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  1. The show is amazing.
  2. skotnikov

    Grand Hotel

    It's on deadline.com ABC’s President of Entertainment Karey Burke revealed that the network hadn’t made a renewal decision on the Eva Longoria-exec produced show. Burke did, however, point to the show’s soft ratings, which may not be a great sign for its future. “We’re going to wait until the end of its run. It’s a show we like a lot. It’s a show that I wish the ratings were a bit stronger but we’ll make that decision after its run”
  3. skotnikov

    Grand Hotel

    In the final I bet, as a part of a huge cliffhanger, and then the show will be cancelled.
  4. skotnikov

    S06.E06: Merger, She Wrote

    Gosh, it's only the first half of the season, but it already feels extremely tired. Plots are getting more and more ridiculous and yet nothing moves forward. And I'm truly horrified with the prospect of another season, because it means they will drag that sh... nonsense at least for another dozen of episodes. I just can't believe I was so absorbed by this trash couple of years ago I even couldn't wait for another episode.
  5. skotnikov

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    What what it FFS?
  6. skotnikov

    Grand Hotel

    I must admit in a current TV landscape full of pretentious pseudo-intellectual overrated series it's quite enjoyable.
  7. skotnikov

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    I wonder if Celecte's husband domestic violence will be a part of her argument in a court. Like ML is responsible for her son's violent tendencies thus boys can't be in her custody.
  8. skotnikov

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Common sense and an overhyped expensive soap don't go together well. Anyway, I love how HBO's youtube channel savours all the "Emmy-worthy" moments of BLL. Like one can re-watch "The Slap" or "Renata and Gordon fight in the car". They really go OTT with the 2nd season.
  9. skotnikov

    Grand Hotel

    Savannah is still one of my favourite soups. Too bad it didn't last long. Jamie Luner and Ray Wise were hilarious in it.
  10. skotnikov

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    You confuse BLL with the "Melrose Place". Gosh, their psychiatrist is so unprofessional, I'd leave her after the first appointment.
  11. skotnikov

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    This last episode screams "I was made for college students in American studies, Women's studies and Media studies to analyse me in their second year classes!" Those dialogs are just so in your face constructed, it's ridiculous. But still I can't take my eyes from Reese Witherspoon, she's such a great actress.
  12. skotnikov

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    Or an old Hollywood grande dame, who thinks just her presence in a frame is a greatest gift to a humankind. Meryl Streep is so camp in this, it's really hard to watch. .
  13. skotnikov

    S06.E01: Big Day

    That was pretty tired. Jokes are not fresh anymore, and the whole Charles/Josh dilemma is just boring now. Time to end the show. It won't be better than it was during the season 1 and 2.
  14. skotnikov

    Swamp Thing

    That's definitely the best show of the 2019 (and I'm not a fan of comic based shows whatsoever), how they could cancel it is beyond me.
  15. skotnikov

    Tales Of The City

    I was looking forward to it, but it's just unwatchable. The original doesn't deserve to be turned in that mess.