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  1. Yes, that was her fellow reporter.
  2. It's renewed for a second season already, you might get answers next year!
  3. skotnikov

    S01.E08: Boba

    It's renewed for the second season, based on that and on what critics who watched the whole thing write in their reviews I guess we won't have any answers anytime soon.
  4. It was a nice ride, though I really shook my head when I also wished Fourty would be gay, that'd be awesome.
  5. Oh well. It wasn't really good. All the nice moments were in a trailer, and the rest was overlong badly written unimaginative and rushed nonsense. It's not even so bad it's good category, it was just plain awful. The show-runners better stick with their Sherlock for life.
  6. Loved the first season, love the second season too. But KW definitely has smth with stalkers. There was 1 psycho stalker in the 1 season, but now we have two!
  7. I wish they'd do a straightforward slasher without any supernatural elements. The trick is getting old. But maybe it's because I liked reality-bound Cult more than many other seasons.
  8. It was a very bad ending of a very good series. The murder scene(s) was done poorly. Sure they probably couldn't do it differently, but gosh it was anticlimactic.
  9. skotnikov

    S01.E04: Rose390

    This should be on the Disney Channel, or on Freeform. I also hope (in vain) that some evil force will kill the children soon. Although I may not see it.
  10. I think she will go to that agent to ask for her money since she's co-authored Eli's screenplay, and at some point will go full psycho. So that Afro-American lawyer woman will have to kill her (Gosh I even don't remember her name, that timeline didn't work for me at all). Tommy is a goner for sure, and so is Karl (I think the assisted suicide theory is true). In the 1950s we already know that Beth Ann will kill the violent neighbour and either Rob will take the blame to redeem himself, or she'll be cleared, because that definitely will be self-defence.
  11. skotnikov

    S01.E01: Genesis 1

    Another theory would be that producers want to tell that someone who has 4 kids, no hubby, huge debts and an alcoholic mother(at least the actress who plays the mother looked like an alcoholic to me) has nothing to fear, even Satan is just a joke in comparison.
  12. skotnikov

    S01.E01: Genesis 1

    Probably at some point by the end of the season/series all 4 will be possessed. One possessed kid is creepy enough already, but 4 will be just mind blowing.
  13. Oh well, that would be just the remake of "Dead of Summer" then.
  14. Still Nr 1 cable show on We, and the highest ranked FX show.
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