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  1. Equally irritating to me as the empty cup is when actors hold the bottom of coffee pots while they’re talking in a scene. These pots are supposed to be filled with very hot liquids and it makes it so obvious that they aren’t.
  2. The tooth thing is weird enough but what happens if one of them falls and breaks a bone ? The compulsion to be identical in everything needs therapy.
  3. Lawrence’s decrees about how his son will be raised when the child isn’t even a week old were worrying. He has no concept of what it is like to live with an infant but of course is positive he knows better than anyone. I predict much fighting in that home as Lilly and her parents refuse to kowtow to him.
  4. Angela went from being her usual vulgar self to being absolutely gross. She was so over the line with the doctor it was mortifying. I guess she really does see herself as a sex kitten while the rest of the world sees her as an aging, cackling rude woman with no idea how to deal with professional people.
  5. My son and his fiancé got phizer shots yesterday in Ontario. Three hour wait at a pop up clinic. Worth every second.
  6. Vulgar is exactly the right word to describe Angela and she has been getting worse every episode. I assume the producers tell her she’s funny and a real asset to the show and so she goes farther and farther. She is getting even grosser which I didn’t think was possible.
  7. Dannielle actually said “ if it was up to me I wouldn’t live this lifestyle “. It actually is up to her even if she doesn’t want to feel any control in her own life. The refusal to accept that she has every right to choose the course of her life is infuriating.
  8. This was disturbing on every level.
  9. Utterly superficial comment ahead. I think she looks much better than she usually does. Her hair style frames her face nicely and her eyebrows being lighter look much better. The black top is a good contrast.
  10. Katherine Heigl is the reason I started watching Greys Anatomy. I loved her in Roswell so I followed her there. I like her in everything she does.
  11. I really enjoyed this episode and the teasing everyone did. I particularly liked Drew in the jester outfit willing to make an ass out of himself. Sweet and not too over the top.
  12. That picture is not as bad as their Christmas. Everyone I knew , including me , had a reduced non-normal Christmas but not the Busbys. The whole family was together with no masks and Danielle got a birthday cake. Then Danielle blew out her candles and presumably everyone there had a slice of it. Utter stupidity.
  13. Two thoughts. 1. I think the relative isolation has made Kody even more delusional about how he appears to viewers. I’m sure he thinks that the viewers are cheering him on and thinking “poor Kody “ look at what he has to put up with. He finally let loose and looks like a temper tantrum throwing child who hates his life and aging wives and children who expect him to care about them. I believe we are seeing in public what the wives have seen in private for years. Kody with no filter. 2. The thought of a wife leaving must be profoundly scary to the rest of them. Because if one leave
  14. Everyone is just so icky and pretentious. I wouldn’t want to even have lunch with any of these people let alone be in a plural marriage with them. The men all have these idiotic ideas but the women go along with it. All the talk of the women having to “work” on getting rid of their jealousy is so convenient for the men. They get to go off and have sex with new women while chastising the original wife in hopes that they shut up and they can frolic away without any worries.
  15. I think all Kody wants is for his wives and children to shut up and do whatever he says. Then he can delude himself into thinking he’s a great leader and every man he meets envies him.
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