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  1. All I meant was that it was a quiet street with houses and cars. Usually they give planes a wide berth...like the woods or an island or...a bridge. But here the wings were clipping cars just going down a tree-lined street. Also, I know it's South L.A., but there was a stunning lack of people coming out to find out what the heck was going on. Certainly it would have been on all the news stations.
  2. Interesting fact: As I'm thinking how novel it is that a plane landed on a suburban street instead of an island or the woods, there was a news break that showed a plane had gone down in a park in suburbia. I can't believe how much Lynch is growing on me. I love how she's not an angry, pounding on the table, demanding answers kind of boss. She zeroes in on the interviewee's weakness, hits them where it hurts, gets them to give up the goods, and carries on with her day, all without raising her blood pressure. I also loved the subtle look of relief on Hicks's face when he found out Chris and Street were okay while he continued taking care of business. They seem to be screaming toward a Street/Chris endgame. You know when two people are in a highly emotional situation together, that something happens. The way he looked at her walking away...I don't know... I can't decide if Nichelle overreacted. I mean, she could have checked in with him instead of running away. He messed up and admitted it. I guess we'll have to wait a while to find out. Poor Hondo. The sins of the father. Doomed to effing up his relationships. And this story line isn't over yet, so I was waiting for the other shoe to drop when Hondo got into his car. All in all, an action-packed episode that had small character moments that also appear open-ended. Oh, and P.S. I started to get hives when in the previouslies, they showed the drunk driving thing again. I'd been praising them for bringing it to a quick end, and I thought, "OH, NO! They're bringing it back!" But it was just to give a little history on it, because it was referenced in this episode. Phew!
  3. Lethal Weapon lost one of its leads and replaced him with a way better actor. If Damon hadn't then quit, the show would have gone on without a hitch. I didn't like Ruby at first, but she grew on me. The only time I put creedence into reports is if there are a lot of reports basically saying the same thing.
  4. Thanks for the info. I guess it was a success, since he was running pretty good there.
  5. Okay, guys. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I think Luca's "injuries" had to do with the actor getting plastic surgery. His face looked...smoother to me. I could be wrong, but I'm going on a hunch here. If someone can compare an episode from just before his leave of absence to verify, but... Things I liked about this episode: They didn't spend 70% of the show with these two nutjobs just shooting at people. They had a goal. A target. And even though they took out many innocents in the process, it happened while they were trying to get to that target. Chris' thing with the deputy mayor is OVER. OMG. Thank you, show. I pictured this dragging out with SWAT in jeopardy as the major cliffhanger, since they stressed that he had power over them. Lynch kicking ASS. Okay, I love how they're shaping her character. It was actually Chris who wanted to break all the rules, and Lynch is like, "Dude, I got your back. There's a faster, easier way that won't mess up your career. " Understanding politics in her position is essential. Knowing how to talk to these guys is how you get sh*t DONE! I think it's interesting that we have two characters who are willing to do anything to get the job done, and Piper is showing Chris how to do it with some finesse rather than charging in all fired up without a plan. I also like that Piper is soft spoken. She doesn't have to scream at the top of her lungs or throw her weight around in a showy way. She laser focuses, does the sting, and gets out. I dig her. The Darryl thing is hard to watch, but it is realistic. I think it's good they're showing the consequences of teen pregnancy. And once you're painted as a screw-up, it's really hard to change people's minds about you, especially if you impregnate their daughter. P.S. I would like it if just once, with these Bonnie/Clyde situations, the woman didn't call her man "Baby" and have tons of ridiculous PDA.
  6. Higgins can make anything happen at any time...except when she can't. Please. Robin and one of his connections would have sewn this thing up in no time. The amount of rich and/or powerful connections she has would get her out of this mess in two seconds flat.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, this has already happened. Speaking of another character who's really grown, Hicks has turned out to be a well-rounded character.
  8. I'm an editor, and I can tell you it doesn't only happen in movies and TV. I'm always watching out for how people write the opposite sex. I agree that sometimes in an effort to make a female character "bad-ass," they mean "male traits." It's a bad trap to fall into and seems to be what's happening with Chris. It could also be with Deac, Hondo, and Street that the main issue that makes them more interesting is what happens outside of the team. Deac has his religion and his large family he has to support. Hondo has the family issues. Luca has his bloodline to live up to. Street has the messed-up mom. And we've gone into their lives and explored all of this thoroughly. It's been all show, almost no tell. Chris has talked about her story, but we haven't seen it playing out in who she is. What was Chris' one and only issue outside of SWAT? Yeah, her unorthodox relationship. From the beginning, we all knew it was a temporary thing, and now it's over. Maybe if it had led her to kind of "discovering" herself, it could have been interesting, but it's been dropped with very little fallout or fanfare. They're trying to make Chris more interesting with team-related stuff, such as the interview she had to give, and now this. We get it. Chris is a crusader. But her constantly tilting at windmills just gets exhausting after a while . I even think Lynch at this point is more well-rounded. I totally know what she's about. Even when people are screaming and going crazy around her, she just calmly sails forward. More importantly, Lynch knows who she is. She hasn't wavered on her core character. I think she has been steady on but yet sees things from a female perspective. She's able to hold her own against the guys without screaming or throwing her weight around or being faux "tough." They yell at her, and she just looks them in the eye with, "Not my problem" and walks away. I'll admit she wasn't one of my favorite people, but she's growing on me. That would be a nice outcome.
