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S07.E11: Rage Against The Machines

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Heh, the whole bar is Team Defeat Evil Waverider.

Damn Evil Gideon figured out (did Thawne call her?) it's a trap right away and now SaraBot, NateBot, and BehradBot are killing everyone.

Ava got shot so this is going to be a thing now. 

SaraBot killed Thawne?? Base on what he told Sara last episode that means she (SaraBot) has to switch with him right?

I honestly thought we'd go the whole episode with Thawne messing with things to benefit himself and instead he's out before the first commercial break.

Nice scene for Sara and Gwyn.

I like seeing Gwyn take charge with a plan. I hope Behrad fares better than the last time he tried to be helpful.

SpoonsBot is suspicious. Be careful Behrad.

I like how they cause a ruckus. The singing fish is my favorite one.

I guess Evil Gideon didn't think to give the robots a quality bullshit detector since Behrad easily fooled AstraBot and AvaBot.

Gary just killed AstraBot and AvaBot. That's three robots down.

Spoons got GaryBot to eat SpoonsBot and then he exploded. That's five.

Aw, Astra is still Gideon's mom. I'm glad they didn't drop that.

Hee, I'm so excited for Zari vs ZariBot. Slap fight! They're both terrible fighters so that was fun.

So glad Zari won before Gary ate her. We have no reason to believe he'd be able to spit her back out unharmed.

Hee, I love that Zari still just rips out and unplugs wires when she needs to defeat a computer.

Smoochies for Astra and Behrad. Well done.

I swear last episode Thawne said that if Sara killed him she'd have to take his place, right? So all she needs to do is give the watch thingy to SaraBot and tell her she gets to kill time travelers who try to prevents Franz's death. Surely a timeline obsessed SaraBot assassin will find that offer appealing?

Yay Gideon saves the day! Mommy Astra is so proud.

Zano does a good Arnold accent. Clever to trick NateBot into becoming the new Fixed Point Guardian. He'll enjoy himself at least.

AstraBot how DARE you stab Gideon!

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Wonderful episode to head into the break. Just an all-out farce with the Legends outwitting their sinister counterparts that ends happily . . . until the human Gideon gets stabbed in the neck.

2 hours ago, scarynikki12 said:

AstraBot how DARE you stab Gideon!

I thought that was someone new. AstraBot looked like a guy, what with the exposed metal bits, loose hair and blood.

Not trying to quibble, loved the episode . . . but how does Gary's "food poisoning" spell supposed to work on robots/androids/whatever? At least it got the job done, AND Gary got the sweet quip before shoving AstraBot and AvaBot into the flames.

If I REALLY wanted to quibble, I'd wonder how or if Thrawne's death would factor into the larger picture. My short and easy answer: it doesn't. As long as we got Barry Allen, we'll have Reverse Flash. And as long as we get Reverse Flash, he'll always look like Harrison Wells. It's way easier to count him and the other guy as separate people.

Zari/Zari fight for the win. But . .  .wouldn't it have been easier for Zar1 to take Zardashian's place in order to hack EvilGideon?

NateBot is a dope. And now he's stuck looking after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Great workaround to prevent Sara from taking Thrawne's place.

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Why did Evil!Gideon want to kill Thawne? Don't their objectives align?

The Zari vs Zari fight was epic, lol.

Nick must have had a blast playing Robo!Nate. His Arnold accent was hilarious, and pretty good!

Hee, Gideon called Astra "Mom". Astra is an over-protective Mom (as she should be, cos' Gideon is precious and should be protected at all costs).

The writers love their irony. Astra created Human!Gideon, so Robo!Astra stabbed Human!Gideon. Bishop killed Sara, so Robo!Sara killed Bishop.

It was so nice to see Sara be the one and only Captain these past few episodes, and be able to interact with the team by herself. It was good while it lasted.

Love that the team still stands behind Sara no matter what, be it the team mate that was with her the longest (Nate), or the 2 newest team members (Spooner and Gwyn). Nice scene between Sara and Gwyn too, and that Sara trusted Gwyn's experience enough to let him lead. I love that Sara has no ego about being a leader. It's always about the mission, and whoever is most suited to lead the team for that mission.

It's sad that that's the end of Robo!Sara. I was hoping she would get a redemption storyline. It was kinda chilling to see her this episode. Just kept quiet the entire time and killed whoever Gideon told her to kill, with that cold look in her eyes.

I'm confused as to what Evil!Gideon can see/hear/monitor on the Waverider. Did she not sense that Behrad (and later Zari and Astra) was human and not a robot the moment he stepped onto the Waverider? Just like I thought she must have heard everything Sara and Zari were planning 2 episodes ago. But it seemed like she wasn't aware of these things.

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I really liked this episode, but I just have to ask...why would robots get food poisoning? It bugged me for the entire episode, its an answer that I half want, and half really don't. 

