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  1. I'm not too sure about this. Hoover was a total douche, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be replaced by someone worse. There are always more douches and scum floats to the top. Of course, Nate's desire to preserve history is partially self serving. He wouldn't be much of a historian if everything he knew was wrong. Why did Ava keep coming down stairs? The reason for this season ...
  2. The Waverider sure blew up clean. I would expect to see some socks in the trees at the least. Did it blow that clearing into an earlier time (timesplode?), when the time-ship's components were still rocks? The manual should have said that the back-story for the circus!scam was that they were advance advertising and guides for the circus to arrive in a week or so. Either that or just don't hire disasters like Gary who managed to pick the worst possible answer to please a little girl. "She hates ceilings." ( I can't even type this without laughing)
  3. So "True Love's Kiss" demonstrated that evil aliens are soluble in schmaltz. That blast wave effect was very reminiscent of "Once upon a time" conclusions. Has Gary ever told Eva that she is delicious? Will that be a problem when she meets the squidletts? I was never worried about John because getting out of Hell is pretty much what he does for a living. If he ever gets sent to Heaven he is going to be in trouble, but getting John into Heaven would require a celestial screw-up of biblical proportions.
  4. If Mike becomes both evil and immediately competent it will just prove that he should have been a villain all along. If you don't think he is villain material, just look where he was putting those newspapers! Why else would they focus on those newspapers? Does Courtney have some throw-able supertoys in that box?
  5. Thank you! I would think that Rip Hunter would have some great rehab programs in the medbay. I though that was just happening inside of John's head. So, last week they were jonesing to get to the earth and this week they just wander around on the ship. Seems like they could have done that in space.
  6. Is this going to be the Summer of Side-quests? This seemed similar to the princess cartoon and the bowling alley. The legends are taken to a magical place, they must win a game, things look dim, and then they win and everything resets to the Minnow Waverider, where Gary is fabricating a coconut pie. Why did Ava grin when she read her "Monster or Victim" card? That looked like a 'real' expression.
  7. I suspect that characters never ask about rules of games that they have never played because writers hate following rules. Granted, they have established Spooner as a, "shoot first (literally) and avoid the need for questioning" kind of character. Did we even get a cameo of Guss? Did they resolve that and I just missed it? And yes, the lack of comeuppance for the Pin Killers was very annoying.
  8. I was hoping that the 'fountain' would make Constantine a mute healer. That could have been hilarious.
  9. I initially thought Gary was mad at Mick when he slapped the bottle out of Mick's hand, but I've realized that Gary is just protecting Mick's pregnancy. Apparently he has two modes, wastrel or workaholic hustler. I blame the writers. I was also wondering what happened to the other six people who watched the show. I would probably be a different person if Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys had been a different show.
  10. That would be the first thing I did after I became an hybrid evil alien clone. Maybe she has other powers besides eating milkshakes and quickly recovering from having the critical parts of her brain shot out. Seriously, the medulla or cerebellum, the corpus callosum, the frontal lobes, she didn't even bother to sit down. Why was everyone fighting when the rage worm was looking for it's next meal? Did I miss a reasonable explanation or was that purely (and poorly) plot driven? Nate should have separated them for a "time out".
  11. Since Spooner has telepathy with 'aliens' does that mean she will now be able to communicate with Sara? I know this makes no sense at all, but this isn't a show that strives for plausibility.
  12. Why was Mick able to breath the poisonous atmosphere with no problems? Is that because of some modification the Time Lords made when he was a transtemporal assassin for a few hundred years? I think I'm a clone now There's always two of me just a-hangin' around I think I'm a clone now 'Cause every chromosome is a hand-me-down Alfred Matthew Yankovic / Richard Rosenblatt / Ritchie Cordell / Weird Al Yankovic
  13. I was surprised that no one thought of using a fishnet stocking for the support. I'll wager that Meemaw has a pair stashed away somewhere.
  14. Lord Knox was ruthless but honorable and we shall not soon see his like. If only they could give Rory's sketch to someone with a vast armada of ships who could scourge the universe looking for "chicken-wing" faced aliens. I think Rory is plus one, minus two on the general tally of usefulness. On the other hand, free armor! Ray could shrink down and pilot the armor and then jump out and finish the job when the armor gets trashed.
  15. Did she look a bit haggard there at the end? I'm wondering if she will prune-up like Emperor Palpatine. If she becomes ugly I'm sure Team Flash will have no problem 'killing' her. I didn't see a shot of her when the other forces were getting unforced. With this show, I have to wonder if that is deliberate or just sloppy.
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