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  1. Lydia is 17. The surest way to make her believe she has met soulmate is to forbid communication. Instead Kim has decides that once again she knows best and leans into controlling her child. Let them text. Let them discover how they feel about a million different subjects. Let them see if they share a sense of humour. The relationship could mature into a deep friendship or marriage or could peter out once they realize they don’t see eye to eye on important stuff. Kim just wants total control regardless of the effect on her children.
  2. Nothing says pathetic quite like wearing idiotic high heels knowing you’re going on a boat. I could understand teenagers wearing them but these are women in their mid forties. They flat out said they were wearing them because they are trendy. There is an amusement park near me and I used to see young girls and older women dressed and made up and wearing shoes like the twins. I used to wish I could see them entering and then hours later leaving. I’m sure the hair and makeup was a mess and their legs and feet were killing them.
  3. I loathed the backsplash. It looked like they ran out of the dark colour and slapped on the white. I didn’t mind that they couldn’t take out the soffits. No one can reach the cupboards that go right to the ceiling anyway. I was kind of surprised that the couple didn’t spend the $ 12000.00 to remove the wall or the $ 11000.00 to remove the soffits. Her clients generally seem to go way over budget in order to achieve their “vision”.
  4. It would be much more succinct if she wrote that by denying reality as much as she does you too could end up filtering all the pictures you put on social media, be a wife in name only with a husband who appears to despise you and earn your living fleecing your followers with an MLM scheme.
  5. Both sisters appear desperate to believe that somehow every new surgery will magically make them look 25. No surgery ever will but they will waste money and time trying. Their boyfriends and husbands will be weirder and they will never understand that real life will never be a Harlequin romance.
  6. Alina’s forehead does not move. I had trouble reading the subtitles because I kept watching to see if her eyebrows to moved up or down.
  7. Darcy’s endless cycle of bursting into tears and then talking about how strong she is exhausting to watch and listen to. She is a very poor role model “mommy” for her girls. They seem like bright girls so I hope they can see clearly the insanity that is their mother.
  8. What I hope Jana said was “ I’m wearing pants. I’m a grown woman in my thirties and this is my choice “. Better yet I hope she just put them on and dared anyone to say something.
  9. I have had great luck finding towels for my hair in dollar stores. Thinner than regular bath towels but thick enough to help dry my hair. I bought a few of them.
  10. I’m with you about wishing they were going to ignore Covid. I hope though that the season finale is the only episode that really deals with it and if the show is renewed when they come back it is done and over with. I don’t care how unrealistic it would be.
  11. I flat out do not understand the appeal of bifold doors. I assume they are very expensive and give a wow moment but all I see are millions of flies and bugs inside the house whenever they are left open. I would hate them.
  12. I don’t think I would use a salad shooter but a couple of years ago using my regular box grater I realized it was 25 years old. The next time I was out I bought a new one. It was so much easier to grate stuff that I was annoyed I hadn’t bought a new one years earlier.
  13. I think reality is finally reaching his brain through his permed hair. Nothing has turned out as he expected. He is not the envy of everyone he meets. His wives don’t like him or each other. Money must be a constant worry and while I assume he could get a regular job somewhere there is very little fame or fortune in that. None of his children so far has chosen polygamy as a lifestyle which means he has also failed as a religious leader. His children see him far more clearly than he sees himself and most of them don’t seem to like him or respect him much. They’ve seen how he treats their
  14. Or they could watch movies inside the cottage where there fewer mosquitoes and the chairs are more comfortable. I think the right team won too.
  15. I could never be friends with either of the twins. While I have never thought Darcy was mean she enjoys wallowing in how sad she thinks her life is. She makes endlessly stupid choices and then endlessly cries about them and then never wonders why she attracts the men she does. Stacy is far too enmeshed with Darcy. I think she is marginally smarter but makes stupid choices as well. I’m sure the baby storyline is producer driven but I am so sick of watching adult women be “surprised “ that it is harder to have a baby when you’re older. They are both exhausting.
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