  9. I think this is why all of the guys had a really strong reaction to her bending the rules, whether it got them the results they wanted or not. Lynch is a person who wants a good outcome, and is willing to bend the rules to get it, while the guys are not. I really do think it's why the stressed so hard at the end about the maid asking Lynch if she put it to the guys the way she'd just put it to her (aka, saving her life), and Lynch stated that they wouldn't understand. She knows they're rule-followers, because their lives depend on it, whereas she feels she has more leeway. Agreed that this will be a future source of conflict in styles that will come to a head. It could go either way. The guys realize sometimes you have to bend the rules, or Lynch realizes that by bending the rules, she's actually hurting more than she's helping. We'll see. I don't think Bonnie cares at all, but Tan seemed insistent he would buy another ring that wasn't associated with the shooting. So, while she may not insist on it, I believe Tan will be getting one. But regardless, tossing off three month's worth of salary because something bad happened the day he was going to give it to her, seems pretty weak. However...it did set up some future Street drama, re: who he gives that ring to, because you know dude's going to dig through the trash for it. They're working too hard on making her "the woman." I think the reason the guys have had better storylines is because they're more generic. The problem I see with Chris is that her identity seems too tied to the other characters. Like, when they did that fake thing with Street, she was just forging ahead, with little regard for herself. I think that's Chris's theme: Making decisions that in the end hurt her. But in this case, she was ready to drop it until Hondo convinced her otherwise. She has this strong crusader streak, which is fine, but it seems more willy-nilly. Whatever way the wind is blowing, she'll take up that cause. We have something similar going on in SEAL Team, only it's done better. The young buck who had something traumatic happen and has taken up the cause. It helped that we saw the triggering moment when his focus changed. Like, we see Hondo's family, so we understand deeply where he's coming from. Same with Deac. Perhaps the problem is that Chris' connections aren't concrete enough, except with Street. The thing is, he HAS won on so many fronts. As a matter of fact, he's done such a good job healing relationships, he's upset it's worked so well. He's mad at himself for mending fences and making a happy daddy. All of this is because of him. It worked, and now he's pissed about it. I understand that as well.
  10. The way I saw the Lynch thing is that, as far as she and the woman were concerned, what she did was to save that woman's life. The team is rule-oriented, because in their job, they kind of have to be. I think that's why Lynch said they wouldn't understand why she did what she did. I think that they were trying to do to her what you said they did with Street. Make her more three-dimensional. So, she's not seen so much "dirty" as someone who is willing to break rules in order to get the person. I'm betting something like this will come up again, and we'll see what happens from there. How much does Tan make? Because that was quite a rock he had there, and he just shrugged it off and said he'd buy another one, as if it was his favorite t-shirt. The Hondo thing was interesting. To tell her AFTER she arrived that he wasn't going. Just shrugging it off as if it was no big deal. I liked his sister calling him out on his own BS. I don't know what the fallout from this will be, but I suspect Hondo is about to be forced into maturity. Him still resenting his father, even after all of the work they've done and how their relationship has improved, was interesting. Hating to see him happy. That was a really cool angle to take. Admitting he wanted him to still suffer. I am NOT looking forward to this. There's going to be blowback on her and the team. This will drag out, and yeah, "not end well." Or it will end well, but the path to getting there will be aggravating and agonizingly drawn out. So many shows have had the personal grudge with a powerful person who makes everyone who works with whoever has pissed off the powerful person, miserable. The worst one for me was House, when he pissed off a policeman who for months, pretty much t0rtured him and everyone he worked with. It was exhausting and not at all entertaining, and it dragged on for a really long time. We've barely scratched the surface of what's sure to be a long and painful storyline that I'll probably wind up fast forwarding through. P.S. On a purely shallow note, when Tan was worried Bonnie would think he was a monster, I'm like, no, she's probably thinking, "DAMN, was hot!" Now, to be clear, I'm not a fan of violence of any kind, at all. I don't like watching fights or people being sh0t, but the way he sprang into action on instinct to protect that restaurant full of people was almost like watching ballet. I was glad when at the end, she commended him on just that. I would have been pissed if the woman was like "Ewww. Now you're icky!"
  11. It has to do with her being rounded up and thrown in a cage because of the guy trying to take revenge on LaCroix. She's a target because of his job,
  12. I'm amazed when actual writers, whose job it is to have an imagination, say, "Well, we painted ourselves into a corner here, and we can't think of anything else except killing the character." Like, it's literally THEIR JOB to do that. There's a saying that in writing, you put your character up a tree and throw rocks at them, and then figure out a way to get them down.
  13. I want to thank you all for watching this, so I didn't have to. The minute I saw what you posted, I deleted the show and will not be watching it in the future. I don't know why shows, authors, etc., think killing off characters is "brave." It's not. It's a cop-out. And I say this as a writer myself. I stuck to my guns with The Magicians and have not watched the new season. I'm assuming the same thing will happen to this show as that one, and the ratings will go down so low, it will be cancelled. ETA: The people behind the scenes of The Magicians also said they couldn't think of any more stories for the LEAD CHARACTER, even though there was literally a series of books to light the way. Yes, they, too, patted themselves on the back for being really brave.
  14. OMG. They were pissing all over each other through the whole show. I guess Jessica has a type. Both men are really suave and charming. But you can tell that underneath there's something sinister, and you just have to scratch the surface to find it. I like when they remind us Daddy isn't really this funny, charming, harmless guy who tells bad puns. But it's interesting to see how he could have lured people in and fooled them. I always had a feeling the girl in the box was alive.
  15. I immediately thought it was suspicious they were pushing so hard and so fast and was certain that they were somehow impersonating or were going to be the ones to hurt Lincoln. Usually when H5-0 gives up that fast, it's for plot purposes, like when Grover gave up that house to the jerky dude, and the house blew up. So I was convinced this was something of the same. As a matter of fact, when Lincoln started rebelling, I was caught off guard and thought it was one of the other guys. Also, the Commandant was a pretty well-known actor, so I thought for sure he'd play a bigger role.
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