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  1. This cracked me up, especially the part about JoMika being in a free magazine in the Hamptons. That seems like the kind of thing they would do. Joe looks creepy with this "sexy" expression. GROSS. Keep it to yourself Joe and Mika. I know that Greg Kelly is a tool, but his Twitter feed makes me laugh.
  2. I haven't been watching or posting but I just saw Kasie's announcement on a news blog. I am really shocked by Kasie's departure from MSNBC. She seemed to me to be the wave of the future at MSNBC. It's a big loss for Morning Joe, since she was a likeable and well-known substitute for JoMika. Edited since I saw Cased's post. She'll be on streaming at CNN. Kind of sounds like she's dropping out of daily news, which makes sense with a young child.
  3. I am really grossed out by Katie asking Blake about her challenge and then laughing at him. If she actually likes men, why would she be so controlling about their bodies. That is not caring behavior. What an immature bitch.
  4. When Tayshia and Katelynn were talking to Katie in her room, I got the feeling that they were both drunk but were trying to appear sober. Katelynn especially had wide eyes and an intense "trying to follow the conversation" expression. Katie seems very nice and very sensitive but also very immature. She has all of these smoking hot dudes after her, dressed to the nines, and she's chasing after Blake. I get a feeling of someone who always wants what she can't have. Her overall demeanor is pretty teenager-ish for a 30 year old and it bugs me.
  5. This is interesting about Neal Baer. I didn't realize that he left the show. I will say that I think, if they have to do it, Elliott/Olivia are better off as an implied pairing, mostly offscreen with hints that they are together. Does anyone remember the scene of them undercover where MH was in a bra and CM was shirtless? It was in Season 7 or 8. It was totally awkward and not at all sexy. They have good emotional chemistry, but I do not want to see them making out.
  6. The Benson/Stabler thing doesn't work for me either. My biggest problem with it is that Elliott was separated from Kathy for months (maybe a year?), and he never reached out to Liv romantically. That would have been a perfect chance for them to attempt to cross from partners into a dating relationship If he didn't try it after being over with Kathy the first time, why would he suddenly realize this great love for Olivia? If it's because Kathy is dead now and no one else will put up with Elliott, that's not a very good reason. I am similarly unconvinced on Rollins/Carisi. My problem
  7. We've reached a new low. Mika took the Forbes 50 over 50 issue, copied the female profiles, and turned it into a "Know Your Value" feature. No one gives a damn about Forbes magazine right now lady, Mika. I am all for recognizing women but this show is about politics first and foremost. The Forbes article is all advertising and PR for their companies. Elyse noted that she is 39 and just had a baby. That's nice, how does it relate to the 50 over 50 concept, moron? Elyse seems kind of thick. Poor Joe, he has to sit there and pretend to give a fuck about random female executives in
  8. I agree that it's an odd choice. I think it's some sort of style nod to 90's fashion. I think is that they were going for a quirky, preppy vibe. I'm too unsophisticated about fashion to know whether 90's looks are already back in.
  9. The Casey and Brett love scene was really bad. I was embarrassed for the actors having to do that horribly staged sex scene. The awkward face shots of ecstasy or whatever...GROSS. It was like the Halmark Channel meets soft core porn. I had to change the channel. I mean no offense to the Casey and Brett shippers. I really like both actors, but the storyline has been terribly done this season. They deserved better than this.
  10. I was surprised that Chris kissed Jim. The actors have a ton of chemistry together whether they are doing friendship scenes or romantic scenes. I think a work relationship is a bad idea but I will watch any scene with those two together. I trust the writers to be true to the characters and not screw it up.
  11. YES! Every time she was on screen I yelled at her to fix her fucking eyebrows. I'm sure anyone who watched this show with me is glad she's gone. I feel like Emily Wickersham was a barely serviceable actor. I've never seen her in anything else but she strikes me as the type who would be the same in every role anyway. Was it ever resolved whether Bishop actually had a relationship with Torres? They kept dropping all these hints, but everything was so "secret" that I lost interest. It made no sense for the writers to hint at their love and never show anything to prove it. Their ki
  12. Joe is wearing the Morning Joe fleece jacket. So he tried to dress up for a few months in honor of the new admin. Now that things are settling down he's back to rolling out of bed and throwing on the MJ fleece. He's interviewing some guy called Matt Lewis about his article today entitled, " Trump's GOP is a party of snowflakes." Every day is still about Trump. This is really tiresome to me. DId anything else happen at all this weekend? You would never know it by watching this. Joe contrasted Trump to the GOP when he was in Congress. Joe needs to let go of this idea that people
  13. She sucked on the show. She was like a sorority girl pretending to be a litigator and she had zero chemistry with Michael Weatherly. I'm not making any excuses for Weatherly but maybe he was trying to create a rapport with her and she interpreted it differently. In my opinion she would have been released anyway due to her lack of fit with the cast.
  14. He's a great actor. I've also seen him on Chicago PD playing a drug dealer who clashed with Hank. I liked Chris/ Street/ Karen interactions. I like that Street called his mom out for being manipulative but kept the door open to helping her. I like that he was assertive with her and told her that he knows what's up. That was a pretty shocking turn for Chris to admit her feelings to Jim. Props to the actors. Lina Esco was great just awkwardly blurting it out, and Alex Russell did a great job with the shocked reaction. I'm guessing that this was filmed prior to the renewal, as
  15. If she was dumb enough to put those thoughts on Twitter then she is responsible. No one forced her to express herself in that way. She should have been smart enough to delete her old tweets. I think that she was high on her own publicity. As for her reporting career, she played fast and loose by dating a source and keeping it secret. She's lucky that she's getting a third chance (After Axios and Vogue).
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