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S03.E10: Mama

Snazzy Daisy
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Me in the first 20 minutes, “this is underwhelming”, then bammm‼️

What a brutal, bone-chilling ending, and beautifully shot too. Dorothy’s falling, hitting every bannisters, her contorted body, twitched fingers and blank stare, f-king memorable!

Am sure Dorothy will survive but will she be having a near death experience, be able to meet Jericho 1.0 in the other world and then waking up?

Realtor in the earlier scene says; “lovely neighbourhood isn’t it, just a dream…” I’d be super pissed if everything is just a dream.

Several bath scenes in this episode. Julian’s sponge bath is submissively off putting. And Jericho calling an invisible entity “mama” is creepy, or is it Leanne?

"Her story begins. It feeds on darkness, grows stronger each night. Things are decaying. The house is filled with parasites. Do you smell the rot?" Now we know who Roscoe was visiting at the hospital, it’s Uncle George!

Dorothy’s brutal honesty to Leanne: “I am not your f-king mother. I am not your friend. I am your boss. And you are just a sad and delusional girl who needs help. And you somehow convinced these two f-king idiots to believe you.” Yup, Sean and Julian are servants to Leanne.

The termites aren’t 100% guilty. Leanne, Sean and Julian should be blamed as well. Leanne is selfish, she won’t let Dorothy leave peacefully just because she wants a mother. The way she apologises to her before the fall, the nerve! Sean doesn’t know when to shut up, alerting Leanne that Dorothy is up to something and asking her not to hurt Dorothy. Sean also cowardly begging his wife; “Let me in on this. Whatever it is you’re planning”. Julian for telling Leanne how strong-minded Dorothy is; “My sister isn’t one to suffer injustice”. Frank Pearce is right all along, Sean and Julian always mess things up.

Leanne knows no boundary. Inviting herself on Dorothy’s escape plan, repeatedly telling her that she has forgiven her, booping her nose while she’s sleeping. Dorothy should knock the F out of her!

I’d rather see Dorothy dies than seeing her helpless, crippled from the fall with Leanne playing Kathy Bates on her in S4. She will literally be trapped in the house like a mannequin, Leanne’s mannequin.

All the foreshadowing in this episode should’ve prepared us for what’s coming. Dorothy tells Leanne not to let Jericho crawl without her, then Leanne weirdly replies; “Push him down if he tries”. Also Leanne assuring Julian she won’t let him fall.

How weird is that seeing Dorothy ends up in the same position as she’s waking up earlier. 😳😱


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5 hours ago, SnazzyDaisy said:

Are these the same corpses?

Top image - from end of S2.

Bottom image - from end of S3.


Intriguing... I hadn't thought that they could be different corpses.  If so, could the bottom one be the guy with the heart ailment?  How would Leanne (or someone else) have killed him and put him behind the wall?

Another explanation: it is the same corpse, but even the corpse has life and the ability to contort and influence things, such as release parasites.

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1 hour ago, Brn2bwild said:

Intriguing... I hadn't thought that they could be different corpses.  If so, could the bottom one be the guy with the heart ailment?  How would Leanne (or someone else) have killed him and put him behind the wall?

Based on the decomposed body, it couldn't be Milo as he's only been missing since Isabelle's shooting, right?

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I knew we hadn’t seen the last of Uncle George! 
I bet “Jericho’s” real mom was standing back there we he said “Mama” and beamed at her. Wonder how many takes that took?

Now the long wait for next season!

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This show seems to be a pretty brilliant take on codependence. Sean 'supports' Dorothy in her fantasy that Jericho survived, because he feels guilty for leaving her and so they are complicit in what happened, and form an insular unit.  Leanne, who is younger than her physical years and had a protected and weird upbringing, is dragged into the idea that she has an important place in this scheme. She wants to be important and to help, and so is dragged into it. Like Sean, Grandpa and Julian are enablers of varying degrees. I would not be surprised if none of the supernatural stuff actually was true, if the baby is always the doll, and the house is being eaten by perfecly normal termites

However some of the strange stuff will turn out to be true, or at least it will seem uncertain or possible. But my vote is this is really playing out like an unpleasant, tangled very human mess. 

I think they all need therapy.

Well, on to the fouth season. 

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