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  1. To be fair what housewife hasn’t blown up incidents, exaggerated and made mountains out of molehills? It’s the “teachable “ moments I can do without.
  2. Bluesky

    S10.E24: MIA

    So you take Percocet, same dose, same prescription every month for years and you can’t count on a pharmacy to work with you? I can understand keeping low inventory because of robberies but she had a small prescription. I’ve had small prescriptions over the past several years whenever I had different surgeries and had no problems. My mother takes it 3x a day for debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and has no problems. If this turns out to be true, I would file complaints with medical boards and local state representatives. Sue the state for creating laws that allowed pain and
  3. Bluesky

    S10.E24: MIA

    I’m assuming the trashy parents stole her medication. Surgeons would know which pharmacy carries a basic medication like Percocet. If you take a medication on a regular basis wouldn’t you have a relationship with a certain pharmacy that you use every month?
  4. More embarrassing for Heather was when she “inarticulately” tried to explain she was down with the average Black American and knew plenty about Black neighborhood. When Eboni asked I thought she might mention friends in Crown Heights or even Harlem. Instead she mentioned working with P Diddy. She looked like a fool.
  5. Victoria is very talented and her paintings sell. I wish they had shown her drawing
  6. Agree. They were both arguing about a word that had a different meaning to each of them. Ebony took the word literally and Luanne didn’t. And who announces they have the most education out of the whole table anyway? Crass.
  7. eboni hasn’t been a loud person and that was a legitimate call out on Luanne. But Luanne was visibly upset about Eboni claiming to be the most educated person in the room. And both were using the term differently. Eboni meant it in terms of having an advanced degree. Luanne was referring to being educated on all levels about all things regardless of a formal classroom. I think it was about good manners and being socially aware of the situation you’re in. Nothing to do with formal education. Also it’s not like Eboni is some exotic creature from another planet. They have mor
  8. When they all dress up, Sonja always looks like a homeless woman who got an amateur makeover for some kind of charitable fundraiser where she’s one of the recipients.
  9. Wasn’t John related to the girl also?
  10. He didn’t say stop he said slow down.
  11. It looked to me that he wanted her to slow down because he wanted it to last longer or ask about birth control or something. And it looked to me that her only goal in this encounter was to get pregnant.
  12. I’m not sure I find Ramona’s “mix ups” charming. They always seem to benefit her or denigrate someone else. Yes she was a business woman, bought a home and had a daughter. Not all that unusual, just a bigger house than most. I wouldn’t judge their value on the size of their businesses or apartments.
  13. Pills that sedate, not diuretics do that. Klonopin. Xanax, etc will do what happens to her. And she swallowed some pills, didn’t she?
  14. I don’t think it was offensive. Her group of friends are black. Romona’s group of friends are white. My family is made up of Latinos and Whites and often we are the only mixed group in a restaurant or an event. People live side by side but the over 30’s don’t mix as much in terms of ethnicity. Eboni’s tagline is that she’s had to work twice as hard for half as much. I find that hard to believe. She’s super smart, beautiful with an outgoing personality. She didn’t have a family with money but that describes a lot of Americans. Then she claims she was the first black beauty page
  15. She said “the help” not my help and her tone was grossly condescending . It’s not that hard to keep up in terms of language usage for the 21st century. A woman who comes in to clean your house is not called your “maid”, The landscaping crew are not servants and you don’t call a person “the help”.
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