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  1. Imagine it will be cancelled with all these great cliffhangers.
  2. I'm 3 episodes in, and alas they all are very and very mediocre. The 1st season was not good already, and this one looks even worse. Peele is so overrated. The guy has no talent, no fresh ideas, and the show is a bore.
  3. Ph. K. Dick turned into a postfeminist version of "Terminator". Wow that was bad.
  4. I even cannot imagine what the 4th season could be about after this season's mess. Will they just pretend this season never happened and bring everything back to the park? Will Caleb and Dolores go to space to explore planets beyond our universe? Will they destroy the Earth in the season finale to move the plot into post-apocalyptical world? Every nonsense is possible at this point.
  5. Renewed for the 4th season.
  6. Ah ok! I've missed the first couple of minutes. Thanx
  7. The last minute of the episode what was it a flashback or flash-forward?
  8. Extras drops like flies. The median time of presence of an extra in a frame is like 2 seconds. Wow! And the scene with poor Hector was taken straight out of Once Upon a Time, when they killed off Jamie Dornan.
  9. A bit of Minority Report also.
  10. Ha ha I just wanted to write exactly the same, the first 2 seasons were still kinda Crichton, now it's Ph. K. Dick all the way. And since the next episode's promo was "only 3 episodes left" I wonder wether it'll be the final season. Because honestly it's hard to imagine how this show can continue after this mess.
  11. It's Sci-Fi, everything is possible. But I completely agree, this new leading writer Denise Thé is horrible. The writing this season is garbage. And if you watch "inside the episode" clips, you know that writers are just not good at their job. You know that when the writer says she was "excited" to write "cool characters" for the show, or something like this.
  12. Where's no coronavirus in this timeline?
  13. Who knows? They still can be in a Westworld and everything is an elaborate simulation. Or a dream within a dream within a dream. It's pretentious Nolan Bros. who are behind this <...> after all. From what they've shown in flashbacks of that evil French guy, it looks like the world was destroyed in a WWIII. So may be there's no outside world, and the "real" world is just a perfect simulation.
  14. Oh well... Amateurish sketch show indeed 😂
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