still just can't see Nash in this role.  My wife keeps asking me if I'm going to watch this with her and I keep telling her she's on her own with this one. lol

That's totally fair, given the backdoor pilot.

And if it turns out they retooled it enough to make it worthwhile, you can always catch up later. 

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On 8/11/2022 at 5:17 PM, AnimeMania said:

This just looks ridiculous. 

There is an age limit for new agents. This character would never be accepted into the FBI. It would have been more realistic if NIecy Nash played an analyst instead of an agent.

How much credibility would a sassy FBI agent have?  Zero, because the FBI is a deadly serious organization.  

I give it 5 episodes.

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Why isn't this show called The FBI Rookie?  I get that the brand is The Rookie, but The Rookie: Feds is sooooo AWWWWKWARD.  More spin-offs could have used the same formula, which sounds better to me:  The CIA Rookie, The Firefighter Rookie, The Tax Accountant Rookie, etc. lol.

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TVLine Items: Feds Casts Niecy's Wife

The Rookie: Feds is bringing a real-life love connection to the show: Jessica Betts, wife of series star Niecy Nash-Betts, will guest-star on the ABC drama as a love interest for Nash-Betts’ character Simone Clark, it was announced on Tuesday.

Additionally, Tom Arnold (Roseanne) will appear as the charismatic father of Kevin Zegers’ Brendon, who shares a “complicated” dynamic with his dad. Plus, Eric Roberts (Suits) will play a father with a dark secret, while Deniz Akdeniz (The Flight Attendent) will portray Laura’s (Britt Robertson) former Behavioral Science Unit colleague, who “brings a little friendly competition to the unit and opens up a new side of her.”

The Rookie: Feds premieres Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 10/9c.

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Tonight, Aug. 27, 2023, 8pm EDT, on ABC:
"‘The Rookie’ and ‘The Rookie: Feds’ cast to compete on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’" (woodtv.com/abc4/on-tv/abc/the-rookie-and-the-rookie-feds-cast-to-compete-on-celebrity-family-feud).
No, Nathan Fillion will not participate, but 5 cast members from each show will.

The second half hour of the show will have a competition between the associates of actors Lauren Lapkus vs. June Diane Raphael.

Both competitions are on behalf of charities.

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