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  1. Why hasn’t Greg presented the half burnt papers to Ken yet?
  2. People under 30 still smoke. Just less of them. Harmful or not it has a calming affect and nervous people are especially drawn to it.
  3. I know but do we really ever see these clothes at the mall? These runway shows are not advertising for people to buy the dress just like the one on the runway. It’s getting their name out there and maybe when they get big enough they can do petite and plus size. I like to admire these clothes and the talent without ever thinking I could wear them. I wore tube tops all the time with my “a” cup - when I was a teenager. The clothes are geared towards a younger women. I still love to watch their talent even though they wouldn’t look good on me and nobody had my body type in mind.
  4. I’m short and understand the outfit won’t look the same on me. I know which ones will work. It’s a show and it’s showing some beautiful work and should be shown in its best light which means tall, thin people to hang the work on. I found the model wearing the yellow outfit distracting because her breasts were going two different ways. We shouldn’t even notice that, it should be all about the clothes.
  5. Clothes look better on tall coat hangers, it’s a disadvantage to have the plus size model. Most of those models were pretty bad anyway. But the other plus size outfit won. And they obviously brought out the sparkly dress in the top 3 because they knew the story behind it. They wanted drama.
  6. There is no way that last house in Thailand was renting for $2,800 a month. Every piece of furniture in there was expensive. BNB it would get more than $2,800 a night, never mind $2,800 a month. That was some real bull.
  7. Bluesky


    Debra’s mother looks like Debra’s more attractive younger sister. I hope she finds help from someone specializing in elder law. Debra needs to pay back anything she took and her name needs to be removed from everything. What a real piece of shit.
  8. I think Wendy said her bonus alone that year was $9 million or something. She’s been there for years taking in 8 figure salaries. She wouldn’t have to work again. Especially on the interest rate at Axe Capital using insider trading and whatever else. She might want to use her physician’s license to do some work for the needy in NYC but that wouldn’t cross her mind. Hate her character.
  9. It’s been pretty easy to tell which one all of them will take. Houses with personal items won’t be chosen and lately there have been too many of those. Some ridiculously cluttered. I was watching the first seasons of the international HH and they didn’t do that. One was in Italy and they went to homes being sold by sellers, no agent. No claiming they want the exact opposite of the other or other annoying crap. I also think the low budgets are becoming repetitive. They all seem to have the same budget. The Paris one sold her share of a law firm, got a great job and had a $1,900
  10. True. I was thinking of the minions.
  11. New season starts October 17. I just rewatched the seasons because I couldn’t remember anything. I’m glad I did, now I won’t be confused. The Kendall part makes more sense too. I forgot how it ended. That was a big ending.
  12. It is irritating to have them constantly use that affected speech, all sounding the exact same. Nobody speaks like that except a very small minority of assholes. It would be fun to see some beautiful clothes but it’s most men sitting in front of a computer all day.
  13. I thought it sucked. Chuck and axe remind me of cartoon characters trying to get each other. Foiled again!! And in no way would any of it be feasible. Sign over your assets to me! The government can’t do anything! Wrong. Nothing interesting left,I thought they would have ended it.
  14. Nepotism is so out of control I feel bad for the super talented who can’t even get through the door. There is a new movie out starring Sean Penn and his daughter. Music by Eddie Vedder and his daughter. Are they the best for each of their roles? Doubtful.
  15. She apparently came to the US as an adult from Russia and has zero accent. Well sometimes she’s attempting an accent but it’s not a Russian one. Casting by popularity and being well known sometimes ruins a show.
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