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Not Dead Yet in the Media: In Lieu of Flowers...

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Not Dead Yet is airing Wednesday, February 8, 2023 on ABC. The first episode will at 8:30pm and episode 1 & 2 will air starting at 9:30pm, the show's normal time slot. Not Dead Yet is based on the book "Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up" by Alexandra Potter, which was published in 2020.

Gina Rodriguez plays Nell Serrano, a broke, newly single and feeling old, "self-described 40-something year old disaster" as she works to restart the life and career she left behind 5 years ago. Moving back home to Pasadena, California – a world where everyone seems to have a better life than she does (kids, careers, happy marriages, etc.) Nell can only afford to share an apartment with a stranger who monitors how much electricity she uses and pesters her about her recycling habits (which lately include a lot of empty White Claws.) A once successful journalist, Nell put her career on hold to help her fiancé get his restaurant off the ground. Following their break up, she takes the only job she can get – writing obituaries – which at first seems like a step backwards but ultimately may be exactly what she needs to move forward. Nell gains the ability to see ghosts, upending her sense of reality and her beliefs about the afterlife, while learn some valuable life lessons.

Josh Banday plays Dennis, Nell’s old friend, former roommate and now current boss. Dennis used to be a nerd, but now is cool. He hired Nell because she is overqualified, desperate and introduced him to his husband.

Angela Gibbs plays Cricket, Nell’s beautiful, free-spirited friend. Even though recently widowed, Cricket lives in the moment, enjoying the life that is happening right now. Cricket becomes newly single Nell’s plus-one.

Rick Glassman plays Edward. An uptight, smart environmental lawyer, Edward is Nell’s landlord and roommate. A Stanford graduate, he is married and has a son who lives outside of the city. He spends weekends with them, but during the week is a thorn in Nell’s side due to his inflexible house rules and commitment to recycling and the environment. But there is something sweet underneath Edward’s slightly superior exterior and he and Nell will come to realize they’re more alike than they thought.

Hannah Simone plays Sam, who is a colleague of Nell. Sam is the editor of the Life & Style section of the newspaper and a busy working mom. A former wild child, Sam has hit her stride and seems to handle everything thrown her way with ease and an organized “mom purse.” But underneath this exterior, Sam struggles with taking too much on and misses her carefree single days when it was her and Nell against the world. She’s torn between her big work goals and missing the person she was before the kids and the big job. Hopefully, having Nell back will help her find that balance.

Lauren Ash plays Lexi, the daughter of a wealthy newspaper owner and recently appointed editor. Lexi was raised in a rarefied world of boarding schools and private planes and is comedically out of touch with how normal people live. A former almost-Olympian horse jumper, Lexi exudes extreme confidence. But the truth is she’s in way over her head and if the newspaper fails, she’ll never win her father’s approval – something she desperately wants.

Jessica St. Clair

Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Cast of the Dead include:

Martin Mull
Ed Begley Jr.
Mo Collins
Deborah S. Craig
Telma Hopkins
Don Lake
Rhea Perlman
Paula Pell
Tony Plana
Brittany Snow
Julia Sweeney

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The preliminary ratings for Wednesday has the pilot getting a 0.4 in the 18-49 demo and 3.474 million viewers; the 2nd episode in the show's regular 9:30pm ET slot earned a 0.4 in the demo and 2.797 million viewers. The Connors at 8pm earned 0.5 in the demo and 4.068 million viewers and Abbott Elementary at 9pm earned 0.5 in the demo and 3.081 million viewers. The first episode apparently did similar to The Goldbergs which is normally in that slot. So the show held up pretty well with the rest of the ABC comedy lineup. Hopefully it will be able to hold its numbers

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1 hour ago, DanaK said:

SpoilerTV says there are 13 episodes and the finale is on April 26; Futon Critic isn't showing this info yet

That is probably correct since I have episode titles for 13 episodes. Unfortunately they don't appear that they will be airing the episodes in their proper order.

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