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  1. Maybe Kody is as much of a dick to the editors and producers as he is to his first three wives and their children. If he is then maybe they are happy to show him as the unhinged idiot he has always been.
  2. They are so desperate to be seen as sexy fun young girls they are pathetic.
  3. I believe Kody was dumbfounded when he found the boxes in the garage because he really never expected Christine to make a unilateral decision. He expected her to grovel and beg to try to get him back and feed his ego. So glad that she packed his shit up with no discussion.
  4. He wants to be a cult leader and is furious that most of his wives and children refuse to be mindless followers.
  5. I assume Stacey’s ex keeps the kids off the show. Good for him.
  6. I have doubts about any therapist that will appear on a reality show but she wasn’t wrong about how they communicate. They do need to calm down, shut up and listen to each other.
  7. Darcy is a sugar mama whether she wants to admit it or not.
  8. They are both so utterly ridiculous. They want their lives to be like a soap opera filled with drama and unrealistic romance.
  9. Kody was correct that obeying was important in his marriage to Robyn. He just has absolutely no awareness that he is the one obeying her in all things and at all times.
  10. I feel like Ben has convinced himself that his wife isn’t over him but she looked over him to me. I think she sees him clearly and is there to protect her children.
  11. One of the best things about having voice commands on my cable system is saying fast forward three minutes on a recording and then I’m back to the show. I don’t have to even see the irritating commercials speeded up or not. Three minutes is not perfect timing but I usually miss most commercials.
  12. I hope TLC or someone has disability insurance for Michael and anyone else who pushes Tammy around. I couldn’t do it. Tammy’s quite bitchy remark wondering who they were getting the wheelchair for made me realize she loves that she just sits there while someone else does all the work.
  13. Weird, tacky and a lousy role model for her daughters.
  14. This is exciting news. I’m sure there will be lots to snark on when we see it in 2026.
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