The episode itself was mostly really good, although I was disappointed by how the other time travelers got taken out so easily, even the bartender who I was hoping would be a bigger thing. I was also surprised that Thawne not only was telling the truth about wanting to protect the fixed point, but also that he got killed by robot Sara. Not sure how this will affect things in the bigger picture, but this Thawne is basically a different person then the version that looks like Wells over on The Flash, so maybe it wont matter that much? Timey Whimey and all that. It was fun watching the team have to fight their robot duplicates, especially Zari vs Zari getting a "no, they're the robot!" slap fight. 

I feel really bad for robot Sara, I was really hoping she would get a redemption arc. Tricking robot Nate into being the new time guardian was pretty clever, look at the gang using their brains. Really good episode for Gwyn, using his past as a soldier to create a plan and being able to fight through his PTSD from the war to help Sara. Of course, Sara was the real star of the episode, I love that she has really been allowed to shine as the captain in the last few episode. Getting to have great scenes with Nate, Gwyn, Spooner, and just generally being awesome, its like the show has finally understood that she's the teams true leader. Everyone standing by her even when she tried to get them to let her handle things alone was so great, especially with it being Nate, the oldest Legend, and Spooner and Gwyn, the newest. 

The turn of the century people being fascinated by the singing decorative fish was pretty great, especially as it was apparently Gwyn's idea. "What would people I know be fascinated by...I've got it!"

Aww Mamma Astra is so proud of Gideon AND getting to finally make out with Behrad! So of course, for maximum tragic irony, Gideon got stabbed by robot Astra, just in time for the cliffhanger! This has been a great run of episodes, hopefully the next run can keep up the momentum. 

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8 hours ago, lurker22 said:

Why did Evil!Gideon want to kill Thawne? Don't their objectives align?

I'm not sure if Evil!Gideon knew about Thawne. He seems to be independent of the Oculus stuff. Possibly some new organization is dealing with rogue time travelers? I can see some far-future group wanting stability in their 'history' even if it killed a few million along the way.

I thought Thawne enjoyed the Archduke's death more than pride-in-work would normally require. I just can't see Robo!Nate being a subtle as Thawne.

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Well, damn, Eobard Thawne certainly didn't stick around for very long!  Of course, no one really stays dead in the Arrowverse if they don't want them too, so it wouldn't be a complete surprise if this version/Matt Letscher shows back up again.

Great to see the Robo Legends again and while I'm not surprised most of them bit the dust, I am overtly giddy that Robo Nate is actually still around and now the new Fixed Point guardian thanks to Nate's trickery.  The character is just so ridiculously hilarious and that was even before finding out that if you hit him too hard in the head, he starts talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger because of course he does!  Nick Zano was clearly having the time of his life in this role and I wouldn't mind if they found some convoluted way to have him pop back up at least once.

Fun watching Behrad pretend to be Robo Behard with the rest of the robots.  And the Zari vs. Zari battle was as entertaining as expected.

Nice seeing Gwyn step up as the "general" this time.

Aww, Astra has maternal feelings for Gideon since she was the one that created her.  But I should have know that it would mean Robo Astra would stab Gideon at the end.  They better not kill her off because getting Amy Louise Pemberton on camera has been a highlight of this already really good season. 

Two episodes left, so that leaves plenty of time for the Legends to screw up time some more!  I just hope the show at least gets a final season to officially wrap things up.

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I enjoyed this episode, even if I had to handwave away some of the things that don't make sense... Evil Gideon should have known right away that Behrad was an impostor.  

On 2/2/2022 at 10:48 PM, Lantern7 said:

Not trying to quibble, loved the episode . . . but how does Gary's "food poisoning" spell supposed to work on robots/androids/whatever? At least it got the job done, AND Gary got the sweet quip before shoving AstraBot and AvaBot into the flames.

This too... my explanation I suppose is that until an episode or two ago, the evil robots didn't realise they were robots.  So they were given all the simulation of a human experience, including human bodily functions.

My question is how Evil Astra was able to get back into the house.  I thought that door to Hell was one way.  I know that human Astra used to rule Hell but her Hell wasn't depicted the same way that this one with raging fire was.  I don't think Evil Astra should have been able to get back into the house.

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HA! Nate! Can you describe the ruckus?


Awesome episode. They've really been hitting it out of the park lately. I know I'm a couple of episodes late on this, but can I just say that it's so nice that Behrad is no longer the stoner dude? I was thrilled when they dropped that.

The Zari/Zari fight was tremendous. So many of them are these bad-asses who know how to fight, that it was awesome to see someone on that ship just flailing. 

And how did they get me to care about Thawne? Wow. These shows do love their character redemptions.

I'm also with The droids being made to have normal bodily functions. And he did say it was "like" food poisoning, so who knows? I mean, Gary is an alien.

Robo Nate is awesome. I'm so glad he made it out of there and that RealNate tricked him. Did he ever mention that they made Robo Nate super dumb? 

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