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  1. My fanwank was that the alt!guys actually drove the lime green 2-seat Thunderbird that was sitting in the bunker garage. That seems more their speed. Unfortunately, it's probably just that the lolcanon has grown so strong that things that happened 20 minutes earlier in the show can no longer escape being retconned for laughs.
  2. So, Kate was in a military academy, which means that she was planning on going into the military as a officer and then going to forign lands and probably killing people, right? I mean she certainly wasn't aiming for a desk job, She seems like the type of person that would request transfer to a combat unit. I'm not slamming the military. I was in the military and the part about killing people is made pretty clear in Boot camp. I would assume that the academy would have a class on the ethics and morality of war. I guess I just would have liked a line about theory versus practice (regarding killing) or possibly a line about her regret that she broke her promise to free psycho!dad.
  3. When I saw her grab the knife moments before, I assumed that she would stab Dean once she got inside his guard. Also, If I heard someone bellowing my name like they were doing, I would be running in the opposite direction. That sounded much more threatening than reassuring. "KAIA! WE'RE TRYING TO FIND YOU!!"
  4. I am reasonably sure that obsessively dressing like a bat puts you somewhere on the queer spectrum. All we can say for sure is that he was very butch, which proves nothing.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the woman who couldn't stand the sight of blood is a veterinarian? How did she make it through vet school? "Get that dog our of here. It's BLEEDING!"
  6. When Beth first appeared I thought they should cut one of Alice's fingers off so that they could tell them apart. At least put a tracker in one of them because you know Alice is not going to be happy to have a luckier doppelgänger (even beyond the whole plot-driven melting-brain thing). I assume that we will run through the standard CW doppelgänger playbook, and that Beth's Boyfriend in her old universe is Sophie's husband in this one.
  7. Garth: "What am I? A supporting character?" (paraphrased) Me: "Comic relief."
  8. I thought the obvious solution was Chainsaw-Bear-Mondays. There's nothing like the threat of a little evisceration to sharpen your wits and make you appreciate your first milkshake on Tuesday. But seriously, read "Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven" for Mark Twain's take on the problem of an acceptable afterlife.
  9. I really felt sorry for the Anti-Monitor. He gets sucked into a universe where he can't interact with anything and apparently spends 13 billion years stuck in that wasteland with a bunch of CGI Dementors (who probably aren't great conversationalists "whoooOOOooooo"). The Monitor was a jerk and the Anti-Monitor became a jerk with a chip on his shoulder. If they had just sent him back to his anti-matter universe everyone would have been happy. If only someone had the ability to travel in time.
  10. Jason isn't limited by reality because he doesn't understand it. He is very creative, and he just blurts whatever is passing through in his stream of semi-consciousness. You shouldn't arbitrarily dismiss his ideas because he occasionally hits a homerun from the dugout.
  11. Does anyone know why Osric Chau was called Ryan Choi instead of Alternate! Kevin Tran? Supernatural has alternate universes, including Earth negative-several-zillion, where the brothers are stars on a cheesy TV show, Also, why did no one say, "Would you rather hug your wife and child while they die, or try to save them?" CWverse motivation often boils down to, "you should do this because my life sucks too". I'm pretty sure that the ending to this crossover will be Ashton Kutcher awaklening John Cryer on "the couch" and telling him that he was having a bad (or good!) dream. That, or obvious time-travel shenanigans.
  12. "And then the true meaning of [Dean's blood] came through, and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches plus two." With apologies to Theodor Geisel.
  13. I blame the writers. The "Rifle!" could have shot Batwoman with a tear gas bullet (United States Patent 2920566), cut his feet free, and escaped. Instead, he escaped because the heroes were being stupid. Plot driven stupidity is a hallmark of bad writing. Nuanced handling of adult relationships is difficult for competent writers so I wouldn't expect to see it here. The CW's shows are targeted at teens, so most relationships are fumbled and most parents are either clueless, jerks, or dead (and often all three). I did like Kate's reaction to Mary's mention of their parents divorce. I could see she was thinking, "What? There's a B plot? Isn't my drama enough for this show?".
  14. Batman would have brought a gas mask if he knew he was dealing with poison gas. That is how you become a superhero without superpowers. It would be nice if the writers were at least able to simulate competence in their heroes. I guess you can't really imagine things you don't understand.
  15. RE: the deer skull. Shouldn't the antlers have tipped someone off? Kate, don't let your crazy sister set the agenda. She is apparently smarter than you and she plans ahead. I'm assuming that Ruby is intentionally playing Kate as wooden and emotionally closed-off. That would fit the stoic/loner/warrior archetype.
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