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  1. Hated everything about this episode except the douchey acting defendants. The actors made me laugh because they really nailed their roles as giant pricks. It was really disturbing that the jury foreperson could be identified and contacted by the defense. I rolled my eyes at the victim telling Amanda that Carisi likes her, as if the victim didn't have other things to notice at trial. This show has a terrible habit of relying on social media for its plots. I cannot even count the number of episodes in the past two seasons in which the victim or the perpetrator had social media
  2. I don't understand how Chris and Street were holding hands at work knowing that they would both be in huge trouble if someone walked in saw them. I thought that part of their deal was trying to keep their relationship professional while at work.
  3. I agree. He actually had good chemistry with Chen. Melissa O'Neill is just good at generating interest with her character. That was his most believable relationship in my opinion and probably mostly because of the actress. The pregnancy scare girlfriend was annoying, and the blond doctor added nothing to the show.
  4. I got the impression that they were hinting that something happened with Chen and Bradford in the 3-4 months since Jackson died. First, she had no problem walking into the locker room when he could have been in there undressed. Second, her asking what else he liked about her is really strange now that he is her supervisor, but it makes sense if they had a more personal relationship. I think Jenna Dewan is cute, but she makes no sense as Nolan's girlfriend. Like others, I just don't buy these two as a realistic couple due to their age difference. It seems like some perverse male fanta
  5. Yes to all of this. They had excellent chemistry before they got romantic I thought they were convincing when they were partners and were attracted to each other. But something is off about the writing or acting of the storyline as a couple. I think they rushed into the romance storyline and didn't adequately develop a foundation for them being more than friends. Hailey just announced that she saw Jay as more than a partner and, the next thing you know, they are practically living together and acting like they've been married for years. It was very forced and lacked development.
  6. My feelings exactly. Vanessa Lachey lacks believability in this role. It was ridiculous watching her try to get through the military jargon. She sounded like she had no clue what she was talking about. One of the women from NCIS New Orleans would have been better or even Katrina Law, who is currently on original flavor NCIS. This would work better with Lachey as one of the investigators instead of the lead.
  7. I hated Hailey in every scene. I'm not sure that's what they were going for. The thing I absolutely don't understand is how they let Hailey get to the point where she is complicit in Voight's crime. She has consistently been shown as concerned with ethical policing. It was an issue in her relationship with Adam when he roughed up suspects. I don't think that the episode is consistent with her character. She would have insisted that Voight call in the incident immediately. At this point, we have several crimes between Voight and Hailey. They destroyed evidence and lied to othe
  8. Yes, I meant Tia. They are so much alike. I know that Raven is married and has a baby now.
  9. I cannot stand Demi's accent, and I grew up in Texas and have heard every variety the state has to offer. Yes, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard even to a native Texan! I also hate her pouty lips. It's like she thinks with her mouth. Did she ever explain what happened to her girlfriend/fiancee? I agree with those who think that Raven was putting on a country act. There was a moment in her one on one date when she was quietly talking, and she did not sound nearly as "country" as she did in the group setting. Why is Kendall back on this show. It seemed like she made a clean
  10. In this interview, Katie really seems over her Bachelorette experience, and I would say, unhappy with the show. The interview practically screams "I'm just fulfilling my contractual obligations." She's clearly uncomfortable even talking about it. Notable takeaways are that she wouldn't do the show again and has no interest in seeing Michael.
  11. This cracked me up, especially the part about JoMika being in a free magazine in the Hamptons. That seems like the kind of thing they would do. Joe looks creepy with this "sexy" expression. GROSS. Keep it to yourself Joe and Mika. I know that Greg Kelly is a tool, but his Twitter feed makes me laugh.
  12. I haven't been watching or posting but I just saw Kasie's announcement on a news blog. I am really shocked by Kasie's departure from MSNBC. She seemed to me to be the wave of the future at MSNBC. It's a big loss for Morning Joe, since she was a likeable and well-known substitute for JoMika. Edited since I saw Cased's post. She'll be on streaming at CNN. Kind of sounds like she's dropping out of daily news, which makes sense with a young child.
  13. I am really grossed out by Katie asking Blake about her challenge and then laughing at him. If she actually likes men, why would she be so controlling about their bodies. That is not caring behavior. What an immature bitch.
  14. When Tayshia and Katelynn were talking to Katie in her room, I got the feeling that they were both drunk but were trying to appear sober. Katelynn especially had wide eyes and an intense "trying to follow the conversation" expression. Katie seems very nice and very sensitive but also very immature. She has all of these smoking hot dudes after her, dressed to the nines, and she's chasing after Blake. I get a feeling of someone who always wants what she can't have. Her overall demeanor is pretty teenager-ish for a 30 year old and it bugs me.
  15. This is interesting about Neal Baer. I didn't realize that he left the show. I will say that I think, if they have to do it, Elliott/Olivia are better off as an implied pairing, mostly offscreen with hints that they are together. Does anyone remember the scene of them undercover where MH was in a bra and CM was shirtless? It was in Season 7 or 8. It was totally awkward and not at all sexy. They have good emotional chemistry, but I do not want to see them making out.
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